Monday, 3 March 2014

Gymtastic Beauty

My beauty routine for the gym is simple: no makeup at all! Maybe lip balm if my lips feel a little parched. But that's it. I have a rule with makeup. If I wear trainers I don't wear makeup. That's rule one. But also because, with exercise comes sweat and makeup running down your face and clogging pores and generally being unnecessary. But after the gym it's nice to give your skin a little rejuvenating facial of sorts using soothing and invigorating products.

Dove Invisible Dry - the #1 beauty product at the gym. Period. No explanations. I like the stick formulation and I really like this one. No white marks, no stickiness, just great at its job. At eliminating sweat.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream - A great product, not just for chapped lips, but for any rough or dry skin anywhere on your body. This is my favourite lip balm-esque product so I've included it here but any lip balm will do.

REN Cleansing Water - that little unbranded bottle is the necessary miscellaire water. Bypassing the wipes I take a handy 100ml bottle and cotton pads in my gym bag. This great at cleaning effectively and quickly.

Caudalie Eau De Beaute - You need to freshen up after the gym don't you. This lush spritz of loveliness is fabulous at soothing hot and tired skin and rejuvenates and relaxes you at a gym session. Love.

E45 Cream - For all of February I have been loving the E45 cream, for my body and my face. I applied once as an experiment (*forgot facial moisturiser) and I really enjoyed using it. I find it melts away without feeling tacky or nasty. I really like it.

So that's my exceptionally basic beauty bag for the gym. What's your gym beauty essential? Thankyou for reading. All the best Take care. xoxo

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