Saturday, 11 January 2014

Beauty Abroad: Bourjois clubbing mascara

Haha what a palava!!! Christmas night I applied lashes upon lashes of this delightful mascara. The results were fabulous. My eyelashes were volumised, separated and lengthened quite considerably. I was very happy with the results. The issues started when I went to take it off!! It wouldn't BUDGE!! Seriously I had to apply 3 cleansers and 3 applications of miscellar water and still there was a grey shadow under my eyes that wouldn't budge. The next day I marched to the local pharmacy and bought myself a lil bottle of Johnson's baby oil. Thankfully the Johnson's oil was just the ticket and I haven't had problems taking this mascara off since. So if you want a mascara that will stay on forever without the aid of oil then I definitely recommend you try this out. But remember the oil eye makeup remover too.

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