Friday, 28 February 2014

February Favourites

Wow my fourth monthly favourites post in a row? Let's see if I can keep doing this for every month this year.

First up, of course, is my beautiful NARSissist Palette. It's stunning and so easy to use and stunning. And has inspired me to wear eye shadow again. True story: eye shadow is basically taken out once a month if it's lucky, but since I got this I have been picking it up constantly. Every day I chose a different combination. It's awesome. I love it. Read up on my NARS story and NARSissist mini review HERE.

Caudelie Beauty Elixor. Yay this is niiiiice. I love the smell and I especially love to use it after the gym, it just refreshes and invigorates you. Smiles.

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer and Sigma eyeliner brush. This duo has been amazing this month. I have suffered with quite a deadly breakout on my chin and using the concealer with this fine brush has been amazing at hiding the mess up. Happy. Kick Ass concealer review HERE

E45 cream. I know right? but I have be for the past 2 months. I have even worn it on my face at night and in the day (craziness) But it feels really nice on the skin, not sticky or tacky at all and has been working wonders for reviving tied skin and relieving psoriasis itchiness.

And ZEN. In my Doing NARS post, I reiterate how much I have been loving the brown shade in the Adult Content Palette I got last Autumn. For me its the perfect contour colour and every time I use it I'm like "yeah I really like this". So anyway yeah ZEN. If your looking for a good contour I would have a look see at this before making any final decisions. Read my NARS Adult Content Palette Review HERE.

Oh and REN. Generally REN products. I keep buying their products because they produce great skin care at an affordable price. Please read my post on my REN "fan-girl-ing" HERE.


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Illamasqua Love

I first discovered the brand Illamasqua 2010 when I saw a few makeup tutorials on them on Pixiwoo. I really liked the ethos of the brand. A brand for "your alter ego". A makeup brand which didn't stick to the changing fashions but encourages you to make your own mark and be your own person, via makeup. Their fabulous collections and stunning visuals via the amazing Alex Box also makes them stand out from the crowd. Before I go into any detail on the products I own, I have to say everything is amazing quality and are the best products in nail varnish, foundation, blusher and eyebrow gel that I have ever tried. But first truly fell in love with Illamasqua in October 2012. I had tried their skin base foundation for the first time and I buckled under the weight of awe. Already owning one of their blushes, which is amazing in pigmentation and payoff (and smells like sweets) and lasts all night and is the palest milkiest pink I could find (Katie); my interest was peaked. Unlike other testers I have used, I drank every last drop of skin base up and only felt happy again when I had purchased the full sized bottle from Selfridges last January. I tried their brow and lash gel for the first time after that and again, fell in love. Oh my goodness this brow gel is the best I have ever used. I fear it is drying up now so a repurchase is in order me thinks. And then their nail polishes. To date I only own 2. LE Speckle and Throb. Both perfection. And again probably the best nail varnishes I have ever used. Then to their cream pigment in hollow. A fabulous contour for pale skin girls. It's seamless and creates the most natural shaping to your face. Again it's love. shockingly and "what the hell?" these are the only products I own. Because all these products are so high quality I just know the rest is going to be to. I guess I just get distracted by other brands that are more easily available. But saying that I get 20% off (I think) any order because I have bought from their website 3 times. So that's just another plus to add to the list. Illamasqua is awesome and I can't wait to buy more of their stuff soon. Illamasqua 4EVA xoxo

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

On Wednesday's We Wear Pink


My blush shade of choice is PINK. Pink-Pink. Not "peachy-pink' or "neutral-pink" but knock your socks off, colour pop PINK, And so that is what is on the menu today. A look see at my pink blush collection. If your in the market for a pink flush then read on. I hope this is helpful. Take care. xoxo

Despite looking peachy (yuk) in the picture, compared to the other blushes, I can confirm that this is a lush candy pink in real life and gives the most stunning pink glow to the cheek. There's no need for a highlighter when your wearing this. If you like a blush with shimmer and shine? (and who doesn't on a night out?) then I recommend this. It was also a steal at £4.45. The pigmentation is fabulous. Recommend.

Agh my newest edition to my pink blush stash. This bright cream to powder blush is awesome. All you literally need to do is "pop and glow" or pop on the blush and blend out. You can really blend this up for a full on pink cheek. Love. Idiot proof. These chunky chubby sticks for your face are new releases from NO7 and come in 3 shades and a highlighter. I have the highlighter too and can confirm it's awesome, I would definitely recommend you check them out.

The palest and most pigmented blush I own. This blush is perfection for the pale girls out there. It brightens the complexion a treat. Like I said though, this is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I'm obsessed with this blush. It's gorgeous. And FYI the palest candy pink blush out there. Trust me I looked.

This cream blush gives the dewiest finish to the skin. It's really, REALLY creamy and applies really easily. Gives the most beautiful strawberry and cream complexion. It's gorgeously brightening and is so feminine and pretty. A bright, yellow toned, pink which is love-er-ly.

With it's red undertones this blush is best served with a tan. Despite being a cream it is really quite dry and is quite literally a nightmare to apply. I swirl with my finger dab on the back of my hand and take a light patting motion to the cheeks until I get my desired opacity. If this wasn't such an awesome shade I would have said goodbye to it a while ago. But alas it is no longer made as Jemma Kidd closed its doors a few years ago. If I find a dupe in colour I'll update this post.

I can recall reading a blog post like this recently and seeing this shade and thinking "wow that blush is amazing" After discovering it was NARS desire I ran straight to my stash and piled it on. Out of all my blushes it has the strongest blue tone. On the cheeks it pops. It had the worst pigmentation out of all the blushes. This was heavily swatched

Monday, 24 February 2014

This post is not sponsored by REN

let's hear in for REN skincare. Great quality skincare at a purse friendly price. Since discovering them last year  I have been hooked. The reason for this REN fan girl moment is that I was thinking recently of my favourite skincare products and brands and it occurred to me that I have liked everything I have ever used of theirs. From eye gel to cleansers, to toner s to moisturisers to face masks... all are great and REN are yet to disappoint. Here's a run down of all REN products that I have tried and why I love them. Enjoy. xoxo

First let's talk cleansers. Thus far I have used 3. The Cleansing water is fabulous and does the same job as Bioderma micellaire water. The only thing I found that this couldn't remove was Borjouis clubbing waterproof mascara, That needed oil!! anyway this water is refreshing, gentle on the skin and is lovely. But at £13 for 200ml you can get more bang for your buck with Bioderma at £9.99 for 250ml.

The Cleansing Gel is my least favourite cleanser, purely because it's a gel and I'm just not that keen on a gel cleanser. But despite all that this is really gentle on the skin and leaves you feeling really clean and refreshed. with no signs of dryness or tightness anyway. score.

The cleansing milk is lovely. A gorgeous winter cleansing staple and I would recommend you buy this pronto if your skin isn't feeling the cold weather love. This feels really nourishing on the skin and I feel like I'm having a mini pamper when I apply it. It leaves your skin feeling beautifully smooth and I love it. Simples.

Now the eye gel. This eye gel is lovely and my favourite eye cream (or gel I guess) to date. Love it.

I "needed" an exfoliating toner so naturally I went with REN. This is a really gentle on the skin and I think it's doing my skin some good. although my skin seems to be in good condition over all - February has been a little spotty. Literally all month I have had spots and I'm not sure whether this is the culprit. I don't know I 'll get back to you. But so far so good.

Now moisturisers. I really enjoy the vita mineral day cream. It's light and melts into the skin well. It's not "wow" by any means but it's nice and much nicer than a few I've tried in the past.

As we're talking day moisturisers let's discuss ren evercalm moisturiser. Now that is a lovely day moisturiser. Like the cleansing milk this one is part of the sensitive line and also feels really nourishing and soothing on the skin. I love this one and, when all moisturisers are out, I really want to repurchase.

Now onto the Frankincense night cream. This is beautiful. A really nourishing, skin plumping and succulent and just luscious. It was one of my December Favourites and I just love it. That's it.

And finally, the Blogger Hyped product: REN's glycolactic renewal face mask. This mask gives your skin a deep down intensive treatment which stings a little bit to be honest. So if you suffer with really sensitive skin I wouldn't try it. However if your skin is a tad lack luster - you need to try this out because, blimey, your skin will be GLOWWWYYY the day after. A great treat for the every now and then I feel, but it is great. The results speak for themselves.

The ode to REN today is over. If you love REN what products do you love and what should I try next? When my Emma Hardie run out I'm after the cleansing BALM. xoxo

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Doing NARS

Settle down and all hear my tale with NARS and what I think of their products thus far... Sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. My NARS story started in the summer of 2010 when I bought the sheer glow foundation (on a whim / online no less) in Mont Blanc and it was the perfect colour match and beautiful foundation. Fast forward 3 years and it is still knocking about in my makeup drawer. I don't know if it has "gone off" or something but it no longer resembled the foundation I once loved. It was cakey and nasty and I gave it away. My friend loved it even though it was "well old" so there you have it. In 2012 I wrote a rave review for it HERE. Sort of want to try it again now - watch this space.

Last Autumn saw the rise of the face palettes. My prolonged umming and aweing over the Laguna/deep throat duo saw me miss that limited edition product entirely and so I was left with the dilemma of what new palettes I should buy instead. After researching the I heart LA palette, Adult content palette and a few others I finally rested on buying a full sized Laguna and deep throat as part of the Adult content palette. Done! Although I was kicking myself slightly when the one night stand palette was released not long after (compiled of Laguna, Deep throat and 4 other blushes). But Hey Ho. Life. I really enjoy the Adult content palette and despite the miss liberty highlighter being a let down I love the other three shades, especially the contour shade called zen. I really love that one. Check out my review of the Adult Content Palette HERE.

Now, I'm still learning to love Laguna. The pigmentation is phenomenal and you need to go in with a light hand and or dab before you apply any of this product on your face (I have had one too many accidents going in a little bit gun ho unfortunately). I also find it applies best with a large fluffy brush for the same reason. The colour is great though. I have just found it a little bit difficult to blend out, but this is obviously my lack of makeuping skill rather than any reflection on the product but I guess it isn't fool proof then.. I don't know. I continue to play so watch this space.

Moving away from the face palettes: An impromptu Space NK haul saw the purchase of the NARS eyeshadow primer. I had heard it is the best primer out there. I suffer with oily lids and my eyeshadow dissipates within the hour without priming power. So this is great. is transparent, doesn't smell bad and as far as I can see keeps my eyeshadow in place. I haven't fallen in love but I think it is a essential in my makeup bag and will continue buying it.

And so we come to the last product - the NARSissist eye palette. AGHHHHHHH!!!! A sneaky text to my boyfriend telling him that I might, sort of, wanted this palette very badly, materialised itself into a very exciting gift when February 14th came around. I was a very happy girl and slightly tickled by receiving a "narSissist" palette on Valentines Day. It's lush, it's sleek, it's limited edition and sold out everywhere (*gloat gloat gloat - sorry not sorry). Because It's sold out I didn't think it was helpful to give it a blogpost on its own but the eye shadows are part of their permanent line (bar bad behaviour) so I wanted to give my two cence worth on the shadows and of using NARS eye shadows for the first time.

(TOP ROW): All about Eve / Madrague #2 / Fez / Bali / Coconut Grove
(MID ROW): Madrague #1 / Nepal / Ashes to Ashes / Brousse #2 / Mekong
(BTM ROW): Bellissima #1 / Lhasa / Bad Behaviour / Dogon #2 / Pandora #2

I have heard so much good stuff about NARS eye shadows, no less by Raychel Wade from Cheek to Chic and was excited to try them out. My favourites are Fez, Lhasa, ashes to ashes and I'm obsessed with the glittery pale (highlighty) colours all about eve and Bellissima and even the blue toned grey bad behaviour is Sparklific too. That's what I love about the palette. There's 5 matts for the neutral eye lover, and 10 shimmers and frosts and glittery frosts and for me that's awesome, when I can be bothered to apply eyeshadow I like to go all out. I am 26 and love glitter and sparkle so sue me. Unfortunately the mattes Madrague #1 and #2 have poor pigmentation and disappear on my skintone, but I guess I would only use these as the initial wash of colour and even skin tone on my lid so I guess their sufficient for their job. The very dark colours come up a little chalky when swatched but do the job on lids to intensify your look and create a smokey eye. overall I'm really happy with this palette. Every time I open it I'm like "ooo" and fall in love with it again and again. It appears to be a mixture of the Urban decay naked palettes 1, 2 and the basics palette and so covers everything you could need for a neutral eye when travelling. You don't need to bring anything else! win.

NARS done. xoxo

Monday, 17 February 2014

Top 10 Holy Grail Makeup

So here is another post of me bumbling on about the same makeup products. Nothing new or exciting here. But if you want to know the best products which have lasted the test of time then read on. I think that sometimes we get lost amongst the clutter of the new releases and the blogger hype that we forget about the truly great products. My top 10 holy makeup products consists of products which continue to impress me. They just work and despite everything that is all we want and is the reason we read beauty blogs. To discover the products that work. Here's mine... Enjoy xoxo

10. YSL Touche Eclat. This wan't love at first sight but I quickly caught on to the wonderment of this product. It is just so seemly, it's hard not to love it . As far as products go this is as easy and seamless and effective as it gets. Love.

9. MAC club eyeshadow. If I had to chose only one eyeshadow to wear ever again it would be MAC CLUB. It's greeny brown duo chrome loveliness draws me in every time and if I want to darken things up or have fun with eyeshadow Club comes out. Just recently I have been loving pairing it with MAC Cranberry, which is my newest MAC edition and I like lots too, but CLUB holds the crown, forever and always my smokey eye fail safe.

8.  YSL Fard A Levre rouge Pur in No 148 (Rose The) Every time I dress up for a night out and go crazy with the dark eye makeup, or the false lashes, the contour, the highlight, or the blush... I automatically reach for this pale nudy pink delight. It nudes them out just enough and gives a lush subtle pink lip. I think it looks chic and on a night out I can't leave the house without it.

7. L'oreal's Mega Volume Collagene 24hr mascara. I know that this mascara is going to work out every time. I know it isn't going to bleed or clump or droop. It is going to stay on all night and give killer volume and because I know this I instinctually go for it. It's a great mascara. Try it!

6. The past 2 months without even thinking about it I have been hamming it up with Kevyn Aucoin's celestial powder in candle light. Be it a 'no makeup' makeup day or a full on makeup look I'm all over the celestial powder. Natural to super glowing depending on the amount of swipes.. Hashtag on the bandwagon.

5. Illamasqua's brow and lash gel for sure. It is awesome. Firmly on my HG list of 2013. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't see a future without this in my life.

4.  Illamasqua Skin base foundation. This is by far the best foundation I have ever used. I adore it. It gives good coverage and gives a luscious glow to the skin. Truly fabulous.

3. Clarins Lip Perfectors. These are amazing and continue to be my favourite lip products of all time.

2. Tan De Chanel Bronzing Base. That's it. Tan De Chanel Bronzing Base. 2 years later and we're still going strong. I heart you 4EVA!

1. Probably the most mentioned product ever - The Becca Shimmering Skin perfector  in Pearl. Firmly in at #1 on my HG list. I love this highlighting product for reasons thus: It is amazing.