Saturday, 25 January 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Jerome Russell Bblonde * Colour Toner * Platinum Blonde

Finally I have used a new product to dye, or rather tone, my hair. After using the Jerome Russell medium lift toning kit I was left with good results but it was still too yellow for my liking (see TOP TIPS ON BLEACHING YOUR HAIR). Ordinarily I dose my head with Pro:voke touch of silver  for hours but I haven't had the chance to sit there with shampoo on my head so I ran to Boots to buy the only colour toner for bleach hair available in Boots, which was this one! I bought it because it was the only one available rather than because it shined brighter than the rest on the shelves; which is a shame but oh well. The price was good, but a tiny bit steep for one application, at £5. It also comes in Champagne blonde, which is a darker shade of blonde.

Ok down to the deeds. The box tells us to carry out a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before applying and strand test just prior to using the toner. The former to ensure you don't react badly to the product and the latter to allow you to work out development times. This product is for pre-lightened and naturally blonde hair so this product probably won't do jack for anyone else.

You need a clarifying shampoo, plastic hood and hair dryer. Once you have washed your hair with the shampoo, towel dry and then apply the toner. put on a plastic hood and then apply heat with a hair dryer (but I don't read instructions properly and forgot this bit... oops Perhaps results would have differed. If I use this again I'll be sure to do what it says on the tin and report back if anything is different).

I find that the toner smells like mens shampoo, it's weird. A musky, strong, cologne scent which is a tad overpowering, but not that unpleasant really. Ammonia smells worse, put it that way. The toner is a super watery (melted) indigo jelly which when massaged into your scalp lathers into a white... foam? I left it on my head for just over half an hour (minus heat oops) without any irritation or annoyance. It contains no ammonia or peroxide and, apparently, high quality ingredients that protect and condition. However my hair felt like straw once I had rinsed this off, so I went straight for my John Frieda Full Repair conditioner and then dosed my head with Moroccan Oil treatment. And now, as I type, my head is silky smooth.

SOOO??? your all thinking. So does it work? Well that's the thing. I thought it did until the next day when I realised my roots were quite white but my hair is still a little bit on the yellow side of things (*DOH!). So my hair woes continue. Next time I'll follow the box and do it properly. That is what you can take away from this (non) review. Follow the instructions or your hair will be a fail.

Next time I will do pictures showing what I did but tonight there was no time to stop and click. Just buy, use, quick pics and write blog... PUBLISH. Oh and one more thing, this toner is non permanent and only lasts up to 8 washes. So invest in a silverising shampoo to keep the brass at bay beyond that.

I hope this was helpful for those of you looking for a product which will diminish the brass. This is right next to the Jerome Russell lift toning kits so if I was you I would pick up both of them. Whereas I'd recommend enlisting a friend for the bleaching, the toning is fool proof (if you can READ) and you can do this alone. If you use another toner, what is it? give me recommendations for next time. Thankyou for reading, take care xoxo


  1. I think dyed hair needs a special moisturizing treatment. I highly recommend the pro naturals argan oil leave-in treatment. It will hydrate the hair and give it back its natural balance.

  2. the reason your roots toned is because the heat from your scalp helped activate the colour so using heat would definitely have given you a more uniform result all over.

  3. I tend to use my silver shampoo as a toner by leaving it on for 20 mins every few washes. I use the Loreal professional bottle which comes in salon size! It's great xxx