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Happy New Year!! Here is my long awaited 3rd instalment of my YouBeauty Advent Calendar. I have already mentioned that on the 24th of December I was whisked away to hotter climes, which unfortunately made making a review impossible. Actually leaving it a few weeks has allowed me time to review these beauty bits in more depth, which gives to a more informed review so I hope you enjoy! Xoxox

DAY 17 - DHC oil cleanser
It was funny that I got this on day 17 as that was my "discovering oils" post day. I enjoy using this and actually prefer it to the Sue Brennan cleansing oil too. This 30ml bottle retails for £4.50 and £21.50 for 200ml. Time will tell if I purchase this though. I feel like I would perhaps look for others first.

DAY 18 - Dr Lipp nipple lip balm
Oh my word this stuff is awesome. It is a really thick balm and is quite hard to apply. But when on the lips the balm appears to melt, forming a film of moisture. Love this, very Elizabeth 8 hour cream-esque. This 15ml tube retails at £11.50 and is apparently made from medical grade lanolin which reduces skin roughness by (what they claim) 40%. It is a multipurpose product that can be used on sensitive and dry skin, eczema, cuticles, burns and abrasions and sore nipples!! Really love this stuff. I think I might repurchase.

DAY 19 - model co mascara
This mascara is definitely on the dryer side of things and creates an ok volume. It isn't wow but it's good. It's not a crappy cheapy mascara by any means but I've tried better. What I like about this mascara, though, is that it doesn't smudge or run at all and lasts all night. It's actually called a black lengthening mascara (hence the "ok volume")  and retails at £10.

DAY 20 - Q:Radiance The fine Fragrance body spray
In truth, this is probably my least favourite product in the Whole YouBeauty Advent Calendar. It smells nice and everything but it's a body spray!! We get a full size bottle though (100ml) which retails for £2.29.

DAY 21 - Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist Spray
This hair oil is really nice. Moisturises the hair without being too weighed down or greasy and as it is a spray pump, is really quick and easy to use. I really like it and has encouraged me to start trying hair products away from my HG Morrocan Oil Treatment light. The full size bottle (125ml) currently retails at £15.60 so our little 25ml bottle comes up at £3.12.

DAY 22 - Neom Hand cream
neom - Ooh how luxe? A neom hand cream!! I love the citrusy fresh fragrance and how it melts into the hands leaving them silky soft. I'm a little bit disappointed that there are TWO hand creams in here. But I'll use them both all up eventually so no big deal really. This hand cream knocks the Caudelie one out of the water though. It is just so nice. My only thing is that I wish it was a face cream. haha. Neom is amazing but pricey. This full size tube retails for £20!!

DAY 23 - Weleda skin food
Oooooh this is niiiice. It gives the most amazing radiance to the skin. I tell you if this is skin food then my skin has a big appetite. This gives the most stunning glow. This is a nourishing and hydrating treatment which is specifically for hands, feet and elbows and I have been using it on my face haha. Oh well It works. 75ml retails from £7.08 to £8.95 and the 10ml which I have is being sold online for £2.25.

DAY 24 - Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts
I had convinced myself that Day 24 was going to be perfume or something spectacular (beauty speaking?) however when I opened the door to the salts I would have been a little "what?" had I not  heard such great things about this online. The description on Cult Beauty is that this treats "insomnia" and absorbs radiation from computer and phone use. I'm rather sceptical about the second claim but the first? they might be on to something. After using this for the second time I think I was absolutely shattered and fell into a deep sleep; But I was tired before the bath so the jurys out. I think I'm going to save the rest of my bag for when I'm over wired and can't settle. This 100g packet, I have worked out, costs £7, with a full size 500g packet costing £35. I think in retrospect they have saved the most luxurious product till last and a great Christmas Eve treat to distress and unwind before the big day!

YouBeauty Advent Calendar DONE!! I loved having a beauty calendar and I think this one was amazing! I'm so excited about next Christmas. I think I'll be coming back to YouBeauty because out of all the ones I saw this one was most definitely the best!! xoxo

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