Friday, 14 March 2014

What's in my Travel Beauty Bag?

After a few years of doing the "beauty thing" on long haul flights I think I have it down this time around. Through a little bit of trial and error I have decided that I want minimal fuss - hence the No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking wipes and not my normal miscellair water decanted bottle. Apvita Eye mask with Ginkgo Biloba to spruce up around the eyeballs and then Skyn Iceland Iclandic Relief Eye pen to soothe a few hours into the flight. The little unnamed pot is a decanted Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque and then the amazing Weleda Skin food which I used at christmas and the Dr Lipp Nipple balm which is also amazing. And for the hands I'm taking with me the Caudalie hand cream. Oh and a nifty big mirror with lights. oooohhhh. And voila Long haul beauty bag done.


Thursday, 13 March 2014

What's in my Holiday Makeup Bag?

Ah the holiday Makeup Bag. When your travelling you sometimes feel a little overwhelmed on what to take with you. My advice is to keep it small, light, creams preferably and take multi-tasking products. Also be honest with what you'll wear. Despite wanting to take the bright lip products I know myself enough to know I won't wear them. So if your low on space and weight be honest and functional and if all fails there's always duty free... This is what I'm taking with me. Enjoy xoxo

Rimmel Stay Matt foundation in soft Beige. I will be using this as a concealer and will be mixing this in with my daily moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser type deal. I haven't used this yet as the colour is far too dark for me right now. Watch this space.

Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer. Although in light, I will probably mix this in with the Rimmel foundation to conceal pesky blemishes that will inevitably come and the translucent powder is fabulous. This is the perfect concealing travel companion.

YSL Touche Eclat to give one a subtle highlight. When I'm in a hot climate I don't feel the need for the glow as I am already tres blowy. This will be perfection.

Illamasqua Lash and Brow Gel. To set the eyebrows in place. Duh.

Its on its way out but I want to finish it up and it comes with it's own spooky the Benefit Brow pencil in Light.

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Waterproof Mascara - This stays on forever. The perfect hot climate / long day and night eyelash enhancer.

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Trio Palette - the perfect tiny cream trio which will enhance the cheeks, structure and contour the face. We like this for our holidays we do.

And on to the "extras" the spruce up products for the evenings if you will. First up is the Soap and Glory Smoulder Khol waterproof Eyeliner in Cocoa Bean. This is the perfect deep brown eyeliner that applies beautifully and stays on all night without smudging - win - it also comes with it's own pencil sharpener. No need to bring an extra - epic.

Maybelline colour Tattoo in On and On bronze. The perfect shade to slap on and go. This lasts all night and is just fabulous easy colour to wear on its own or as a base.

Rimmel 5-colour Eyeshadow palette in Brixton Brown. - I've thrown this in at the last minute. It's tiny and relatively cheap so if it smashes life will go on. It's also the perfect quad of colours to wear alone or layer on top of the On and On bronze colour tattoo.

Nars Pro Primer - Bringing powder shadows means bringing an eyeshadow primer. That's it.

The words of Charlotte Tilbury have been echoing around my head for weeks now "you need to wear a lipliner when wearing lipstick to perfect your lips" so hey presto I threw a lip liner in there. My favourite nude lip liner is the Maybelline Colour Sensation Lip Liner in 132 Sweet Pink. And to go with, the forever moisturising and gorgeous Clinique Chubby Stick in 13 Mighty Mimosa.

And finally the pop of colour for the cheeks. The aptly named No7 Pop and Glow cream blusher in rose blossom. I was going to bring the Jemma Kidd Guava as well but 'meh' I'll stick to just this one. I  think it'll do.

And For brushes I'm taking my favourites that never let me down: Real Techniques Stippling brush, Expert Face Brush,  No7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush, MAC 217, 239 & 286, Sigma E05. Oh and my Shu  Uemora Eyelash curlers and cotton buds. Not pictured but essential. xoxox

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

La Roche Posay Effacular Duo

I've had this spot treatment thing since July (post highlighting it's purchase HERE). I bought it because I wanted a spot treatment and the blogging world was raving about this. I thought it melted into the skin well, didn't make my skin feel tight and was overall pleasant. I hoped its ingredients were helping my skin repair itself but I can't be sure. Spots came and went as they would without this product. It does make the nasty spots tingle though and this makes me feel like something is happening but after applying it for 3 weeks (straight more or less) my spots kept coming. It wasn't doing an ounce of difference. the only thing I can say is that although it didn't give miraculous results using treatments especially for blemishes can't do any harm. There are Much worse out there that smell and dry your skin out so this is definitely one to look at if your at a loss. For me? Once I finish this I won't repurchase. I've heard good things about an Aesop spot treatment which I'll peruse. xoxo

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

hello new John Frieda SUPER DUPER Full Repair Hydrate & Rescue DEEP conditioner

Exciting days are upon us. A new bottle of Hydrating and Rescuing DEEP conditioner has appeared on the shelves of BOOTS. It retails for £6.99 for 150ml of deep conditioning fun that, after a 2 - 5 minute wait time for "deep repair" promises to 'penetrate deep and repair the look and feel of overstyled hair, reducing the risk of breakage. Damaged hair becomes silky and full.' OOh exciting stuff. I was instantly intrigued and took it home with me (a kindly gift from a friend as her 3 for 2 offer freebie).

The big question here is. Why should you buy this over the Full Repair deep conditioning mask, for example, or use this as an alternative to the original Full Repair Hydrate and Rescue conditioner. Well to be honest this deep conditioner and the mask appear to do the same thing. They're the same size, yet the mask is 70p cheaper. I haven't used the hair mask as such (blogging fail - apologies) but what I know of hair masks, I expect this will be really thick in texture and feel heavier on the head, whereas this deep conditioner feels much lighter on the head than a mask, however is thicker than the original conditioner. So this is that in between product which would be perfect with those of you out there which need a super moisturising conditioner for super dry, damaged and overworked hair.

Personally I will use this conditioner alternatively with the original conditioner, but I guess increasing its use a week or so after bleaching my hair. In memory this is the most moisturising, hair softening conditioner I have ever used. It feels really thick and luxurious and has an almost soufflĂ© like texture. When I massage this in my hair instantly turns to silk. In my John Freida Full Repair review of the original Hydrate and Repair shampoo and conditioner  I said although these are fabulous, if your hair is extensively damaged (or not) you will still need to use hair oils and serums to smooth your locks out. That isn't the case with this deep conditioner. Seriously your hair will feel as silky smooth as anything, so I guess you could actually skip the hair oils and actually get away with it.

Although this conditioner reads the same as a hair mask, it isn't one. And I think it is in the texture, a hair mask almost moulds to your head, whereas this works like an ordinary conditioner, without any hold and so you'd get drippage and conditioner down your neck and it would be messy. But there's no definitive rules and if you wrapped a towel around your head I am more than certain this would be a very effective mask.

So in review of my review I give this conditioner a thumbs up for bleached blondes to try out. It says you'll get 90% smoother hair and I think that's a great claim because after using this my hair is smoo-ooth... I expect in the next few months I'll purchase the hair mask from this line and do a empirical comparison and get back to you. Thank you for reading. Take care and farewell. xoxoxo

Monday, 10 March 2014

More Chubby Stick Things : No7 Pop and Glow & Instant Radiance Highlighter

Ok so No7 had released their Christmas products and amongst them was a fat chubby stick cream highlighter or 'instant radiance highlighter'. I swatched I ummed, I went away. Went back, swatched, awed and finally purchased. As part of a little pre Christmas haul I blogged about HERE. This pink toned highlight is perfection. It gives no shimmer or glitter just a wash of glow to the cheeks. It's really very good and the chubby stick, swipe and go aesthetic is very handy for travel and is fool proof to use. It was actually in my December favourites Post I like it that much. I recommend this is bought Toot-Sweet.

Browsing the No7 counter again, I came across more fat chubby sticks, but these are Pop and Glow cream blush sticks. There are currently 3 shades available but I chose the bright blue toned pink in Rose Blossom (*obvs - On Wednesday's we wear Pink). Be careful with these blushes. Unlike the highlighter this formulation is much stiffer and is a cream to powder formulation. It blends out well but this packs a punch and a little goes a long way, so my advice would be to apply it to the back of your hand and then blend into the cheeks with your finger, rather than going gong-ho on the cheek. It is vibrant on the cheek and lasts for hours. I'm really impressed with this blush. I highly recommend.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Holiday Beauty Haul.

This time next week I will be soaking up the rays in a sunnier clime - I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY!! And I took this as an excuse to buy "all the beauty products" that I have wanted to try out. A few bits were needed like sunscreen and a few travel sized skincare items but mostly the past few months have been a frenzied accumulation of getting everything I want to try out (bar a REN face mask - I've resisted something then, so all is not lost). Sit back, relax and enjoy my beauty haul. xoxo

Lets start with sun care shall we? After hearing all the hype from family, friends and bloggers I just had to pick up the P20 once a day in SPF30. Everyone raves about how it really lasts all day and is a fantastic sunscreen, so we'll see how it goes. I also picked up the cheaper alternative Calypso once a day sun protection in SPF20. The people off Trip Advisor (of all places) proclaim this to be as good as the P20, but at a fraction of the price. I shall trial and compare and get back to you on that.

Now the all important facial sun care. If you have read any of my previous facial sun care reviews you will know that I am yet to find one that I like. Period. After scouring the internet it came clear that the favourites were Kiehl's and Shiseido. I chose Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ UVA. It promises to helps protect against the appearance of dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, and skin darkening, while also protecting against premature skin ageing. Let's see how it goes. Please browse my history of facial sunscreen FAILS HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

And finally the St Tropez after sun with a hint of self tan. OOOOh. I am hoping this will give me that extra intense glow I am always after but never really achieve.

Checking out EBay I found quite a few sample/travel gift sets about, but I decided on a Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser, Instant Boost skin tonic toner and skin repair moisturiser sample set. I love the cleanse and polish a lot and am excited to try out the toner and moisturiser. Eee.

Apvita mask samples. I have long checked these out and really wanted to try them. I got the Express Beauty with Ginkgo Bilabo - Dark Circles and eye-puffiness mask. You get two 2ml samples which I will use for the plane ride there and back. I also picked up the 8ml samples of Express Beauty with Pink Clay - gentle cleansing mask with pink clay pink. My skin will inevitably break me out (the sun hates my face you see) so I am hoping this will help balance my sun blemished skin mid holiday.

The Skyn Iceland "Saving Face" Rescue kit for life's big moments. Again I have longed to try out this brand and thought the holiday would be a perfect excuse to indulge. In the set there are toning pads or Nordic Skin peel, 2 Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, Glacial Face Wash, The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion and Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. There will definitely be a review on these after the holiday. Really excited to try these out.

No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking (Cleansing) wipes. With a £5 off voucher in hand I made a B-line for a bargain. I've used these wipes before and I think they are good. They are not going to give you a thorough cleanse by any means but I merely want to use them on the plane and on the beach to freshen up. And the Nivea Daily Essentials Eye Makeup Remover. So Lisa Eldridge made a public announcement on twitter that this was awesome at removing stubborn waterproof mascara. So what's a girl to do? This was approximately £3.50... Can't wait to trial it out.

Sanctuary body scrub. As my limbs are going to be on show I figured I would give it a whirl. It says it is gentle enough for every day so we'll see how it goes. And a sachet of the Sanctuary salt scrub. Again I figured mid week I could give myself a little pamper session and give my body a deep clean scrub. I have had my eye on this scrub for a while so if I like it I'll definitely buy the full size.

Just one thing for the hair and that is a travel sized sachet of Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Heeler Leave-In conditioner. I absolutely love the hair balm from this range and am hoping this delivers the goods too.

Oof I think that is it! Holiday Beauty Hauling - DONE!! Please follow on Bloglovin / twitter / instagram for more beauty frolics as I am sure to write reviews on all that I have mentioned after my holiday and a few more holiday related posts before I fly out next week. Take care and farewell xoxo

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Those Chubby Stick Things

I might be wrong but I think I am late onto the bandwagon. The Clinique Chubby sticks have long been known about but have long evaded me. I finally dropped coin on one before Christmas. My specification was: a moisturising glossy red stain. I wanted a low key red lip to wear on holiday. I found what it was looking for at the Clinique counter. Two Ton Tomato is a lush orange red. The colour glides on a dream and is so moisturising and lovely. Seriously all chubby stick dupe products released by the masses after them just aren't as nice. If your looking for a chubby stick type product then buy an actual chubby stick. More expensive than most (RRP £17) but it is worth the extra dollar. I promise you. Like all things I like I went in for more. This time I wanted a nudey/pinky colour and picked up mighty Mimosa. It's a pinky nude (as I first surmised) with subtle sparkle running through it. the only negative I could say is that they smell like crayons (haha) or as they're 100% fragrance free your smelling the wax. It doesn't actually affect you unless you give it a big wiff and it's great news for the super sensitive people out there. But I just wish they smelt good enough to eat. What's wrong with that? *already scouring for more shades. I'm feeling a pink one next time. curvy Candy Perhaps??? xoxo

Friday, 7 March 2014

The New Holy Grail: ESPA PRO SERUM

When I started this blog my Holy Grail product was the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. I made no secret of the fact it melted into my skin leaving it soft and with no trace of stickiness or heaviness. But now I feel it's sort of "meh". My skincare needs have changed. Now I want my skin to feel nourished and my skincare to be packed to the brim with all the good stuff.  Introducing ESPA: Pro Serum. Rewind 3 months and I opened door 3 in my Look Beauty Advent Calendar to find a 4ml sample of this random serum. Applying it that night felt like fireworks were erupting around me. I let out a sigh of relaxation and rejuvenation. I fell in love. More or less every night since that day I have applied this wonder serum. It's beautiful and My skin loves it. It instantly revives and plumps up my skin. It glows!!! It's so lovely that my £15 voucher I got on the same day was put towards a 30ml bottle of this. Which I picked up on It's pricey at £48 RRP but 4ml did last me 3 months, more or less, so I imagine this will see me through until next winter at least. Oh and a word on the packaging. Glass. Nice Lux feeling. Pipette. Nice, but not with a squeezer, oh no, but with a button. Mind Blown. HG no1 status confirmed. xoxo

Monday, 3 March 2014

Gymtastic Beauty

My beauty routine for the gym is simple: no makeup at all! Maybe lip balm if my lips feel a little parched. But that's it. I have a rule with makeup. If I wear trainers I don't wear makeup. That's rule one. But also because, with exercise comes sweat and makeup running down your face and clogging pores and generally being unnecessary. But after the gym it's nice to give your skin a little rejuvenating facial of sorts using soothing and invigorating products.

Dove Invisible Dry - the #1 beauty product at the gym. Period. No explanations. I like the stick formulation and I really like this one. No white marks, no stickiness, just great at its job. At eliminating sweat.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream - A great product, not just for chapped lips, but for any rough or dry skin anywhere on your body. This is my favourite lip balm-esque product so I've included it here but any lip balm will do.

REN Cleansing Water - that little unbranded bottle is the necessary miscellaire water. Bypassing the wipes I take a handy 100ml bottle and cotton pads in my gym bag. This great at cleaning effectively and quickly.

Caudalie Eau De Beaute - You need to freshen up after the gym don't you. This lush spritz of loveliness is fabulous at soothing hot and tired skin and rejuvenates and relaxes you at a gym session. Love.

E45 Cream - For all of February I have been loving the E45 cream, for my body and my face. I applied once as an experiment (*forgot facial moisturiser) and I really enjoyed using it. I find it melts away without feeling tacky or nasty. I really like it.

So that's my exceptionally basic beauty bag for the gym. What's your gym beauty essential? Thankyou for reading. All the best Take care. xoxo