Monday, 24 February 2014

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let's hear in for REN skincare. Great quality skincare at a purse friendly price. Since discovering them last year  I have been hooked. The reason for this REN fan girl moment is that I was thinking recently of my favourite skincare products and brands and it occurred to me that I have liked everything I have ever used of theirs. From eye gel to cleansers, to toner s to moisturisers to face masks... all are great and REN are yet to disappoint. Here's a run down of all REN products that I have tried and why I love them. Enjoy. xoxo

First let's talk cleansers. Thus far I have used 3. The Cleansing water is fabulous and does the same job as Bioderma micellaire water. The only thing I found that this couldn't remove was Borjouis clubbing waterproof mascara, That needed oil!! anyway this water is refreshing, gentle on the skin and is lovely. But at £13 for 200ml you can get more bang for your buck with Bioderma at £9.99 for 250ml.

The Cleansing Gel is my least favourite cleanser, purely because it's a gel and I'm just not that keen on a gel cleanser. But despite all that this is really gentle on the skin and leaves you feeling really clean and refreshed. with no signs of dryness or tightness anyway. score.

The cleansing milk is lovely. A gorgeous winter cleansing staple and I would recommend you buy this pronto if your skin isn't feeling the cold weather love. This feels really nourishing on the skin and I feel like I'm having a mini pamper when I apply it. It leaves your skin feeling beautifully smooth and I love it. Simples.

Now the eye gel. This eye gel is lovely and my favourite eye cream (or gel I guess) to date. Love it.

I "needed" an exfoliating toner so naturally I went with REN. This is a really gentle on the skin and I think it's doing my skin some good. although my skin seems to be in good condition over all - February has been a little spotty. Literally all month I have had spots and I'm not sure whether this is the culprit. I don't know I 'll get back to you. But so far so good.

Now moisturisers. I really enjoy the vita mineral day cream. It's light and melts into the skin well. It's not "wow" by any means but it's nice and much nicer than a few I've tried in the past.

As we're talking day moisturisers let's discuss ren evercalm moisturiser. Now that is a lovely day moisturiser. Like the cleansing milk this one is part of the sensitive line and also feels really nourishing and soothing on the skin. I love this one and, when all moisturisers are out, I really want to repurchase.

Now onto the Frankincense night cream. This is beautiful. A really nourishing, skin plumping and succulent and just luscious. It was one of my December Favourites and I just love it. That's it.

And finally, the Blogger Hyped product: REN's glycolactic renewal face mask. This mask gives your skin a deep down intensive treatment which stings a little bit to be honest. So if you suffer with really sensitive skin I wouldn't try it. However if your skin is a tad lack luster - you need to try this out because, blimey, your skin will be GLOWWWYYY the day after. A great treat for the every now and then I feel, but it is great. The results speak for themselves.

The ode to REN today is over. If you love REN what products do you love and what should I try next? When my Emma Hardie run out I'm after the cleansing BALM. xoxo

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