Wednesday, 12 March 2014

La Roche Posay Effacular Duo

I've had this spot treatment thing since July (post highlighting it's purchase HERE). I bought it because I wanted a spot treatment and the blogging world was raving about this. I thought it melted into the skin well, didn't make my skin feel tight and was overall pleasant. I hoped its ingredients were helping my skin repair itself but I can't be sure. Spots came and went as they would without this product. It does make the nasty spots tingle though and this makes me feel like something is happening but after applying it for 3 weeks (straight more or less) my spots kept coming. It wasn't doing an ounce of difference. the only thing I can say is that although it didn't give miraculous results using treatments especially for blemishes can't do any harm. There are Much worse out there that smell and dry your skin out so this is definitely one to look at if your at a loss. For me? Once I finish this I won't repurchase. I've heard good things about an Aesop spot treatment which I'll peruse. xoxo

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