Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beauty Abroad: Mark Hill holiday hair

Nothing screams holiday more than a bright orange, palm leaf printed tube of "holiday hair" SUNSHINE shampoo and Sunset smoother. These bright tubes of joy, from Mark hill, are travel sized beauties, which retail for £1.99 (full size: £5.99) each. They smell of holidays to me. A really sweet, perfumery scent which is an amalgamation of ice cream, sunscreen and hot days. The shampoo is light and washes my hair well. It did what it said on the tin of removing sand, sea and salt so ones happy with that and my hair stayed in good condition over my holiday so the conditioner's claims of replacing lost moisture truly did leave me with happy holiday hair. There is the feeling that this may be a bit gimmicky as most shampoos and conditioners would do the same thing. But, you know, I like the smell and they're orange and I like having them so no regrets. I think I would actually repurchase for my next holiday so, yeah, there you go: a lovely shampoo and a lovely conditioner that make your holiday that little bit more special, haha xoxoxo

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