Tuesday, 11 March 2014

hello new John Frieda SUPER DUPER Full Repair Hydrate & Rescue DEEP conditioner

Exciting days are upon us. A new bottle of Hydrating and Rescuing DEEP conditioner has appeared on the shelves of BOOTS. It retails for £6.99 for 150ml of deep conditioning fun that, after a 2 - 5 minute wait time for "deep repair" promises to 'penetrate deep and repair the look and feel of overstyled hair, reducing the risk of breakage. Damaged hair becomes silky and full.' OOh exciting stuff. I was instantly intrigued and took it home with me (a kindly gift from a friend as her 3 for 2 offer freebie).

The big question here is. Why should you buy this over the Full Repair deep conditioning mask, for example, or use this as an alternative to the original Full Repair Hydrate and Rescue conditioner. Well to be honest this deep conditioner and the mask appear to do the same thing. They're the same size, yet the mask is 70p cheaper. I haven't used the hair mask as such (blogging fail - apologies) but what I know of hair masks, I expect this will be really thick in texture and feel heavier on the head, whereas this deep conditioner feels much lighter on the head than a mask, however is thicker than the original conditioner. So this is that in between product which would be perfect with those of you out there which need a super moisturising conditioner for super dry, damaged and overworked hair.

Personally I will use this conditioner alternatively with the original conditioner, but I guess increasing its use a week or so after bleaching my hair. In memory this is the most moisturising, hair softening conditioner I have ever used. It feels really thick and luxurious and has an almost soufflé like texture. When I massage this in my hair instantly turns to silk. In my John Freida Full Repair review of the original Hydrate and Repair shampoo and conditioner  I said although these are fabulous, if your hair is extensively damaged (or not) you will still need to use hair oils and serums to smooth your locks out. That isn't the case with this deep conditioner. Seriously your hair will feel as silky smooth as anything, so I guess you could actually skip the hair oils and actually get away with it.

Although this conditioner reads the same as a hair mask, it isn't one. And I think it is in the texture, a hair mask almost moulds to your head, whereas this works like an ordinary conditioner, without any hold and so you'd get drippage and conditioner down your neck and it would be messy. But there's no definitive rules and if you wrapped a towel around your head I am more than certain this would be a very effective mask.

So in review of my review I give this conditioner a thumbs up for bleached blondes to try out. It says you'll get 90% smoother hair and I think that's a great claim because after using this my hair is smoo-ooth... I expect in the next few months I'll purchase the hair mask from this line and do a empirical comparison and get back to you. Thank you for reading. Take care and farewell. xoxoxo

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