Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Favourites

Welcome to my April Favourites. I am still loving everything I have mentioned in all my favourite posts this year, but here are a few more to add to the list. Enjoy xoxo

Apvita Cleanser in Chamomile and Honey. This light weight cleanser is a dream to use. It feels so nourishing on the skin, leaving it silky smooth. I love it. RAVE RAVE RAVE!!!

The Humble Flannel. Ever since I read somewhere that the flannel was the new muslin cloth I was all over it. I change it every 2 days or so and I find it invaluable in my skin care routine. 3 cheers for the flannel!!!

We are reunited, after about 10 months apart. Me and my old favourite Bioderma Miscellaire are back togeher. I literally can't take my makeup off with anything else. I always have to go in first with a cleansing water and this is my favourite. I liked the REN cleansing water but Bioderma will always take the crown. This is an essential in your life.

Milky Pastel Nails. The minute you pain your nails you feel perked up and "polished" don't you? and I couldn't get enough of my long time favourite Essie Fiji this month and was alternating this with L'Oreal's Pistachio. I think I might go out and buy some more milky shades, because, you know, I really like them.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Product Review: L'oreal True Match Foundation

Ah finally. I'm getting my say on the True Match foundation. I bought this back in January and months later finally feel ready to give it my two cents. Enjoy xoxo

The word on the street is that this is a great (albeit matte-er) dupe of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. As one cannot afford to buy the Giorgio Armani offering right now I was slightly perplexed until I read Liana Beauty's True Match review Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Dupe and got interested. Oh and on top of that, this foundation won the In Style Beauty Award 2014 on the best high street foundation and all the bloggers are in full raving swing mode too. So whoop this is the drugstore foundation of the moment. And the hype definitely fuelled its purchase. At the time I wanted a fuller coverage and this seemed just the ticket.

My experience thus far hasn't been that positive to be honest. I find wearing a fuller coverage is a downward spiral anyway. You can't just slap on and go because the mask like appearance and sunken and darkened eye effect it creates is distasteful and I need to get out the bronzer and the contour and all the eye makeup, So for me it is a going out foundation, or for the really bad skin days. I keep caking it despite how much of a moisturising base I put on. It's just irritating and that dry flaky foundation patch between the eyebrows, which I banished years ago has come back with a vengeance. I've tried with fingers, a beauty blender, a paddle brush, a buffing brush and a stippling brush. This foundation looks heavy slash cakey with all. I think it's so hard to work with because it has a runny consistency and I don't have the skills to work with it, so if your not a pro you might struggle too.

On the bright side of things It does looks good in photographs and in low lighting no one can tell that your foundation is crap anyway so an event foundation (at the club) it definitely is.

When I wear it I can't help but long for my beloved Illamasqua Skin Base. I find Skin Base gives as much coverage but is easier to apply, you need much, much less of it and gives a radiant healthy glow to the skin. True Match takes at least 3 pumps to cover ones face and leaves it looking a little flat to be honest. I guess with effort it blends out ok but too many streak lines and I'm bored. And where the hell does the caking come from? Clearly I need more practice. Also, despite being quite a high coverage, for me anyway, I still need to go in with concealer to cover blemishes and discolouration further.

I have worn this to work in the name of research and I find that it has about 5 hours of longevity and that's with a primer and powder and all the longevity enhancing things.

I guess it's not fair for me to pan this foundation. I rock the "no makeup makeup" half the time and omit foundation altogether the other half of the time, and in my heart, need my skin to look f***** glowing. End of. But I'm seduced time and time again for a matt coverage when my skin gets bad.

If you want a moderate to high coverage highstreet/drugstore foundation this does do the trick and I would recommend you at least try this out. It doesn't smell, or split or feel sticky or disappear after ten seconds. As a foundation it is a good foundation. However if you aren't sure of the foundation thing and buy this to cover up on a whim to enhance your self esteem - it won't, so don't. Stick to your tinted moisturiser or "glowy" foundation and buy a good concealer instead. I recommend MAC Studio Finish or the Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer.

So yeah, probably a little different to the other reviews out there. I think this foundation appeared in everyones Feb/march favourites didn't it? I left my review for so long because I wanted to love it too and be a pro at applying it and tell all the stories of how I overcame my application disability, but alas that is not to be the case. xoxo

Monday, 21 April 2014

Calypso Sunscreen

An impending holiday abroad meant stepping up to the plate and investing in some good sun care products. The product of choice was definitely the P20 once a day sunscreen but after spending a pretty penny on a tonne of that I realised I needed more, but refusing to spend top dollar again I went googling again. The name Calypso came up as a great alternative to P20 but at half to price. Ok then. Bish Bash Bosh. 200ml ordered for approximately ten pounds. Sorted.

First things first. It isn't a spray bottle. Instead it has a hole on top and you squeeze the stuff out. It's consistency is that of melted jelly. Thick and gloopy liquid which quickly dissolves when your rub into your skin. It is an off white yellowy colour which smells really strongly of alcohol. Also, be warned. This stains your clothes if you don't let it dry before dressing. But once dry it feels invisible. If anything, it gave a little bit of glow to my limbs, which was quite nice.

I was disappointed when I realised it wasn't a spray but quickly came to love it. I found the jelly liquid-y sunscreen really easy to apply and blend out, whereas I found the spray bottle of the P20 bottle quite restricting and difficult to blend. Hold your horses, A P20 review will be up soon.

I found that, overall, over my fortnights holiday the Calypso did well at protecting my skin from burning and my limbs slowly tanned. I would say it was perfect except there was a day when I went on a boat ride and I got really sunburnt. Oh my God It was so painful. The Calypso really didn't hold up. But everyone else I was with was using the P20 and they got really sunburnt too. It just wasn't good enough for the extreme conditions. It might say once a day, but believe me, I'll never listen to that again and will definitely reapply before getting on a boat again. Or I will cover up completely.

I didn't bake myself on a beach everyday so I couldn't tell you its effectiveness on protecting your skin over a prolonged period in the baking sun but if your going to be stepping in and out of a air conditioned car, walk around temples and eat tons of food then this is perfection. It also kept protecting after a few dips in the pool, without having to reapply.

If your going to bake on a beach I would definitely reapply every few hours, just for your own piece of mind. It's not a miracle worker but it's very good. I would repurchase definitely. xoxo

Thursday, 17 April 2014


1. I very rarely clean my brushes. I do a mega brush clean every now and then and spot clean individual brushes if they are particularly bad and I need them then they'll be done. But currently they are in dire condition.

2. I do not tend to my feet at all. They're dry and horrible. I really should. I go through spades of exfoliating and moisturising but it's a little dull so I forget about it after a day.

3. I moisturise and exfoliate my body once in a blue moon. I'm just so lazy I even found the "in shower" Nivea body moisturiser a chore.

4. I leave my nail varnish on my toes for months on end and if I'm not in the nail varnish zone will scratch off my chipped nail varnish with my nails.

5. If I am feeling unwell or are having a rough night or morning I will completely forgo my skin care regime. But don't panic at these times I'm not wearing makeup so that makes it ok right?? Despite these rough days, which to be honest are few and far between I'm on it when It comes to skincare.

6. I can't pluck my eyebrows or suffer for my beauty. I deal with the over grown look until I have an event coming up and then I'll get them threaded. But I will cry in the chair.

7. I leave my hair much longer than I should to get cut and I take forever to get round to dying my roots. It takes me probably 3 weeks to decide what I'm going to do and to find and enlist a friend to cut and dye it.

8. I don't do perfume. I have one Dior J'adore which I have had for 4 years! OMG 4 years..??? Maby I need a new one? lol. I'm really sensitive to smells and don't like most perfumes I try and if I do find a perfume (top notes) I like it'll sink into my skin and smells foul 9.99/10.

9. I wash my hair every day. Trust me I've tried the whole "train your hair" thing. My hair refuses to change. With bleached hair it lasts 2 days at a push. Without, it gets greasy within hours.

10. I'm rubbish with hair and can't style it to safe my life, hence why I wear it pixi short.

11. I find eyeliner really difficult so I can never be bothered to do it.

12. I like the idea of a bold lip but in reality I don't think it suits me. So I never wear it.

13. I don't wear makeup on a day to day basis, preferring, instead, my extra half an hour in bed. If I'm having a rough day I'll slap a little bit on, but this mainly consists of a bit of concealer, my YSL touché eclat and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. On the odd occasion I'll make the effort and do the whole hog, but these days are few and far between.

OK I think this is it. Wow that's a lot of stuff to work on. If your reading this and think it looks fun please do a beauty confessional too and leave your beauty blog link in the comments. Thanks for reading xoxoxox

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV defence SPF 50 PA+++ UVA

Presenting the first Product Review from the Bulked up Holiday Beauty Haul and also featured in my March Favourites because it saved my life on on holiday. All hail the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50+++ UVA. Read up HOLIDAY HATES FACE and get the run down of one beauty disaster after another.

Ok now on to the review. And Price wise it is on the cusp of what I would happily spend on a beauty item (around £30). I bought a 60ml tube for £31 off http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-concern/healthy-skin/ultra-light-daily-defense-spf-50 after reading lots of reviews online and this came out on top with flying colours. I bought this as it was easier to get hold of than the ample Shiseido offerings, in the UK. I bought it based on the rave reviews but the write up sounds very extra special too:

What They Say on Kiehls.co.uk  

Our daily, ultra light formula intensely moisturizes the skin and utilizes a high level of sun filters Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl Xl to provide the skin with effective UVA and UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen protection. This moisturizing, oil-free lotion helps protect against the appearance of dark sports and wrinkles. Safe for sensitive skin.

Apply in the morning at the end of your daily skincare routine. Avoid eye area. in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly.

Key Ingredients

Mexoryl SX™
A new, patented technology, Mexoryl SX™ is a highly effective, photostable sun filter that protects skin from short UVA rays. Combined with traditional SPF filters, these formulas shield against UVA/UVB rays – which contribute to skin damage and premature aging.

Octocrylene is a premium UVB sunscreen that is water resistant and has a broad-band absorbent range.
Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone)
Parsol® 1789, the trademark name for Avobenzone, is a commonly used chemical sunscreen. On the FDA's Category I sunscreen list, it offers broad-range UVA protection and helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of sun exposure which can cause premature skin aging.

Every time I apply this I am always taken aback how much of a white cast in gives to my skin. It gives a glow to the skin and can look a little oily. I'm so sorry oily skinned guys and girls this isn't mattifying at all. It does melt into the skin very well however, doesn't feel heavy or clogs the pores. And it's scentless.

I did royally break out though. This was an amalgamation of the heat and being "that time of the month" but this could have added to it. I'll get back to you if I find that this makes me break out again.

I found on my very sensitive skin that it was a little uncomfortable on the skin, but didn't out right burn like other products so, although not perfect on sensitive skin, it is much better than other products. 

This product kept my face from darkening (as much as my body anyway) and protected it from potential sun burn. I was overjoyed and fell in love with it. It's my favourite facial sunscreen to date. If your looking for one I would definitely recommend this.

Thankyou for reading. If your interested in facial sunscreens read up on others that I have trialled in the past. Click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for the other reviews.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Smelling Sublime // Shower Gel Round Up

Oooh the battle for the best smelling shower gel of all time is fierce. The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss smells of Creme Brule, Lush Snow Fairy smells of bubble gum and Soap and Glory Sugar Crush smells of limey mohito goodness. So who wins? They all get the mmmm of approval and a quick wiff of any makes one go weak at the knees. And these three are currently on shower rotation. I love them all but if I had to chose one... it would have to be.... Soap and Glory Sugar Crush. I know I know, but luckily for me, or you if your reading this post and want some amazing shower gel action in your life, this is the only one that is sold all year round. The other two are christmas limited editions. Snow Fairy, dare I say it, get a little bit too sickly sweet. And I guess the same can be said for the vanilla overload of vanilla bliss. sugar crush's mixture of fruity freshness with the sweetness or sweet and sour amalgamation, keeps things balanced. In my humble opinion this is the jewel in the Soap and glory crown, although the Maple syrup goodness of the breakfast scrub comes in second place. Read up on my Soap and glory Effect BLOG POST  for more on the Soap and Glory take over in my life. My advice is that you need all of these in your life as soon as possible. xoxo 

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Howdy ya'll. My top viewed posts are ones on hair dye and my 'ye olde' top tips for bleaching your hair, from yesteryear. As time has gone on I think I've become a bit more knowledgeable on the whole thing and have more of an informed opinion on the dos and don'ts and am slowly working my way through the hair bleaching kits in Boots. If your considering going blonde or already do it and finding it difficult to get the right colour or your hair is in really bad condition or anything like that - then keep reading and hopefully I can help you out. Enjoy xoxo

Ah the salon experience. You might feel like your in safe hands but unfortunately sometimes, your not. I asked for white hair I get yellow. Once I got this amazing silverised look and it was awesome, but never to be repeated. I think the lesson learnt here is go big or go home. I find if you pay extra dollar your results are more likely to be good. Just my experience. Unless you have found a gem at a cheaper price (then send me their number), you expect to pay that little bit extra. In my experience if I chose one of the lower priced people - you know Technician etc, I find they are constantly asking their senior for advice. If my hairdresser needs advice then its all over. If I ask them whats your favourite thing dying or cutting and they are bleaching my hair at the time and they say "cutting". It's all over. If you go somewhere like Tony and Guy or L'Oreal Colour studio the hair dressers are either colour technician or stylist. Chances are if you have a "colour technician" your odds of getting the colour you want is more higher. You can't be shy or let them take over - you want your hair a certain colour, e strong and ensure you get what you want. Although your paying top dollar you might still get a dud colour so keep on top of them and refuse to move unless they fix it. Ha ha, that's me.

The expense and trauma of arguing with hairdressers is too much to bare so I have started to bleach my hair at home, enlisting friends or doing all by myself (proud). We're very lucky to live in a time when such great advancements are being made in hair dye and hair lightening. I can lightening my hair now, with the same results as bleach (peroxide) but without damaging my hair as much. Unfortunately if your hair is dark to begin with these hair lighteners won't work very well so you would have to bite the bullet and dose up on the bleach, however it is suggested that you slowly lighten your hair rather than go full out blonde. With darker hair your colour will most probably come out orangey so the upkeep of toners and silverising shampoo's is essential. Even if you went and had it bleached at a salon it would be an ordeal to get the right colour you want. It would be quite a process to go from dark brown to white blonde, so your patience is required. I have blonde hair anyway so hair lighteners work really well for me. And come up much less YELLOW than bleach. Unless you like the yellow look following the highlighting with a toner is essential. Jerome Russell do 2, an extreme platinum one and champagne blonde one. My advise is to follow the instructions to the letter, don't wing it because things go wrong and your results are never as good. The big problem with DIY kits is that it is going to be more difficult to get even results. Definitely enlist a friend and then just practice a technique. I recommend you buy a hair dye brush and work methodically around your head.

Like all things, to get optimum results you need to put the leg work in. That means going to the salon for your ends to be cut more often than you normally would. Especially if you have long hair, bleached hair will make your ends dry and frizzy so it's important to keep your ends clean. It will also make your hair appear thicker. Buy all the shampoos and conditioners which say "for damaged hair" "for dry hair" for "colour damaged hair" "moisturising". And leave the conditioner on for as long as you can. I'm currently obsessed with John Freida's Hydrate and Rescue Deep conditioner. This is super moisturising. And on top of that at least once a week (or ever other day depending on how you feel) use an intensive moisturising, revitalising hair mask. I love the Charles Worthington moisture seal hair balm. On the day I bleach my hair I put this on before I go to bed and wash it out in the morning. It's really good believe me. Using hair oils before styling is great too. I recommend the Morrocan Oil for light/fine hair. It's a beautiful product. And also the Bamboo dry oil mist for a less intense but still extremely moisturising spritz.

But you don't just want silky smooth, healthy hair, no. You want your hair COLOUR to be stunning too and not fade or brassify (go yellow) after two seconds. The key to success here is to use silverising shampoos. I use Pro:voke Touch of Silver, which is the only brand to be sold in Boots. It is really good and does the job at banishing those yellow tones. I also have their daily shampoo, which is ok, but I wouldn't say made a difference. It might do over time I guess, but because I find it quite drying I use moisturising shampoos and conditioners daily. I love the John Freida Full Repair shampoo and conditioner. Actually a quick FYI on this. Silverising shampoos are really drying, so I recommend using a really great moisturising conditioner like the Charles Worthington leave in conditioner or put on a hair mask that day. or do both.

Agh roots. The final hair bleaching problem. Not only is it damaging and a pain in the arse to get just the way you want it, it is also high maintenance. I, personally, don't mind a little bit of root. I find it more "natural" that way. I don't know. I always prefer my hair colour a week or so after its been done. When my roots are white it looks a bit odd to me?! I don't know. Anyway back to you guys. I think the rule there is to just fill in the roots and leave your ends well alone. This will help keep them in good condition. And then apply a toner all over to help the new colour blend into the rest.

So that's it. A bit of advice on bleaching / lightening your hair and how to manage it. I hope it was useful. If you are reading this on the off chance and have any further questions of queries relating to bleaching your hair. Please comment below or ask me via TWITTER. Also check out my BLONDE BEAUTY label for in depth reviews on all the blonde and beautiful stuff that I have used. Thanks for reading. Take care xoxox

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Finally - The March Favourites

Going from English winter to the pacific summer My skin went through the mill I can tell you. Read all about it in HOLIDAY HATES FACE. My beauty faves vary from nourishing to soothing to damage control. Enjoy xoxo

Ok first up I'm going to say it: I couldn't have survived without my Burnaid gel and Eurax cream. These were vital for my health and wellbeing in soothing and heeling my sunburn.

And the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50 PA+++ UVA. Despite it making ones face a little oily (but ALL sunscreens do on me... please comment below if you have one which is actually matt slash invisible?!) this saved my face where calypso failed on my body. Again.. Refer to HOLIDAY HATES FACE. And didn't smell or irritate. And was that little bit more gentler on my super-sensitive face than anything else so cudos. An in-depth review is being written as this goes to press.

REN Ultra-calm cleansing milk. This is lush. I've said it before I'll say it again. It's soothing and deep cleansing. One loves. And I guess the Emma Hardie Moringa balm has to make yet another appearance on the favourite stage. This was lovely and so nourishing pre and post holiday actually. See my Epic Night Time Skin Care Post.

Espa Pro Serum Obvs and Trilogy Rosapene night cream. Both Awesome and I continue to hold them in very high regards.

Apvita express beauty pink mud face mask. This is much gentler than the green one but is still effective in bringing out the rubbish on spotty areas. The Apvita eye mask is awesome too. Thick but melds in well in the skin. One likes and will buy the full sizes (if they exist), most definitely.

And finally The St Tropez Aftersun with a hint of self tan. This was fabulous at deepening my holiday tan and it doesn't streak. So hooray for that. I really like this and highly recommend it! 

And that's it. The favourites of March. Please follow on Bloglovin, Instagram and Twitter for more beauty stuff and things. Take Care xoxox

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Epic Night Time Skincare

Hi all, before the Beauty trauma which was my holiday there was calm and joyous tidings. the first weeks of March I had stumbled upon an amazing night time skincare regime which did my skin the world of good in the last days of winter.

After my inflamed, irritated and sensitive skin issues back in October ("er which had nothing on my issues on holiday FYI") I really threw myself into wearing serums and used oils for the first time and soothing and hydrating masks and glow enhancing beauty products. As a result my skin was problem free, felt supple and gorgeous.

For all you guys out there who don't spend much time or money on skin care products and have problematic skin - click onto my Winter Beauty Label and get yourself educated. Or stay here and read on about lush skincare which will make your skin go wow!!

Enjoy and take note. xoxo

This product is no stranger to the monthly favourites and was an essential player in creating my HAPPY SKIN back in September. But this Balm cleanser just melts into the skin. I like to take time out to really massage it in my skin and do the "tilbury tap". I like to keep it on for a while as a little mask and then massage it off with a warm damp flannel. It feels divine. I have found however, as the older it gets the grittier it feels. It used to be buttery soft. This doesn't take anything away from the product itself but is worth noting.

This feels heavenly on the skin. I particularly like the REN Ever-Calm range. The products feel so nourishing and soothing and are a joy to use. It's lush.

Marketed towards combination to oily skins but this exfoliating toner is really gentle on the skin, which I'm told "unclogs pores and sloughs off dead skin leaving the complexion looking clear, smooth and even toned" And that it does. It's really nice and is a good introduction into exfoliating toners. Next stop P50....

and then THE SPRITZ. I alternate between the Caudalie Beauty Elixor and the Avene Eau Thermale. In truth this is my favourite part of the night time skincare routine. It just feels so relaxing and soothing on hot and tired skin.

My new Holy Grail what can I say. out of all the serums I have ever used, including the sample of the serum costing £105, this is my favourite. It is amazing. Please read my RAVE REVIEW with sexy pictures. Oh, or check out yesterdays post as I had to take this on holiday with me didn't I - so guess what was a holiday hero?

Beautiful. What can I say. On top of the ESPA pro serum this applies like silk and my skin radiates. Even without the serum it is really rich and succulent without being heavy or sticky. Amazing skin care. And I hear Trilogy is sold at Boots now? OMG. Think of the Boots points??

Here we have Five amazing products and one amazing step: "THE SPRITZ" that make up a lushes night time skincare regime. It just feels amazing, a real calming and unwinding experience at the end of the day. I recommend it to everybody. xoxo

Monday, 7 April 2014

L'oreal Preference Les Blondissimes // Extreme Platinum

Hash tag proud! This was the first time that I bleached my hair all by myself since the dreaded bleaching session of 2011. READ UP ON IT HERE 10 tips on bleaching your hair. I bought myself a brush from Boots. Very cheap I may say. And went full speed. Doing it all professional like, focusing on my roots. I think I did a good job. I missed a few bits (I'm sure you've noticed the darkish patch) but overall it looks good and I'm very happy with the results.

Ok so now a word on the dye kit itself. It has all the things in it as the L'Oreal Feria By Preference extreme Platinum kit. But I think it produced better results or maby I kept It on longer or did something different I'm not sure. But I would say as dye kits they are pretty much identical.  the L'Oreal Preference Les Blondissimes Extreme Platinum Hair Dye is more expensive at £6.99, whereas the Feria by Preference retails for £5.89.

I found the consistency of the dye really thick and a little difficult to spread, but I guess that allowed for direct application. When it was developing It felt a little bit itchy at times but it really wasn't uncomfortable at all. It didn't smell too offensive either. 

The results are really good and it gives a lovely white(ish) effect. I actually also bought a Jerome Russell Bblonde Toner with the idea that I would use this afterwards but alas I didn't need to. if you have light hair anyway then I would definitely recommend this to help amp up your colour. This didn't feel harsh at all and my hair is in nice condition afterwards.

This gets the seal of approval from me. Recommend!!

Sunday, 6 April 2014


As great as my holiday was my skin didn't have that much of a good time. I had so many skin issues it was untrue. And being that time of the month everything was just magnified. Read on to hear all about my beauty breakdown, the products I liked and the bits I bought. Enjoy xoxo

Let's start twenty four hours before departure. I slathered up with faux tan to look beach ready off the bat with my tinted Garnier Body moisturising lotion. I streaked it but overall I looked ok and no one noticed so no big issue there. Plus it dissipated within days so again it's all good. I actually fell in love with my St Tropez aftersun. It intensed my natural tan really well and didn't streak or anything. I liked. It has that biscuit smell though, so be warned.

On to SPF and I was impressed with the Calypso sunscreen. It wasn't a spray like I hoped but I think I preferred it to the spray pump of the P20 (which is basically the same thing by what I can tell). It smells like pure alcohol but is a easily bendable gel which will stain your clothes if your not careful. It prevailed at its "one spray all day" except when a boat ride was concerned. My chest and shoulders were raw!! I was horrified. I'm a beauty blogger, this shouldn't happen, I should know better!!! So if your a-going on a boat trip in 35 degree heat anytime soon slather up repeatedly or just cover up. It's not worth it. To soothe and help repair my skin I used burn gel and E45 cream, and an Aloe Vera moisturiser mini, when that ran out. I also loved using my Eurax 'stop itching fast' cream on said sun burn; which also came in handy when the mosquitoes decided to strike on day 12.

But there was one thing that didn't get burnt, despite the boat ride, and that was ones face. yes The kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV defence SPF 50 PA+++ UVA was a winner. It still gives a glow to the skin and most definitely contributed to the epic chin break out of 2014 but it stayed true to its claims at preventing skin darkening. I was very very impressed. If I would have burnt my face I would have been inconsolable.

my skin reacted to something in the air because I had red lumps come up all over my cheeks and my skin became super super sensitive. So sensitive that every product I applied burnt my face. everything burnt even a chance sample of Kiehls sensitive cream. I thought I was so clever. I packed products for every possibilities except irritated sensitive skin. I was not a happy bunny. I couldn't even review my Skyn products properly because they are heavy duty and they burnt and left an epic cooling sensation on the skin. Especially the toning pads. OMG. Burnnnnnn. The Skyn Eye pen was nice though. I don't like the rubberised end. It tugs at the eye, so I twist and apply with clean fingers. But spoiler alert I have been using the toning pads in the past few days and I'm liking them. Review on The Face Rescue Kit to come eventually. Oh yes I wore one set of the eye gels only to get into a hot shower afterwards. I had red rings for an hour after that!! Note to self, use eye pads AFTER showing.

I was a little underwhelmed by the Liz Earle moisturiser and toner to be honest. And the hot cloth cleanser, which once was my one true love, was just "ok". I much prefer my REN alternatives.

And my Loreal nail varnish chipped within 3 days and I couldn't be bothered to reapply. I did find however that the Boots nail varnish remover pads were really good and really cheap. I definitely recommend them.

By the half way point in my holidays my chin had erupted like nothing else. But unlike my skin sensitivity I was ready for a breakout. Apivita's Pink Clay face mask was excellent at bringing the initial break out to the surface and I sort of got addicted to it. Next to my beloved ESPA PROSERUM this didn't feel so harsh on my skin. After using the first sample all over my face I used the other one locally and it gave 6 applications. Value for money over here. But as I used it I felt I needed more intenseness. 48 hours back on British soil and I head to Marks and Sparks for the Green clay mask. And that is intense. I found it a little uncomfortable on the skin and was glad I only used it on my chin and nose area. After watching Lisa Eldridge's video on face masks, I'm all over the mask mix up. Oh and on the Apivita mask subject. I loved the eye mask. It was thick and luxurious but didn't irritate my eyes at all. I really enjoyed using them and the sachets do 2 to 3 applications each so very impressed.

On to makeup and OMG the once unmovable mascara Bourjos clubbling waterporoof did not upstand the heat. Say hello panda eyes. Impressed I am NOT! My Illamasqua brow gel came up trumps though at keeping my eyebrows good. But seriously by day 4 I didn't wear ANY makeup again throughout the whole holiday, oh except once to cover my chin around day 11. What can I say I 'm lazy and low maintenance.

Hairwise I fell in love with the shampoo at the villa, It was decanted so I have no idea what it was, but it smelt like Dolly mix. Yum. Also I found myself using the Charles Worthington Leave in conditioner. I think I applied too much as it make my hair a lil crispy but it did an awesome (conditioning) job at taming my hair. I liked it for lazy holiday days.

Bathwise I didn't think much of the sanctuary body scrubs I bought with me. The salt scrub was just annoying to apply, and the body scrub was just "meh".

I bought amongst a few other things, a litre of coconut oil. Which solidified after being in sub temperatures in the plane holdall. All the Lols.

So yeah holiday beauty drama happening all over the place. I will definitely repurchase the St Tropez aftersun, kiehl's daily defence sunscreen, the Charles Worthington leave in conditioner and the Apivita face masks. They were awesome. Oh and the Calypso sunscreen, but I would probably be extra vigilant and reapply during the day on especially hot, beach bound and boat days. Burn gel is also the way forward on sun burn and the Boots nail varnish remover pads all the way. They were excellent.

Next holiday I think I am only going take the makeup basics (eyebrow stuff/mascara/concealer/powder). I'll stick to sensitive and soothing cleansers and moisturisers to cover all bases and face masks and treatments to moisturise on the plane and combat the breakouts. Oh and definitely take a beauty balm that does everything. Dr Lipp saved the day more than once too. I will definitely keep the beauty bulk to a minimum next time around. I had too much to keep on top of.

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Thankyou for reading - Take Care xoxoxo