Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January Favourites

This has been my favourite product two months running and with good reason. This product ROCKS and my skin loves it. I have been using this serum ALOT and this little vile is still going strong.. A little goes a really long way!! Woop. 

Once again the magic cream hits the top of my favourites list. My winter skin just loves this product. And for good reason. It is so glow enhancing I don't need to add an extra glowing product. So not only is it magic to blend and magically sinks in to the skin, the beautifying glowing effect it gives to the skin is, well, magic.

Ah sleep in a packet. These sleep inducing salts of joy make for a lush bath. I feel like I have turned a corner in my life and have finally grown up as I no longer longing for the bubble bath. If you are super stressed and wires as can't relax or sleep, pop a handful of tees into your bath and. 3, 2, 1... And sleep. 

My spa-esque bathing joys continue with the aromatherapy bath oil. I have loved putting an oil in my bath as not only does it invigorate your mind and body, your limbs are left silky smooth too, without the need to body scrub. I love this and am actually excited to try out more oils in the near future. 

Ah January has been a busy month and as such I haven't really had the opportunity or want to spend any time doing my makeup. But I have been dealing with dark circles... Introducing the touché Éclat. Swipe, swipe .. under eyes brightened.

Through cold January I have been loving using the lush thick balm to pamper, preen and cleanse my lack luster skin. It's a joy to use and my skin feel setter for it. 

I love this hand cream. As a rule hand cream is a bit dull. But I have really been enjoying using this and a day (or hour) hasn't gone by when I haven't used it. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Beauty Abroad: Makeup stuffs

Hello and welcome to the final Beauty Abroad post: The makeup products I took on a hot holiday and what I thought of them. Recommendations etc to follow. Take notes all you guys who are about to be whisked off somewhere sunny yourselves.

Lets start with the lips. I took two bright lipsticks to wear in the evening. I don't wear makeup during the day on holiday and even in the evening will only bother with a lip balm if I'm going for a nude lip, but to really offset a tan I don't think there's anything better than tonnes of bronzer and a bright lip. The Clinique chubby stick is a dream to use (shade: two tonne tomato) and the Maybelline 910 Shocking Coral Color Sensational Vivid lipstick is lush too. The only thing I would recommend you do, if you take bright lipsticks with you, is to take a matching lip liner, merely for longevity sakes. Neither of these lipsticks lasted very long.

A water proof mascara. And I recommend this one - the Bourjois Clubbing waterproof mascara. It lasts for hours. And to keep my eyebrows in place I took my favourites:  The Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Precision shaping pencil and Illamasqua brow gel. Both are fabulous at staying put all day under the heat. I also took with me Soap and Glory's Kick ass concealer for its functionality abilities (warm/cool concealers and setting powder) and the Rimmel wake me up concealer in soft beige, to mix in with my concealers when my tan starts to kick in. Oh and my YSL touche eclat to conceal and brighten under my eyes and highlight the high points of my face, to create dimension. I took one eye cream with me (MeMeMe dew pot in woodland truffle) to give my look a metallic glittery sheen but to be honest I only wore this once. It actually started creasing, which I sort of like so that didn't put me off but what can I say I'm low maintenance abroad!!

And now to the base and cheek products. I found that my Laura Mercier Bonne mine trio palette was a lovely space saver, however I didn't use the highlighter (on holiday my face gets really oily and spotty so the need for a faux glow is ommited) and although the cheek veil is a lush cheek and lip colour (FYI) I found myself missing a bright cheek shade to offset my tan (*adds bright blusher to the next holiday makeup bag list). For foundations I took dr Jart waterfuse beauty balm which, although quite pinky in tone, is a lovely base product for hot weather. It feels really refreshing when applying and gives a medium coverage, so it's a win. I still didn't get on with The Perricone MD No Foundation, Foundation . Even with a tan I found it too dark STILL and it didn't blend in very well. My technique might have been lacking somewhat but it was definitely coming up streaky.

For brushes I took multifunctional brushes: real techniques stippling brush for base and cheek products and the MAC 286 for concealer, blending eye creams and powder.

Et voila. The contents of my makeup bag. go for functional, small and non-delicate items when travelling I hope this was helpful. Take care xoxo

Saturday, 25 January 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Jerome Russell Bblonde * Colour Toner * Platinum Blonde

Finally I have used a new product to dye, or rather tone, my hair. After using the Jerome Russell medium lift toning kit I was left with good results but it was still too yellow for my liking (see TOP TIPS ON BLEACHING YOUR HAIR). Ordinarily I dose my head with Pro:voke touch of silver  for hours but I haven't had the chance to sit there with shampoo on my head so I ran to Boots to buy the only colour toner for bleach hair available in Boots, which was this one! I bought it because it was the only one available rather than because it shined brighter than the rest on the shelves; which is a shame but oh well. The price was good, but a tiny bit steep for one application, at £5. It also comes in Champagne blonde, which is a darker shade of blonde.

Ok down to the deeds. The box tells us to carry out a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before applying and strand test just prior to using the toner. The former to ensure you don't react badly to the product and the latter to allow you to work out development times. This product is for pre-lightened and naturally blonde hair so this product probably won't do jack for anyone else.

You need a clarifying shampoo, plastic hood and hair dryer. Once you have washed your hair with the shampoo, towel dry and then apply the toner. put on a plastic hood and then apply heat with a hair dryer (but I don't read instructions properly and forgot this bit... oops Perhaps results would have differed. If I use this again I'll be sure to do what it says on the tin and report back if anything is different).

I find that the toner smells like mens shampoo, it's weird. A musky, strong, cologne scent which is a tad overpowering, but not that unpleasant really. Ammonia smells worse, put it that way. The toner is a super watery (melted) indigo jelly which when massaged into your scalp lathers into a white... foam? I left it on my head for just over half an hour (minus heat oops) without any irritation or annoyance. It contains no ammonia or peroxide and, apparently, high quality ingredients that protect and condition. However my hair felt like straw once I had rinsed this off, so I went straight for my John Frieda Full Repair conditioner and then dosed my head with Moroccan Oil treatment. And now, as I type, my head is silky smooth.

SOOO??? your all thinking. So does it work? Well that's the thing. I thought it did until the next day when I realised my roots were quite white but my hair is still a little bit on the yellow side of things (*DOH!). So my hair woes continue. Next time I'll follow the box and do it properly. That is what you can take away from this (non) review. Follow the instructions or your hair will be a fail.

Next time I will do pictures showing what I did but tonight there was no time to stop and click. Just buy, use, quick pics and write blog... PUBLISH. Oh and one more thing, this toner is non permanent and only lasts up to 8 washes. So invest in a silverising shampoo to keep the brass at bay beyond that.

I hope this was helpful for those of you looking for a product which will diminish the brass. This is right next to the Jerome Russell lift toning kits so if I was you I would pick up both of them. Whereas I'd recommend enlisting a friend for the bleaching, the toning is fool proof (if you can READ) and you can do this alone. If you use another toner, what is it? give me recommendations for next time. Thankyou for reading, take care xoxo

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The overnight beauty swag bag.

For at least once a week I am away from home for work and as such I need a ready packed beauty bag that I can grab and go in double quick time. I take samples and travel sized items and would you believe it, everything I need fits into this handy little freebie REN bag. Awesome! So what's inside?

To clean my face I have Take with me: a decanted bottle of REN cleansing water, ESPA refining skin Polish sampler, dermalogica ultra calming cleanser sampler, which is really nice FYI. And to finish off I spritz with a travel sized Paul Mitchell moisture awapuhimoisturemist moisture mist. Which is for your skin and hair. I have a baby REN vita mineral active 7 eye gel and to moisturise I have three options. ESPA skin radiance moisturiser for dull skin days, the lush REN vita mineral day cream and the lush REN frankincense revitalising night cream. I really recommend you check these REN moisturisers out. They feel really lovely on your skin and sink in well too. I have two face mask sachets: one for oily face days (BOOTS tea tree & witch hazel peel off face mask) and one for harsh winter days (Dermatological Ultra Calming face mask). Oh and a sachet of L'oreal revitalift laser x3 (sounds life changing). 

For dental hygiene reasons I have sensodyne rapid relief toothpaste and a travel toothbrush. A travel size REN Moroccan Rose Otto body wash to use in the shower an Charles Worthington moisture seal shampoo and loreal preference brass defy conditioner. To nourish my hair further I use Bamboo smooth Kendi Oil dry oil mist. Which is spiffing. And finally a lil tube of E45 cream to use on my body, hands and any facial sore dry skin happenings... 

So there's the run down of everything I could possibly need, in my beauty swag bag, when I'm away from home. I'm just so impressed so much fits in my little bag. xoxo

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beauty Abroad: Mark Hill holiday hair

Nothing screams holiday more than a bright orange, palm leaf printed tube of "holiday hair" SUNSHINE shampoo and Sunset smoother. These bright tubes of joy, from Mark hill, are travel sized beauties, which retail for £1.99 (full size: £5.99) each. They smell of holidays to me. A really sweet, perfumery scent which is an amalgamation of ice cream, sunscreen and hot days. The shampoo is light and washes my hair well. It did what it said on the tin of removing sand, sea and salt so ones happy with that and my hair stayed in good condition over my holiday so the conditioner's claims of replacing lost moisture truly did leave me with happy holiday hair. There is the feeling that this may be a bit gimmicky as most shampoos and conditioners would do the same thing. But, you know, I like the smell and they're orange and I like having them so no regrets. I think I would actually repurchase for my next holiday so, yeah, there you go: a lovely shampoo and a lovely conditioner that make your holiday that little bit more special, haha xoxoxo

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Beauty Abroad: Beauty on the Beach

First up lets talk about the bad... Oh my Goodness the Caribbean Breeze SPF45 Sun Block. The one and only reason why it is in the beach bag is because i was holding it for someone else. I personally hate it. It's thick, white, gloop which is a nightmare to massage in. SPF failure over here.

But then lets get to the good. Supergoop SPF50, Broad Spectrum Antioxidant Sunscreen with vitamins. This stuff is so easy to apply. Spray and go... However, I felt like it was a tad greasy. Although I loved the sheen on my legs, I wasn't loving it so much on my face. (did I hear anyone shout breakout?) Also when I sprayed this, it went everywhere and all my things were covered in a sticky film. To conclude: great for body protection but my facial sunscreen search continues.

Garnier Golden Protect in High SPF30. This salmon cream massages in a treat. It sinks in well and does what it says on the tin. However it comes with sparkle. Which is great and gimmicky, but after a week in the sun, I was over it to be honest. I don't think i'll repurchase.

Dr Lipp Nipple lip balm. This was in my December faves. I absolutely love this stuff. Just like the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. This great to slick on throughout the days I was basking in the sun. Kept them moisturised and supple. Loved it.

Mark Hill (Holiday Hair) Cover up Protection Spray. Whilst clearing the shelves of Boots of Travel Sized goods I couldn't not give the Hair Protection spray a try. It has that fruity, exotic flowery, highly perfumed scent which, for me, is the smell of holidays. It's really obsessive. I just laid there sometimes smelling it. As a product I think it's rather gimmicky. It gives the hair a greasy look (or beachy hair sexy look?!?) which didn't look too hot on me and after a while I just forgot to use it. It was just that extra faff I didn't want to commit too after 4 days.

So that's it - a sneak peak into my beauty beach bag. I Hope this was an enjoyable read. Take Care xoxoxo

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Beauty Abroad: Bourjois clubbing mascara

Haha what a palava!!! Christmas night I applied lashes upon lashes of this delightful mascara. The results were fabulous. My eyelashes were volumised, separated and lengthened quite considerably. I was very happy with the results. The issues started when I went to take it off!! It wouldn't BUDGE!! Seriously I had to apply 3 cleansers and 3 applications of miscellar water and still there was a grey shadow under my eyes that wouldn't budge. The next day I marched to the local pharmacy and bought myself a lil bottle of Johnson's baby oil. Thankfully the Johnson's oil was just the ticket and I haven't had problems taking this mascara off since. So if you want a mascara that will stay on forever without the aid of oil then I definitely recommend you try this out. But remember the oil eye makeup remover too.

Friday, 10 January 2014


Happy New Year!! Here is my long awaited 3rd instalment of my YouBeauty Advent Calendar. I have already mentioned that on the 24th of December I was whisked away to hotter climes, which unfortunately made making a review impossible. Actually leaving it a few weeks has allowed me time to review these beauty bits in more depth, which gives to a more informed review so I hope you enjoy! Xoxox

DAY 17 - DHC oil cleanser
It was funny that I got this on day 17 as that was my "discovering oils" post day. I enjoy using this and actually prefer it to the Sue Brennan cleansing oil too. This 30ml bottle retails for £4.50 and £21.50 for 200ml. Time will tell if I purchase this though. I feel like I would perhaps look for others first.

DAY 18 - Dr Lipp nipple lip balm
Oh my word this stuff is awesome. It is a really thick balm and is quite hard to apply. But when on the lips the balm appears to melt, forming a film of moisture. Love this, very Elizabeth 8 hour cream-esque. This 15ml tube retails at £11.50 and is apparently made from medical grade lanolin which reduces skin roughness by (what they claim) 40%. It is a multipurpose product that can be used on sensitive and dry skin, eczema, cuticles, burns and abrasions and sore nipples!! Really love this stuff. I think I might repurchase.

DAY 19 - model co mascara
This mascara is definitely on the dryer side of things and creates an ok volume. It isn't wow but it's good. It's not a crappy cheapy mascara by any means but I've tried better. What I like about this mascara, though, is that it doesn't smudge or run at all and lasts all night. It's actually called a black lengthening mascara (hence the "ok volume")  and retails at £10.

DAY 20 - Q:Radiance The fine Fragrance body spray
In truth, this is probably my least favourite product in the Whole YouBeauty Advent Calendar. It smells nice and everything but it's a body spray!! We get a full size bottle though (100ml) which retails for £2.29.

DAY 21 - Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist Spray
This hair oil is really nice. Moisturises the hair without being too weighed down or greasy and as it is a spray pump, is really quick and easy to use. I really like it and has encouraged me to start trying hair products away from my HG Morrocan Oil Treatment light. The full size bottle (125ml) currently retails at £15.60 so our little 25ml bottle comes up at £3.12.

DAY 22 - Neom Hand cream
neom - Ooh how luxe? A neom hand cream!! I love the citrusy fresh fragrance and how it melts into the hands leaving them silky soft. I'm a little bit disappointed that there are TWO hand creams in here. But I'll use them both all up eventually so no big deal really. This hand cream knocks the Caudelie one out of the water though. It is just so nice. My only thing is that I wish it was a face cream. haha. Neom is amazing but pricey. This full size tube retails for £20!!

DAY 23 - Weleda skin food
Oooooh this is niiiice. It gives the most amazing radiance to the skin. I tell you if this is skin food then my skin has a big appetite. This gives the most stunning glow. This is a nourishing and hydrating treatment which is specifically for hands, feet and elbows and I have been using it on my face haha. Oh well It works. 75ml retails from £7.08 to £8.95 and the 10ml which I have is being sold online for £2.25.

DAY 24 - Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts
I had convinced myself that Day 24 was going to be perfume or something spectacular (beauty speaking?) however when I opened the door to the salts I would have been a little "what?" had I not  heard such great things about this online. The description on Cult Beauty is that this treats "insomnia" and absorbs radiation from computer and phone use. I'm rather sceptical about the second claim but the first? they might be on to something. After using this for the second time I think I was absolutely shattered and fell into a deep sleep; But I was tired before the bath so the jurys out. I think I'm going to save the rest of my bag for when I'm over wired and can't settle. This 100g packet, I have worked out, costs £7, with a full size 500g packet costing £35. I think in retrospect they have saved the most luxurious product till last and a great Christmas Eve treat to distress and unwind before the big day!

YouBeauty Advent Calendar DONE!! I loved having a beauty calendar and I think this one was amazing! I'm so excited about next Christmas. I think I'll be coming back to YouBeauty because out of all the ones I saw this one was most definitely the best!! xoxo

Week One Review HERE
Week Two Review HERE


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Beauty Abroad: inflight beauty

Happy new year one and all. Rather than spend Christmas in dreary England, on the 24th of December I flew to hotter climes for the festivities. Welcome to Beauty Abroad! And we have to start with my beauty regime on the plane. Lips puckered with Dr Lipp and hands moisturised with NEOM Complete Bliss Organic Hand Cream

Ok I'm going to take you through my regime step by step. That bottle full of the clear stuff is, in fact, a decanted bottle of REN miscellair water. First soaking a cotton pad I cleansed my face. (I did not put on any makeup on the morning of a flight so I don't need a more intensive cleansing regime!) I then sprayed with Dermatologica calming toning spray, which was pretty soothing and hydrating for a flight. I apply REN Active 7 eye gel to the contours of my eyes and then applied a thin layer of the Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask. Lips puckered with Dr Lipp and hands moisturised with NEOM Complete Bliss Organic Hand Cream and I was ready to sit back and relax.

Probably about 2/3 of the way through my flight I washed my face with water and re-cleansed and toned and applied more eye gel. This time I applied the Dermatologica calming serum and then the most dew-ifying moisturiser ever the Weleda Skin Food. It really gave my skin a kick. And then to finish I did another slick of Dr Lipp and hand moisturising of NEOM.

Before we were due to land another slick of Dr Lipp and NEOM was in order and also a little bit of highlight and radiance in the form of YSL Touche Éclat; which I applied under my eyes, around my nose and on the highpoints of my cheeks to give a subtle luminosity. Oh and a quick nip to the loo to quickly brush my teeth. Revived and Refreshed I was ready for my holiday. xoxo

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL! December was full of beauty samples and even a week in the sun. Ergo I have ALOT of beauty favourites from last month. Sit back, relax and Enjoy my ample list of favourites from December 2013.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Two Ton Tomato - I bought this as a simple nod to the Christmas red lip. I wanted a red without the fuss and found everything I was looking for in this. It's super moisturising, easy to apply and is a lush, subtle glossy red. I'm obsessed with the formulation and am already on the look out for another colour in the range.

ESPA serum - this is probably my favourite product from my YouBeauty Adent calendar. My skin drinks it up and between me and you: I'm buying a full size of this with my £15 gift voucher I got in the same package. 

Trilogy night cream - this just feels so good on the skin. So nourishing and invigorating and I love using it. Definitely a contender for when I need to purchase a new night time moisturiser. 

REN night cream - the second contender for the night cream crown. I used this beauty on holiday and one really likes. It's thick consistency melts into the skin giving a luminous glow. Love. 

Dr Lipp nipple lip balm - wowsers I fell in love with this as soon as I first applied this thick balm. Little goes a very long way and works as well as Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream. 

Charlotte tilbury magic cream - I always liked this moisturiser but it wasn't until the party season was in full swing that I truly fell in love with it. It gave my winter torm skin a fantastic glow and is the perfect base for makeup. Fabulous yet expensive. I think when this runs out, a replacement will be a very special treat.

Weleda Skin food - now day 23 in my YouBeauty Calender bought the glowiest moisturiser I have ever used and I love it. It's very thick and a little goes a long way. It Brings a high glow to the skin. Great for dehydrated, dry and air plane skin. 

No7 highlighter - this is an excellent cream highlighter, which stands very close to the HG Jemma Kidd, however leans pinker in tone. It is so quick and easy to apply and go.

No7 blush brush - I have been obsessed with this brush since I bought it. It applies powder blush fabulously. And the best thing is that you can build up product and have more control over it. happy. 

Kevyn Aucoin highlighter in candle light - believe the hype boys and girls. Believe the hype. This powder highlighter is the best I have ever used, subtle yet packs a punch. You can just keep slapping this on without looking over done. Very happy.

Leighton Denny Vamp - This nail polish is gorgeous and has been on my nails basically every day since I got it on day 4 of my You Beauty Advent Calendar! It's a lush blackened red berry shade which applies like a dream and wears really well.

So Yes, there you have it: my December Favourites. In the up and coming weeks I will finally post my third instalment of my YouBeauty Advent Calendar review, list my top picks from the calendar and present to you a little Beauty Abroad Series. I spent christmas over seas and have got a few beauty tales to tell. I hope your christmas was fabulous and that your new year is off to an awesome start. See you soon xoxox