Thursday, 27 February 2014

Illamasqua Love

I first discovered the brand Illamasqua 2010 when I saw a few makeup tutorials on them on Pixiwoo. I really liked the ethos of the brand. A brand for "your alter ego". A makeup brand which didn't stick to the changing fashions but encourages you to make your own mark and be your own person, via makeup. Their fabulous collections and stunning visuals via the amazing Alex Box also makes them stand out from the crowd. Before I go into any detail on the products I own, I have to say everything is amazing quality and are the best products in nail varnish, foundation, blusher and eyebrow gel that I have ever tried. But first truly fell in love with Illamasqua in October 2012. I had tried their skin base foundation for the first time and I buckled under the weight of awe. Already owning one of their blushes, which is amazing in pigmentation and payoff (and smells like sweets) and lasts all night and is the palest milkiest pink I could find (Katie); my interest was peaked. Unlike other testers I have used, I drank every last drop of skin base up and only felt happy again when I had purchased the full sized bottle from Selfridges last January. I tried their brow and lash gel for the first time after that and again, fell in love. Oh my goodness this brow gel is the best I have ever used. I fear it is drying up now so a repurchase is in order me thinks. And then their nail polishes. To date I only own 2. LE Speckle and Throb. Both perfection. And again probably the best nail varnishes I have ever used. Then to their cream pigment in hollow. A fabulous contour for pale skin girls. It's seamless and creates the most natural shaping to your face. Again it's love. shockingly and "what the hell?" these are the only products I own. Because all these products are so high quality I just know the rest is going to be to. I guess I just get distracted by other brands that are more easily available. But saying that I get 20% off (I think) any order because I have bought from their website 3 times. So that's just another plus to add to the list. Illamasqua is awesome and I can't wait to buy more of their stuff soon. Illamasqua 4EVA xoxo

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