Thursday, 4 December 2014

I'm all about that BASE

Hello, happy christmas. Let's talk about makeup.. I recently went on a beauty clear out binge and got rid of all the makeup and skin care that I just don't use. I'm not a hoarder or collector of makeup so if it wasn't reached for instinctually it went. Here's what made the cut. Hash tag Makeup that made it. This post is all about the base and contour products in my top makeup drawer. Hands up this drawer has the most products out of all of them because "I'm all about that bass, about that bass, no treble..." and am obsessed with highlighting products and finding the perfect foundation. Come on I think we all are. I'll also post about my eye, cheek and lip products that made the cut, in the coming days too. Hope you enjoy xoxo

I now have four foundations! Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 10. Loving this. The Illamasqua Skin base in 4.5. It's actually too light for me now for some reason. I have obviously been eternally tanned by the never ending summer, but I still keep this for the love and for foundation highlighting purposes or I might get paler, reasons vary. Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser in Porcelain, which despite being my only tinted moisturiser is probably my second highest coverage foundation. I keep because it is great. And finally the Bourjois Healthy mix serum in 32 I believe. This is a glowy gorgeous foundation.

So to concealers and I have two Collection Lasting Perfection concealers in 1 and 2. They have high coverage, one needs to mix to get the right cover. They're good and I recommend them if your into budget makeup. Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque. A great Salmon concealer for dem bags. Mac Studio finish concealer in NC20 and NC15. I've had them forever. Great coverage so we keep them. And finally the Charlotte Tilbury Conceal and Treat stick in 1 Fair. This is divine and literally melts into the skin. Definitely too light for me but I use it to highlight. No doubt a number 2 shade will be making its way into the drawer in the future.

POWDER... and we only have one. The Chanel Les Beiges in no10. Honestly this was the only powder i ever reached for. If you read my October favourite type post you will read about about how much I enjoy using this. Chanel Forever!

Contour and bronze... Bourjois BB bronzing cream. I loved this in the summer, it's a really awesome highstreet liquid bronzer as it has no sparkle and is just great. Soleil Tan De Chanel. A cream bronzer that literally rocks my world. All the love for this.  AMAZING. Illamasqua cream Pigment in Hollow. I think this is an awesome cream contour. Don't use it very often but I really should. Couldn't get rid of it. Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder Medium. Ionly use this really on nights out when I need to "chizel dem cheekbones". Again I should use it more.

The Charlotte Tilbury Film Star bronze and Glow. This is my favourite makeup item of the year I think. The sculpt shade is amazing and the highlight is beautiful. any flaws is that I personally would like to the highlighter a touch lighter but it's awesome regardless.

The highlighters... Becca Shimmering skin perfector in Pearl. All bow down. I love etc etc etc. Dior shimmer powder in Amber Diamonds (who remembers this?) and the ultimate Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All over Radiance Cream in 01 Iced Gold. (Also who remembers this?) Both awesome. The Jemma kidd a shining discontinued star which is amazing and the amber diamonds which is gorgeous. I use this in the summer with a bronze goddess kind of look, it's too dark to use as a standalone highlight for me. Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight. This is amazing and if I had to chose I would chose this over the Charlotte Tilbury highlight shade, purely because it's lighter. Big Love. Another gorgeous cream highlight; the No7 instant Radiance highlighter. It's lovely (not as dewy as the Jemma Kidd but it's closer than so many other failures out there).  we like so that is why we keep. Oh and Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder glow, which I use as a primer rather than a highlighter. It's gorgeous let's face facts here. You definitely need this.

Bases DONE! As I type this I am mentally choosing my next concealer and foundation to buy. Specification: Long Lasting and fuller in coverage. Any ideas??

Thankyou for reading. If you need any products to trial, these are a good place to start. They are all GRRRRRRreat. xoxoxo

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

An October slash current beauty faves 2014

Makeup, skincare, a beauty tool and a beauty book... let's go.

First up lets talk Charlotte Tilbury. The ordering of her products has literally relit my love of beauty. I am obsessed with her products, her brand, her ethos, her videos and have a wish list forming on her site as I type. 3 things. First up the film star bronze and glow palette. Literally if you love makeup you need this. Simple as. As soft and buttery as Kevyn Aucoin powder and as fool proof. The bronze shade is the perfect bronzy contour shade that neither leans too pink nor orange and the highlight is radiant. Quite honestly I am in love with everything about this palette and that is that. Next let's give some love to the liquid luminator wonderGlow. It nourishes the skin whilst giving you a luscious healthy glow. Subtle but yum. I have worn this literally every day since I got it. And then the retoucher. This conceal and treat pen is beautiful. It melts into the skin leaving a flawless finish. It is fool proof and stunning. I don't see a future without any of these products. Let's move on.

The Chanel Les Beiges powder in no10 is honestly the first powder that I have enjoyed using. Actually the act of putting this on gives me joy. It keeps bad shine at bay but keeps you looking radiant without the powder cake-age which we hate. I love this powder. Then we have the Clarins Lip perfecter in 02 nude. I have been loving a more beigey nude recently and this is the perfect accompaniment to my no makeup makeup charlotte tilbury and chanel face. Joy. And to my favourite brush of the moment. The no7 blush brush. It sheds like a bitch but the brush is the perfect shape and size to apply all my powder products throughout the day. This is probably the only brush I have used this month.

Now skincare and in October I was reacquainted with my beautiful REN evercalm global protection day cream and gentle cleansing milk. These feel so soothing and invigorating on the skin and are the perfect anecdote to sore sensitive autumn skin. I absolutely love these and try and convert as many people as possible.

And finally the beauty book. Sali Hughes' Pretty Honest. I love this book because it is a celebration of beauty and of women. Not only is it a very informative and supremely helpful beauty reference book it is also the perfect handbook for the modern women. Sali covers a whole host of scenarios and the part that beauty products play in them, such as giving you beauty arsenal advise for the walk of shame or how to treat common post-partum beauty gripes for example. I find the 'How to look good in a picture' chapter particularly helpful. But my favourite advise is thus: We are not rehearsing here. We are alive now and deserve to look and feel great... Life is really bloody short, so stop saving things for best today. "Here Here."

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

L'oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Woo Hoo the first hair care review of the season. I mentioned in my come back post, Doing beauty in my spare time, that I am growing my hair and that I need volume. The flat and lifeless do of my teenage years sort of haunts me to this day, but with so much new technology out there now and volumising formulations that really give your hair real life vavavoom I felt that I owed it to the beauty enthusiast inside of me to get out of my pixie crop ways and raid the hair care sections of Boots and Space NK. Oribe products are firmly at the top of my wish list. So to the shampoo and the review, here's what I think.

So your a person filled with volume worry and haven't really got the dollar to spend on the expensive stuff, what do you do? Well you buy the funky teal and pink ( that shout off the shelves) bottles that say all the words; like:"thickening" "for thicker hair" "thickness creation" "expands hair" "luxurious body and bounce" "80% more body and bounce" "instantly expands hair", run home, wash your hair instantly with the shampoo and conditioner because the effect simply cannot be achieved with JUST one of them and wait for miracles to happen.

They both smell quite standard for a shampoo and conditioner. There's no yum factor but the shampoo smells a little fruity. I can't put my finger on it really but I'm saying it has notes of mango. I said Mango and I'm sticking to it. They're both an off white colour and the product from both are very lightweight. Neither feel very luxurious or moisturising. So if your used to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner then you might feel a little put out. If you have drier hair or thinned out hair due to ageing, or want a little more of a nourishment boost then I recommend the L'oreal Triple resist over this one.

But back to the Fibrology and ok who doesn't want a product called FIBROLOGY?? Does it work? Why yes it does. You won't go from zero to hero but you'll be on your way. You still need to blow dry and dry shampoo and all those things for maximum effect but I have received many compliments from people saying my hair looks really good, looks in really good condition, has a bit of bounce about it... etc etc. It's not miraculous but it's better than not using it if you know what I mean? Before I went pixie short and before FIBROLOGY I NEVER got a hair compliment on the every day. So yes I'm confident to recommend this to you guys who desire a bit more oomph to the do. If your in the market for a new shampoo and conditioner this is probably the best I've used for actual hair boosting powers. xoxo

Sunday, 12 October 2014

CRAZY exfoliating Cleanser mask things

The new kid on the block is the deep cleaning, exfoliating cleanser, mask thing; which helps you get your glow on. I have accumulated a few and my impression is largely that they're far too strong for my skin and for some reason as I have been retesting these for a clearer and more accurate review in the past few days I am sorry to report that The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-1 deep cleansing mask (RRP £10 100ml) and the GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglefoliate treatment (£25 15g) both literally feel like they're burning my skin. The whole process is really uncomfortable up to the point of painful; so not for you if your suffer with highly sensitised skin. My skin changes regularly and depending on a mass of variables my skin can be completely fine or completely flare up.

Both masks are your generic clay/mud mask experience; after ten minutes or so it'll completely dry and I wipe off with a flannel. Be warned your Glam Glow will stain your flannels. The blue corn mask will actually leave your feeling quite parched so I guess putting on a moisturising mask afterwards may be the way forward. The Glam Glow leaves your skin feeling really soft and supple. I won't repurchase either due to the burn factor but if I had to make a recommendation I would say treat yourself to the Glam Glow if you have hardier skin than I. It's packed with fabulous ingredients to really detox the skin and give it a treat. But it's pricey so way up the pros and cons. I'm disappointed because I like the idea of the boy shop mask and it really does do what it says on the tin, but the burn factor plus parched result doesn't do it for me. The Body Shop is an amazing company though and I fully endorse people trialling their products, so perhaps ask for a sample to see if it's for you before you pick up the big pot.

The one product which doesn't set my face on fire is the REN Flash Rinse 1 minute Facial (RRP £32 75ml). It's basically a blown up toothpaste tube that dispenses a lime green gritty dry oil, which smells citrusy sweet. I find it a little bit uncomfortable on the skin to be honest but the results are awesome and definitely gives one instant gratification. Despite not being for sensitive skin (oops) this doesn't irritate my skin at all. It's really lovely. Would I repurchase. Honest answer is I don't know. I don't feel the love but I really like it. I guess time will tell if I start panicking when I start running low.

So that's it the run down of the exfoliating masks. I was expecting the review to be more upbeat but apparently I don't enjoy using them. BUT!!! but the results are really great so the end definitely justifies the means. If you want the glow you need an exfoliating face mask / cleansing thing in your life, but I just haven't found the one amongst these guys. The search continues. xoxo

Saturday, 11 October 2014


Ah the infamous Kevyn Aucoin Celestial powder in candle light and medium sculpting powder. The powder on our left is the old packaging and of which had a brush that came with (RRP around the £38 mark I think - 4.8g) and on your right we have the new packaging, no brush and comes in dinky pouch (£35 - 3.1g). I definitely prefer the new packaging, but its dinky-ness sort of makes one a little resistant to spend top dollar on this, if it wasn't for the hype I probably wouldn't have looked twice at this product.

But are they worth it? I guess that's the question on everyones lips. If, like me, you have heard all the hype and need to know the real deal keep on reading.  The celestial powder in candlelight is essential for your life to be full and happy so press the buy it now button on that one. It's a pink toned shimmer powder without any sparkle or frost. When you sweep this over your cheekbones be prepared to swoon as your skin will literally glow. It's stunning and you'll love it I promise you. I love the highlight and believe me this is the best highlight powder I have ever used (before the Charlotte tilbury one, but this is more subtle I guess you'd call it). It is bloody impressive. That's it let's move on to the sculpt powder shall we?

I held out on the sculpt powder for the longest time and am I glad I finally caved? Well if you want me to be honest then I think you can live without this in your life just be careful with your bronzers if your gonna chisel den cheekbones. No one likes the orange cheek stripe. Well I don't and I will judge you if you commit this sin. This sculpting powder is perfectly toned to mimic the natural shadow of your skin without a hint of orange. I personally find that it is very subtle to begin with and I need to go back in to build the intensity which is great as it helps to avoid the overdone look. It is a great product to sculpt with I just haven't felt the love yet. If I do I'll be sure to write up on when the penny finally dropped. So stay tuned for that blogpost.

Anyway yes the Kevyn Aucoin products are definitely top quality and if you love the cheek products I am afraid you need them. I don't care if you love your current highlighting powder, I assure you this one is better so pick it up tomorrow. The sculpting powder? well this one can wait unless your desperate for a new one, if not enjoy the one you already use.  Happy saturday, Take Care xoxo

Friday, 10 October 2014

A Tale of Two Cleansing Balms

The word on cleansing balms hit the streets in the spring of last year. The beauty guys on the web were going cuckoo for Emma Hardie and when I finally got my mitts on it; so did I. In essence it was lush. But once you finish a "lush" product at a "lush" price point where do you go from there? Well I went to Clinique and purchased their Take the Day Off cleansing balm. It's a 125ml purple pot of "meltable" balm stuff which I think smells like Plastiscine (RRP £22.50) . I wanted to love it but I don't. It just lacks the umph of the emma Hardie. Without the fragrance it's sort of like massaging lard into ones face. It's much slippier than the Emma Hardie too and, although it leaves ones face clean and smooth, it doesn't leave it feeling revitalised and glowing and feeling beautifully sumptuous like the Emma Hardie. It's just OK. But I guess as it's slippier it goes further and is a great product to use to give yourself a facial massage with. If your so inclined. Bottom line go big or go home. If your going to trial one go Emma Hardie (RRP £36). It's more expensive for sure but it's better, in my opinion. You can get a travel sized one I think if you don't want to jump straight in with the big bucks.

So the scene is set. I'm stuck with a cleansing balm which is ok. I'm mourning the passing of an old favourite and I'm pretty much dead inside. At this point in the beauty game I'm hating my skin and all my skin care products in the vanity. I've been out of the blogging game for a while and things are coasting along. I nip into TK Maxx for a bit of kitchen appliance shopping and a quick whirl around the shoe section in a hope that I will find another pair of Sam Edleman heels which I let slip me by two years ago... when I spy the beauty section, full of lots of bits and pieces but not to mention tonnes of half priced Rodial treats. I pick up the Rodial travel set and the product which jumped out at me as AMAZING is the Glamtox Cleansing balm. Yum Yum. It smells the same as the Emma Hardie and feels as thick and as luxurious as the Emma Hardie but on inspection and comparison of the ingredients (because I do that now), a few ingredients are the same, but largely their different. Whereas the Emma Hardie is yellow in colour, the Rodial is an off white. Ooh I loved it straight away and used up the tube in a matter of weeks. Cue another trip to TK Maxx, where, lo and behold, I find a full 100ml size for half price (RRP £50 / TK MAXX £25 - kerching!!) And what's not to love. The packaging is beautiful and PINK and inviting and the pot inside is epic. It's a fat silver pot with an awesome pump that just always pumps out the right amount. Hooray.

Ok so who wins? Obviously not the Clinique so moving on. Packaging-wise the Emma Hardie large pot packaging is a little annoying with all the scooping and product under the nail issues, slash unhygienic, whereas the Rodial pump is a real winner. However I would say if your going to buy either of these at their RRP the rodial is a tad expensive. So again, despite the beauty of the Rodial I would recommend the Emma Hardie again. But if your flush the Rodial is amazeballs so go for that one - oh just buy both.

The End.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Doing Beauty in my Spare Time.

My summer was spent away from the blog and mostly away from the lure of the Boots Beauty Aisles. I didn't wear makeup for like 3 months and my skin was playing up. I lost the love and the inspiration. I haven't even taken any pictures with my camera really and haven't taken a selfie since June. Hashtag cray right? But I guess I'm feeling it again now. I felt the need to do a whole beauty blog overhaul, change the name and start again. Ok so before I upload the reviews, here's a little beauty breakdown of where I'm at...

Nails - Currently acrylic. I can't remember the name of the brand but the polish name is V.I.P very important polish. It's a blackened purple shade which has subtle red glitter specks  running through it, which are literally impossible to photograph. The reasoning behind the nails? well I wanted high impact without the daily maintenance. We'll see how long they last before they drive me crazy and I'm pulling them off with dental floss sticks.

Hair - I'm growing it. Woohoo. This summer has literally seen the awkward middle stage and touch wood I'm finally getting out of it. My hair issues now are thus: creating volume and dealing with grown out bleach frizz. My tool of choice is the tangleteezer and products? The L'Oreal Fibrology shampoo and conditioner.

Skincare - Top and tail of it is that although the long and hot summer was fabulous because gotta get that vitamin D right? The hot weather and my face don't get on and I have been dealing with the worst skin I think I have ever had in my twenties. Honestly my skin is still bearing the signs (and scars) of a spotty summer but with the cooler temperatures comes a calming effect on my skin. It relishes the mild weather and I'm already seeing the benefits. Any finds this summer? om loving the Rodial Brightening Cleansing Balm, after a rocky start am feeling the love of the Astalift Aquastif serum concentrate, which is basically a orange jelly which smells awful and feels awful but I'm feeling the benefits of. My skin is feeling much firmer. Om also loving the exfoliating face masks of late... oh I think I have a lot to say about lots of different skin care bits, stay tuned for the reviews...

Makeup - As I type I am waiting on a very special shipment from a certain luxury brand. I also sampled my friend's MAC Pro Longwear concealer and sort of fell in love. I think I've just added it onto my wish list. In my opinion it kicks the Collection concealers in the face, which are, as I type splodged all over my face. My favourite makeup product of the summer has to be Maybelline's The Collosal Go Extreme Volum' mascara. It's really good and at a very reasonable price point. I highly recommend Maybelline mascaras over lots of high end brands.

Body - I had a 40% off voucher through O2 for The body Shop so went a little bit cray in there. I'm currently obsessed with the Raspberry body scrub, which is basically jam, it smells great and scrubs a treat. I also love the Argon oil bubbling bath which is just lovely and what a fabulous name? I also finished every oil in my Aromatherapy set and I just loved them. I used them all for the appropriate time or mood to fit the oil and I have to say I'm not sure I buy into it. I do love a good oil so I'm going to take notes of my favourite smelling ones and treat myself sometime to a big one.

Ok so I think that covers all basis. Just a little bit of a beauty catch up. Let's get blogging shall we?. xoxo

Friday, 4 July 2014


Wow June came and went and I've been a little MIA. but I couldn't not let the time pass without doing a June Faves. So what beauty bits have I been loving throughout the month of June?.. Well let me see.

First up I have been growing my hair and as it is so fine and lifeless I thought I would try out the L'oreal Elvive Triple Resist X3 reinforcing Shampoo and Conditioner for fragile hair with tendency to fall. I have to say i'm really impressed with these. My hair definitely feels thicker and more volumised. WIN.

Last month I decided to reacquaint myself with an old, old friend. The eternally amazing Olay Complete Care Plus Multiradiance moisturising lotion. This smells amazing and melts into the skin a treat. I have literally been using this for 9 years. Just. Love.

hmmp. A wild trip around Boots saw the Chanel counter assistant throw a little sample of La Nuit De Chanel. O.M.G this stuff is AMAZING. It is a serum but the texture seems more reminiscient of a light textured moisturiser. But you know what? My skin loved it and at 60 pounds for the full size I bet it did. It created such a renewed and refreshed skin. it was lovely and I miss it.

The Vitalumiere Aqua foundation was everything I wanted it to be. It creates a gorgeously seemless finish. A "your skin but better" look. I love it. I just wish they did a lighter shade. This one (the lightest B10) is a bit dark.

WOWSERS the Glam Glow face mask is awesome! It smells of tea, costs an arm and a leg, has tea? bits in it, feels like a face scrub when you apply it and it dries really quickly and tightens the face. Result? Glamorous and Glowing. It does what it says on the tin.

Don't you find as something is running out you sort of start loving it more or all over again? I'm obsessed with the smell of the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body wash and as it's on its last pumps I'm savouring every shower time I have with it. It just smells so good.

And finally the Bourjois BB bronzing cream for the second month running. Obsessed with this stuff. It is grrrreat.

June Favourites. That is a wrap. this time next month it is then. xoxox

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Falling in love with makeup again...

My journey into the world of beauty blogs and vlogs has resulted in the overall depreciation of makeup and the growing interest in skincare. It is all about the skincare and I am sure my blog reflects that. But you will notice that over the next week or so there will be a few more makeup related posts thrown into the mix because I have been makeup shopping. From low end to High end I have been shopping (and not only makeup.. but that's what we're concentrating on today). I have regained my love for makeup and am excited about it. It started with a makeup cleansing session. I threw away all my old mascaras, gave away some lipsticks I never wear and even threw away the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I couldn't work with it and quite frankly it p***** me off so much I needed it out of my life. So there was a gap and I needed to fill it. That is all.

So shopping. I've bought the new Clinique Lash Power Mascara, which is good and does the job well, separates the lashes a treat. The Rimmel by Kate Scandaleyes (Amethyst) which is a aubergine/egg plant coloured mascara because why not?, The real Techniques retractable kabuki brush, The Bourjois bronzing BB cream, which I am obsessed with and wear everyday, Bourjois Velvet lipstick in 03 which is awesome and the No7 Stay Perfect eye crayon in the taupey colour, which, again, is a great find. Very happy with that one... and I had a splurge at the Chanel and Estee Lauder counters. First up lets talk Lipsticks. I saw the new Estee Lauder Envy Lipsticks at my local Boots months ago and was wowed and in awe of the Impassioned orangey red shade but I knew I would probably wear it once so I resisted. Last weekend I went into a bigger Boots and they had the entire line and I naturally gravitated towards the pinky nude shade Potent. I swatched, I patted it on my lips, fell in love and felt giddy with excitement. I haven't felt this excited about a lipstick since buying my YSL rouge veloupte way back when. It's such a grown up shade. I feel very grown up wearing it and so far I find the longevity incredible. And finally I finally picked up the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation in B10, which has been lurking on my beauty wish list FOREVER. It always looks incredible on the girls on Youtube and I felt it was time. Then I spent all my points on the Les Beige powder in 10. HAPPY!!

Woohoo so I think that is all the makeup bits I picked up recently and I'm still going to London later this year so believe me I have a Charlotte Tilbury shopping list. So yeah I am going to go now and play with my makeup and cut up my debit card. Have a good day. xoxox

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream

This is a Rave Review... But there are 2 issues which I need to raise: the super sweet "chocolate" fragrance does not resonate with me at all. Ugh. Keep them out!! I also hate the label, it drives me mad, and once this post goes live I'm pulling it off. I think These bottle look chic without the rubbish label anyway. Ok negatives over with... let's get raving.

So I was having the age old problem of what to get for my third item in the "Boots 3 for 2 offer". There were 2 or 3 products which I have been looking at recently, including this one and after lots of deliberation set on this.

First Plus - I really love the glass bottle and bright green lid. Its super chic and once the label is disposed off one will be very happy with this indeed.

Second Plus - The dispenser is really good at allowing you to control the right amount of product. You never get too much with this one. Happy.

Third plus - This is matt! Most bronzing liquids have shimmer running through them, but I really wasn't after that look. Because it's matt you can mix it in with foundation to deepen their colour. Wayhey!

Fourth Plus - This sheers out splendidly and looks really natural and gorgeous on the skin. It can appear a tad too orange at first, but less is more in these situations and you can buff it in a treat.

Fifth Plus - It is really easy to blend out and is seamless.

I love using this as a full on bronzer and apply it to the high points of my face. It is a perfect accompaniment to the no makeup makeup look I rock, or I will apply this literally on its own to give me that natural sun kissed look. I really enjoy this product and am really glad I picked it up. If your at a loss at what else to pick up in Boots, look no further than the Bourjois stand. Love this. That's it. xoxo

Monday, 2 June 2014

Getting to Grips with The Beauty Blender

The hype gets to me eventually. It will take me three years but I will pick up everything that catches my eye. This time it's the turn of The Beauty blender. I've had it on great authority that the rest of the beauty sponges out there are rubbish, beauty blender wannabes are rubbish; the only way to go is The Beauty Blender. My friend said "what do you want from Canada?" I said "the beauty blender!". Bish Bash Bosh. sorted. $19.95 later.

I had the biggest decision too... Pink or black? I went pink.

So the beauty blender is a cool little makeup application tool I guess. You rinse it under the tap and it grows!... Wring out the excess water and then bounce it on your face and blend in your foundation. The pointy end for getting the product into the corners and the big round end to blend the cheeks and forehead I guess. 

My impressions are thus; it does blend in your makeup very well. I find that it makes foundation application really easy and it doesn't cake up. Hooray! But the catch is it I find myself using a lot more product than I normally would, if I was using my fingers or another brush. So this is great news for you high coverage "more is more" lovers out there. You can blend in tonnes of product and it can look really good. Without the cakage or mask like result. But using more product isn't necessarily a good thing. I expect there's a certain amount of the sponge soaking up the product to some extent too. Also unlike a brush I don't see this "sponge" lasting the distance quality wise or hygiene wise. It also stains quite badly too. At present I don't see myself repurchasing this but time will tell how much of a effect it will have on my life, so watch this space. it might be swinging by a monthly faves in no time.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Wow I have quite a few favourites to get through this month so without any further ado lets get this party started. Enjoy xoxo

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips.
I think I mentioned this in my December Favourites but I still love it and have been especially enjoying it this month. A product just like Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, but without the nasty smell. Between you and me, I think I prefer this one more.

Caudalie Feuille De Cassis Hand and Nail Cream.
Wow another hand cream favourite in a number of months. After my beloved NEOM hand cream finished I threw this one in my bag. It's main plus is that it smells amazing, "berrilicious" some might say? It's really lightweight and melts into your hands leaving them velvety soft. Love.

DHS Cleansing Oil.
Hello lil oil and my third beauty find from my Look beauty Advent Calendar (see all the posts HERE HERE HERE and HERE). This little oil has been fabulous at not only cleansing my skin but has helped in making my skin super smooth. I enjoy a good cleansing oil I have to say and this has been awesome this month.

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream.
"Luv-inG" this big time this month. I swear it is summer in a bottle: First the pump is really great at dispensing just the right amount of product and I love to sheer this product out to give a gorgeous natural glow. It was mentioned that I look like I have caught a bit of sun recently and I most definitely haven't so proofs in the pudding. Love.

No7 Stay and perfect eye stick
This is awesome. It has a waxy texture which once applied to the eyes sticks for hours. I think it's the most fabulous eye product and I am obsessed with the colour.

Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in pink ice
This is a beautiful gloss. Everything about it is gorgeous. That is all. Check the colourburst gloss line out pronto.

Soap and Glory Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil in love is blonde
This is an awesome eyebrow pen and pencil duo and is fabulous for fair brow. I love using it and have been using it every day this month.

Soap and Glory waterproof eyeliner in Cocoa Bean
A super smooth pencil which glides on the eye with no fuss or tugs. Once set it lasts all day. No smudging or dissipating through out the day. It's awesome. Oh and it has it's own pencil sharpener on the end. Very cool.

Boots Eye cream
Despite being aimed at mature skin and promises to reduce wrinkles and all that stuff I have to confess I don't buy into any of it I just wanted a eye cream with SPF. This is light reflective eye cream greatness and melts into the skin perfectly leaving a matt finish. It truly lightens the under eye area too. It's great and I really enjoy using it. End.

Monday, 26 May 2014

No Hype Required

Hi ya'll. It is a fact that the majority of the makeup I buy has been bought on the back of the HYPE that surrounds them on YouTube and in and around the Blogs. But there is the odd occasion where I buy purely because I like the look of something and I just blindly buy and see where it takes me. Read on... xoxox

I think every product I have ever bought of Soap and Glory (period.) has been because I like the look of it and never on the back of blogger hype. In fact I want to start some hype now. In terms of the makeup line, believe me the Archery eyebrow Brow tint and Precision shaping pencil is awesome, so is the smoulder kohl waterproof eyelinereyeliner and the Kick Ass Concealer, well it might be being hyped up now, but I bought this way back when, before anyone mentioned this. All products are great and I'm sure you've heard all about the lip glosses and bronzers and highlighters. I haven't tried them personally, but Soap and Glory's makeup line is definitely worth investigating.

I picked up the No7 Blush pop and highlighter without any hype at all. They were new in and I liked the look of them. Boom. The highlighter is the standout product in my opinion, but the blushes are pretty awesome too, just a little harder to work with. The highlighter is fool proof. I'm currently obsessed with the No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define "eyeshadow crayon" in Cool Mink. I love the colour and it stays on for ages. Love.

A few lip products. Funnily enough I have read nothing on the Revlon shine lipstick in Pink Cognito. But guess what guys this exists and it is amazing. The Revlon lip glosses should also get some press too because they are stunning. Gorgeous, glossy, no stickiness. and the Chanel-esque packaging is pretty chic. But where was this when I needed to take pictures.. No effing clue...!

For eyes. I've picked up a few dew pots which I think are fantastic and have gorgeous whimsical names. I have Woodland Truffle and Autumn Smoulder. These are super creamy and glide on the lid really well and once they set they stay on for ages. I really love them and completely endorse them.

When the gamble of buying products blind pays off one is very happy indeed. If your at a loss and want to trial some new products I'd definitely recommend you try these out.

Thanks for reading. Take care xoxoxo

Friday, 23 May 2014

Beauty Spring Cleaning

There comes a time in everyone's life when they need to sort themselves out and clear some room and save some cash. I am currently going through a mass "project ten pan" scenario. Lots of my hair and skin care products are coming to their end and I threw away all my mascaras last week and gave away lots of lipsticks I don't wear. I hate clutter and the empty space is therapeutic, not to mention a sign that I should really go shopping again. I am hoping to visit Selfridges and check out the Charlotte Tilbury range soon too. Click on the links to see the original posts and more info on some of the products that have met their end or are very close to getting there. Do you enjoy spring cleaning your stash? xoxo

CHARLOTTE'S MAGIC CREAM - As it retails for £70 I think I will refrain from repurchasing until my wedding day or something, if money wasn't an issue then there would already be a back up.

No7 Instant Radiance Beauty Balm - nah I don't think I would repurchase. There's more out there to try out. It does smell divine though.

I got spots - I wouldn't repurchase the Vichy toner but perhaps the Alpha H liquid gold one day.

PRO:VOKE Touch of SILVER - I'm hoping to go honey blonde in the coming weeks so perhaps I'll hold off for now, but if and when I decided to platinumise my lose again this will be on the shopping list.

Rave Review: L'oreal Mega Volume Collagene 24hr - Amazing mascara. I would repurchase in a heart beat however they appear to have discontinued it in my local Boots. Sad Face....

January Favourites - Basically everything featured has finished: NEOM hand cream, Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm, Aromatherapy bath oil, Therapy Himalayan bath salts, oh and Charlotte Tilbury's Magic cream. Yes I would rebuy all of these products. They are Amazing. Everything in my Jan Favourites are luxe and expensive and fabulous.

MARCH FAVOURITES // REN CLEANSING MILK - I will definitely repurchase this cleanser. It's gorgeous.

Skyn Iceland "Saving Face" Recovery kit for Life's Big Moments // ICELANDIC RELIEF EYE PEN - I don't think I will repurchase this. There is just not enough product for your wonga. It is a lovely eye cream though.

The 'EMMA HARDIE MORINGA CLEANSING BALM' Diary - Gorgeous product - best for the colder months I would say. It's very nourishing on the skin. It's definitely a contender next time I buy a cleanser.

Product Review: Soap and Glory: Kick Ass Concealer - Ok so this fell on the floor, shattered, the powder and lid element thrown away leaving the concealer section exposed, 'squidged' in my bag. Game Over. I think this is an excellent concealer and is amazingly priced at £9.99. If you haven't tried it I recommend you do. Will I repurchase? Not yet. I'm finding these cream concealers a little drying of late so I'm going to look elsewhere for my concealing needs, but it is definitely one of the best I have tried.

HOLY GRAIL #1 Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising gel - Wow circa 2007 to 2012 I loved this moisturiser passionately, however with time and age I have fallen out of love. It just doesn't give me that nourishment I long for in a moisturiser now. I stand by the fact that it is a fabulous foundation for the oily skinned but for my needs, it just doesn't deliver. Fallen from grace, I don't see a repurchase on the cards.  

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara

I threw all my mascaras away and needed a new one. As my beloved L'Oreal Mega Volume Collagene 24hr was no where to be seen I settled for the new Clinique offering, which promises to remain smudge free for 12 hours. ooooh.

This is known in the trade as a "tubing mascara". AKA rather than your lashes being painted on a swipe of mascara will actually tube your lashes creating a more define and wide eyed look with no smudging.

My first thought was "wow that's smaller than I expected". It comes in the lovely floral Clinique box they package all their makeup products in, revealing a very basic silver grey matte tube and glossy shiny lid, with the C embossed on the top of the lid. The wand is very similar to the Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara, the bristles are very fine and feathery and is the size of my thumb pad. The product gloops up on the end so remember to wipe that away before use.

I find that it coats each lash well and doesn't clump together at all. You can build up intensity if you want but if I do I find I get little mascara flakes under my eyes after an hour or so. I create pretty lashes with this mascara but not va va voom lashes by any stretch of the imagination, even with four coats!?. So if you want super volume look else where. This is a daytime mascara which creates pretty feathery lashes. You get a little umph but nothing spectacular. I also found I got a tiny bit of smudging one day too. Sad. But a tiny bit. You won't get mega panda eyes with this one. I also found it removed really easily too.

The lash Power mascara retails for £18.00 and comes in two shades 01 Black Onyx and 02 Dark Chocolate. Would I repurchase? No. I prefer the va va voom darling. But it does do what it says on the tin. It creates beautiful feathery lashes. If that's all what you want BUY IT NOW. xoxox

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

SUNCARE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT & Riemann P20 Once a Day 10 Hour Sun Protection SPF30 REVIEW

As I finally sit down to write this review there is big news in the press that sunscreens are not giving you as much protection as they claim. My thoughts? Well any reader of the big blogs (Caroline Hirons, Model Reccomends, Lisa Eldridge etc, etc) will know there's more to sun protection that the SPF level. And It is urged that you look for a 5 star UVA rating and broad spectrum protection over the Sun protection Factor alone. Regardless of wearing a high or low factor the bottle itself says reapply every 2 hours. Then on top of that it has been stated that anything under SPF15 is pointless and anything over 50 can't be verified. Also the way in which different countries and brands even test SPF differs so you don't really know what your actually getting,.. really. The guide is to buy SPF15 to 20 if your dark/medium skinned, 25 to 30 if your medium to light, and 35 to 50 if your pale and that's it. Really it doesn't matter what your SPF is, if you don't reapply long term it's pointless anyway and even exposing your skin, full stop, to the sun is damaging it and AGING it. The minute your skin even dares to darken by a smidgen it has been damaged. Even if you are not burnt or your wearing tonnes of sunscreen your skin has still been damaged just by being exposed to the sun at all. The debate therefore appears to be vanity versus skin care. It is true sun exposure causes melanoma but you could contract that anyway as much as you could contract lung cancer without smoking a cigarette in your life; so if you want to just live your life and look fabulous then buy a BROAD SPECTRUM, FIVE STAR UVA (UVA protection protects against skin cancer, SPF relates to UVB protection which protects against sun burn) sunscreen but with the relevant SPF that is appropriate for your skin type. What I'm saying is to look beyond the SPF because it isn't the only factor to consider when buying sunscreen, also be mindful that it protects you to some extend but not 100%.

Ok Public Service Announcement over. What do you do when your confronted with a product which promises to be waterproof and gives 10 hours sun protection? DO you believe it or not? Well I am inclined to give it a whirl and see. First of all I found it took quite a while to dry and felt really greasy and sticky, but on an everyday application it does it's job at keeping the sun burn at bay. It's definitely waterproof too but on a day at the beach in and out of the water and on a boat ride in the middle of the pacific ocean my friends and family burned really badly, ergo it isn't good enough for such intense heat and the intense winds of a boat ride. So always err on the side of caution when it comes to application on a particularly hot day. P20 is very good but like all sunscreens I fear it isn't flawless. It is really expensive too with a 200ml bottle retailing for approximately £25.00 (at the minute Boots is selling it for £19.99). I much prefer the alternative Calypso, for a more wallet friendly price of £5.99 (At Wilkinson's)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

That Bare Minerals Thing

I have known about Bare Minerals for years. I vaguely recall being transfixed to one of their infomercials in my teens, but I never gave in to them.

Years later and I met my friend who looked radiant. Her skin had never looked better. So I asked the question. What are you wearing? Well she was ever so glad I did and quickly told me all about tap-tap swirl. She had the set up kit, concealers, eye shadows, brushes. the works. She was obsessed. And that's how you apply it she said "tap tap swirl" (aka: tap the tub twice on the counter to release the minerals and swirl in your brush). This powder looked amazing on her, not cakey or powdery, but barely there and natural and glowing. But I still didn't give in to them.

Fast forward two years and another friend has been bought Bare Minerals for Christmas and is asking for my help in applying it. We had a mess around. I gave her some tips and tricks and finally I was seduced. In the dead of night I bought a 8g pot of the Bare Minerals Original, off EBay. I got fairly light, the second lightest shade they do. It's actually quite a good match. I'm NC20 FYI.

Using the Full Flawless brush I went in. tapped and swirled and buffed the minerals into my face. It was good. A very natural base. With hardly any coverage at all. I went in again. It is definitely buildable. I think I got a good medium coverage. Then to cover the darker areas I went in with the concealer brush. It gave a much higher coverage. But alas it wasn't enough to cover everything I needed, so I went in with another trusty concealer.

After a few hours I noticed that my skin looked rather shiny and I was kicking myself for not setting my face with a powder, or even bringing my powder along with me so I could blot. I love the glow but not on my chin. About 8 hours later and the Bare Minerals had started to separate and cake up. Gross!!! Also my lack of setting my undereye makeup had resulted in the smudged panda eye look. Not so important to the review, but I want to give you an idea of the state I was in. I didn't look hot.

I have found that it layers beautifully on top of my Illamasqua skin base, however I find the overall look of the Bare Minerals powder (dare I say it) too shiny?? Maybe I need the matt one?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dr T's SUPERGOOP SPF 50 Sunscreen Mist.

Welcome to another Sunscreen review and this time we're going back to what I used on my holiday over Christmas: SUPERGOOP. I hope you find it useful. xoxo

Ah SUPERGOOP. I remember reading somewhere that this was the shit and an excellent facial sunscreen, I have to differ. Well ok let us start negative and work our way up to the positive shall we? Ok. First of all I found that when I sprayed this, it went everywhere!!! This was fine pre-beach fun but after two or three hours and I wanted to reapply, disaster struck time and time again. Everything, cases, other products went super sticky and some products are still bearing the signs of being "supergooped" eugh. Think hairspray but stickier. Aside from the stickiness. Lesson learned: spray away from everything. The worse thing was that it was terrible for the face. My skin became so oily and yes I broke out. This was really irritating because I bought this purely for the face. No. Just No!!

Ok so on to the positives. The bottles pretty epic right? I really like the twist lock cap and the bright and fun lettering. I don't know it just sings to me. It was fabulous at protecting my skin, I did not tan with this much at all. It gave a luscious sheen to the limbs and didn't feel sticky on the skin or create a white cast at all. It melted in so quickly there was no time to rub so this is basically a spray and go product, great if your on the go or have kids and can't spend ages on yourself.

All in all I thought this sunscreen was really good on my body (not on the face!!!) but it's widely dispersed sprays which get "GOOP" everywhere is just too much to bare and having to reapply every ten seconds? pah I'm over that. I much prefer my Calypso (REVIEW HERE). SuperGoop SPF 50 sunscreen mist retails for £18.50 from SPACE NK.

Ooh and just on another note the SuperGoop Save Face sunscreen Serum looks niiiice.. Might add it to the wish list haha. xoxo

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Dear Diary

I have run out of No7's hot cloth cleanser and decided to treat myself to the PRODUCT OF THE MOMENT... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... EMMA HARDIE'S MORINGA CLEANING BALM - woop woop!! First thoughts are thus: they have updated the packaging and is much better in my opinion and matches the golden tub inside. The tub is thicker and shorter now. For some reason in a week 3 cracks  have mysteriously appeared underneath the plastic and I am waiting for the product to leak (lots of reviewers say it leaks). It smells super sweet and is akin to a facial oil. It leaves my skin so smooth, silky, soft, supple, lush, touchable, gorgeous... I almost don't want to tone and moisturise afterwards. My skin appears to love this LOTS!!!

September, thus far, has been a roller coaster of skin stress. As the clock struck midnight deadly lumps of poison erupted on my chin and mouth area. It was a mess and prompted a swift trip to Boots for the Effacularduo spot treatment. My skin finally dried up, leaving in its wake darkened pigmentation and scars...(Grrr) my skin went super sensitive and irritated for a few days but seemed to calm quite rapidly when I reintroduced the AMAZING Emma Hardie Moringa Balm. Straight away my skin is more supple and pores noticeably smaller.

It suddenly got cold!! So be prepared to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. Starting with the basics: There's nothing nicer than soothing sore, wind swept, skin with a lush Emma Hardie Cleansing balm, which also doubles up as a face mask.

Through cold January I have been loving using the lush thick balm to pamper, preen and cleanse my lack luster skin. It's a joy to use and my skin feels better for it.

This product is no stranger to the monthly favourites and was an essential player in creating my HAPPY SKIN back in September. But this Balm cleanser just melts into the skin. I like to take time out to really massage it in my skin and do the "tilbury tap". I like to keep it on for a while as a little mask and then massage it off with a warm damp flannel. It feels divine. I have found however, as the older it gets the grittier it feels. It used to be buttery soft. This doesn't take anything away from the product itself but is worth noting.

I finished the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm tonight. It's a sad day. It never leaked and I didn't find anymore cracks in the lid. It was a beautiful product which I will miss a lot. I am torn now between trialling what else is out there or 'stick to the devil you know' so to speak. We'll see how things go. I can always find you at SPACE NK retailing for £36.00.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Radiant Skin... 3 Steps Away??

I'm using up lots of products at the minute and have rediscovered the power of the Alpha H Liquid Gold exfoliating toner. It tingles slightly, but dries matt and in the morning my skin is super soft. I heave been using it of late as my "exfoliating toner" step every now and then (not every night) after a good Apivita Face Mask with Pomegranate used to radiate and revitalize. It smells delicious and has little red beads in with the cream which melt into the skin. It feels soothing and light on the skin and when washed off my skin feels, well..., radiant and revitalized. I really enjoy this and the Apivita line in general. Everything I've used of theirs I like. They're a Greek brand I believe and are sold at Marks and Spencer. And then after all the cleansers, toners and face masks and toning spritzes (you can't miss out the spritz!) I apply my ESPA Optimal Skin Pro Serum. This is magic in a bottle. When everything else fails this keeps on working. I love this so, so much... Product reviews on the Alpha H Liquid Gold HERE and the Pro Serum HERE. If you want radiant skin you might want to give these a look see. Hash Tag beautiful. xoxo

Monday, 12 May 2014

The One Where The Makeup Stayed On All Night.

Ok so I was going to a party and I didn't have much time, I literally slapped the products on with the least amount of brushes possible. Et voila, smokey eye, contoured skin, my lips but better and I'm away. Just an aside. I would have uploaded a picture of me wearing the makeup but no selfies were taken unfortunately and all the pics taken at the party don't really show off the makeup that well or has lots of other people in the frame and so on and so forth. All the excuses, but at least I've swatches the lip products for your information, at least..!!

So face. Illamasqua Skin Base is the best foundation I have ever used. EVER. It is stunning and I have never loved another foundation more. I set it with another foundation, because, why not? I set it with the bare minerals foundation and I got the glow on. Probably too much so I set it again with translucent powder. End result? My makeup stayed on all night. No caking or separating or anything, just great photo ready skin. Love. I only applied the foundation down the centre of my face as it was a tad light. Cue all the bronzers and contouring products. They stayed on well but I was left pining for the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder. Sleek contour kit you too orange.

And a quick nod to the eyebrow product that is awesome. The brow and lash gel. It is grrrrreat.

The eye was speedily created. Finger in the colour tattoo on and on bronze. smeared in around the place. Created a glistening, or glittery lid, or an accent lid? with the Mememe dew pot in woodland truffle. blend blend blend. Then I thought "what would Charlotte Tilbury do?" Do a sexy feline eye. And the Soap and Glory Smoulder Khol in Cocoa Bean (dark brown) is amazing. It is basically the same thing as the Avon liners or the Urban Decay 247 liners. It glides on like a dream, you smudge like a pro, with cotton buds and everything, and then it sets. For lashes I built up the Clinique Power lash to a respectable volume and done. This eye stayed on all night. My sexy bedroom eye which got tones of compliments.

I continued with the "WWCTD" hat on and decided to line my lips, because you can't apply lipstick without a lipliner, then applied the luscious YSL rouge velupte which glides on like a dream and then finished the lip off with a Charlotte Tilbury 'promotion image' worthy glossy pout. I'm obsessed with the Revlon colour burst lip gloss in 004 pink ice. The best thing about it is that it is not sticky at all. the colour glides on the lips creating a beautiful sheen. It's a stunning product. I think the packaging is gorgeous and it wears beautifully well. Recommend!!!

Obviously more was put on the face but these are the stand out products which I would full heartedly recommend you try out. Ps. Illamasqua skin base is everything. that's it. bye xoxox

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection

Agh got these of EBay yesterday and was so excited I just had to photograph them furiously. How dainty and gorgeous are these. I was obsessed with my Aromatherapy Associates "Inner Strength" Oil I got in my You Beauty advent calendar  and have been aching to try out more of them ever since. But as a full sized jobby retails for £39 it's too much of a commitment to go into lightly. So I've picked up a collection of mini's to test out. I'm really excited and will report back on whether the different oils actually differentiate from each other in regards to affecting my mood or energy levels etc. As I'm wondering whether one would actually do. Happy sunday. Take care xoxoxo

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Skyn Iceland "Saving Face" Recovery kit for Life's Big Moments

Ah the skyn Iceland "Saving Face" Recovery Kit. Seriously I was so excited to try these products out. The Skyn Iceland stand in Marks and Spencer's has long enticed me and I finally bit the bullet and picked up this kit with my friends 20% discount. RRP £38.

First of all I think the packaging is excellent. It's very clean and clearly explains what the product is. Lots of skincare has fancy pantsy names which freak me out somewhat but these are great. I particularly love the little blurb on the front of the packaging.. "doughnut for breakfast, Popcorn for dinner". The blurb slightly differs for each of their products and I think It's a really enticing and fun way to sell products. Is this your life? Then you need it. I very much thought I needed a recovery kit to balance, replenish and restore my skins natural glow.

Ok the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. I think this is my favourite product of the lot and was very disappointed the day I clicked the pen and nothing came out. I was caught off guard and left without an eye product for a while. I think this is a fabulous, cooling silky smooth cream which melts into your skin beautifully. My only problem with it is that it costs £17.50 and you only get 3.95g in it. Ordinarily you get approximately 15ml so this just isn't value for money. I like it but it just seems a little expensive for the amount of product you get. I love the packaging.

Glacial Face wash. Ugh. This spearmint smelling gloopy white, foamy face wash is not pleasant to use at all. I hate a face wash anyway, much preferring balms or cleansing milks, but this has done nothing to change my mind. My biggest beef with it is that it leaves my skin feeling tight and stripped. Not a fan. Do not recommend. Will not repurchase.

The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion has a super intense minty fresh scent which is too over powering for me and makes me feel a little nauseous. oops. It is really strong and your skin zings with cooling freshness for ages after application. On an ordinary day this is not nice at all and felt like it was burning my super sensitive holiday face LINK. But I have used it on a day when my skin was I was really hot and flustered and this really soothed it. I think I'll throw this in my gym bag or save it for an intense hot and bothersome day. As it stands I will not repurchase.

Nordic Skin Peel. Wow these smell of pure alcohol and are really strong. Apart from the Alpha H liquid gold I am a 'newby' to the exfoliating toner and I wouldn't recommend these for a first timer. As time goes on I can stand them now but I have an awful feeling that they broke me out. I stopped using them a week or so ago to use up other toners and things and my skin started to clear up after having really bad skin for weeks on end.

At the time of writing this I have only used one set of the eye gels, saving the other for a particularly puffy eye, hung over, "need to lighten my eyes now" sort of morning and as that time is coming round anytime soon I thought I would hit Publish on this review now and if I find them super amazing when I use them again I'll report back. When I used my first lot I found that they stuck on very well, felt soothing if not a little sticky but where great (I think). My error was that I went and had a hot shower afterwards and I had red rings around my eyes for ages afterwards. Whoop Whoop. PSA time. Don't have a shower or hot bath after using these eye pads. haha.

So in conclusion I am really disappointed. I expected great things from these because, well, they're quite expensive products. It just goes to show that the price of something doesn't always equate to quality. I think the Nordic skin peel may been excellent but my skins just too sensitive for it and the eye pen is great, just too expensive for what it is and the daily lotion really soothes red flustered skin but I can't stand the smell. I do think the packaging is great and it's just a shame that I won't be purchasing any more of their products. I need time to get over my disappointment. But watch this space on the Eye Gels. They might be revolutionary. We'll see. xoxo

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Favourites

Welcome to my April Favourites. I am still loving everything I have mentioned in all my favourite posts this year, but here are a few more to add to the list. Enjoy xoxo

Apvita Cleanser in Chamomile and Honey. This light weight cleanser is a dream to use. It feels so nourishing on the skin, leaving it silky smooth. I love it. RAVE RAVE RAVE!!!

The Humble Flannel. Ever since I read somewhere that the flannel was the new muslin cloth I was all over it. I change it every 2 days or so and I find it invaluable in my skin care routine. 3 cheers for the flannel!!!

We are reunited, after about 10 months apart. Me and my old favourite Bioderma Miscellaire are back togeher. I literally can't take my makeup off with anything else. I always have to go in first with a cleansing water and this is my favourite. I liked the REN cleansing water but Bioderma will always take the crown. This is an essential in your life.

Milky Pastel Nails. The minute you pain your nails you feel perked up and "polished" don't you? and I couldn't get enough of my long time favourite Essie Fiji this month and was alternating this with L'Oreal's Pistachio. I think I might go out and buy some more milky shades, because, you know, I really like them.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Product Review: L'oreal True Match Foundation

Ah finally. I'm getting my say on the True Match foundation. I bought this back in January and months later finally feel ready to give it my two cents. Enjoy xoxo

The word on the street is that this is a great (albeit matte-er) dupe of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. As one cannot afford to buy the Giorgio Armani offering right now I was slightly perplexed until I read Liana Beauty's True Match review Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Dupe and got interested. Oh and on top of that, this foundation won the In Style Beauty Award 2014 on the best high street foundation and all the bloggers are in full raving swing mode too. So whoop this is the drugstore foundation of the moment. And the hype definitely fuelled its purchase. At the time I wanted a fuller coverage and this seemed just the ticket.

My experience thus far hasn't been that positive to be honest. I find wearing a fuller coverage is a downward spiral anyway. You can't just slap on and go because the mask like appearance and sunken and darkened eye effect it creates is distasteful and I need to get out the bronzer and the contour and all the eye makeup, So for me it is a going out foundation, or for the really bad skin days. I keep caking it despite how much of a moisturising base I put on. It's just irritating and that dry flaky foundation patch between the eyebrows, which I banished years ago has come back with a vengeance. I've tried with fingers, a beauty blender, a paddle brush, a buffing brush and a stippling brush. This foundation looks heavy slash cakey with all. I think it's so hard to work with because it has a runny consistency and I don't have the skills to work with it, so if your not a pro you might struggle too.

On the bright side of things It does looks good in photographs and in low lighting no one can tell that your foundation is crap anyway so an event foundation (at the club) it definitely is.

When I wear it I can't help but long for my beloved Illamasqua Skin Base. I find Skin Base gives as much coverage but is easier to apply, you need much, much less of it and gives a radiant healthy glow to the skin. True Match takes at least 3 pumps to cover ones face and leaves it looking a little flat to be honest. I guess with effort it blends out ok but too many streak lines and I'm bored. And where the hell does the caking come from? Clearly I need more practice. Also, despite being quite a high coverage, for me anyway, I still need to go in with concealer to cover blemishes and discolouration further.

I have worn this to work in the name of research and I find that it has about 5 hours of longevity and that's with a primer and powder and all the longevity enhancing things.

I guess it's not fair for me to pan this foundation. I rock the "no makeup makeup" half the time and omit foundation altogether the other half of the time, and in my heart, need my skin to look f***** glowing. End of. But I'm seduced time and time again for a matt coverage when my skin gets bad.

If you want a moderate to high coverage highstreet/drugstore foundation this does do the trick and I would recommend you at least try this out. It doesn't smell, or split or feel sticky or disappear after ten seconds. As a foundation it is a good foundation. However if you aren't sure of the foundation thing and buy this to cover up on a whim to enhance your self esteem - it won't, so don't. Stick to your tinted moisturiser or "glowy" foundation and buy a good concealer instead. I recommend MAC Studio Finish or the Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer.

So yeah, probably a little different to the other reviews out there. I think this foundation appeared in everyones Feb/march favourites didn't it? I left my review for so long because I wanted to love it too and be a pro at applying it and tell all the stories of how I overcame my application disability, but alas that is not to be the case. xoxo

Monday, 21 April 2014

Calypso Sunscreen

An impending holiday abroad meant stepping up to the plate and investing in some good sun care products. The product of choice was definitely the P20 once a day sunscreen but after spending a pretty penny on a tonne of that I realised I needed more, but refusing to spend top dollar again I went googling again. The name Calypso came up as a great alternative to P20 but at half to price. Ok then. Bish Bash Bosh. 200ml ordered for approximately ten pounds. Sorted.

First things first. It isn't a spray bottle. Instead it has a hole on top and you squeeze the stuff out. It's consistency is that of melted jelly. Thick and gloopy liquid which quickly dissolves when your rub into your skin. It is an off white yellowy colour which smells really strongly of alcohol. Also, be warned. This stains your clothes if you don't let it dry before dressing. But once dry it feels invisible. If anything, it gave a little bit of glow to my limbs, which was quite nice.

I was disappointed when I realised it wasn't a spray but quickly came to love it. I found the jelly liquid-y sunscreen really easy to apply and blend out, whereas I found the spray bottle of the P20 bottle quite restricting and difficult to blend. Hold your horses, A P20 review will be up soon.

I found that, overall, over my fortnights holiday the Calypso did well at protecting my skin from burning and my limbs slowly tanned. I would say it was perfect except there was a day when I went on a boat ride and I got really sunburnt. Oh my God It was so painful. The Calypso really didn't hold up. But everyone else I was with was using the P20 and they got really sunburnt too. It just wasn't good enough for the extreme conditions. It might say once a day, but believe me, I'll never listen to that again and will definitely reapply before getting on a boat again. Or I will cover up completely.

I didn't bake myself on a beach everyday so I couldn't tell you its effectiveness on protecting your skin over a prolonged period in the baking sun but if your going to be stepping in and out of a air conditioned car, walk around temples and eat tons of food then this is perfection. It also kept protecting after a few dips in the pool, without having to reapply.

If your going to bake on a beach I would definitely reapply every few hours, just for your own piece of mind. It's not a miracle worker but it's very good. I would repurchase definitely. xoxo

Thursday, 17 April 2014


1. I very rarely clean my brushes. I do a mega brush clean every now and then and spot clean individual brushes if they are particularly bad and I need them then they'll be done. But currently they are in dire condition.

2. I do not tend to my feet at all. They're dry and horrible. I really should. I go through spades of exfoliating and moisturising but it's a little dull so I forget about it after a day.

3. I moisturise and exfoliate my body once in a blue moon. I'm just so lazy I even found the "in shower" Nivea body moisturiser a chore.

4. I leave my nail varnish on my toes for months on end and if I'm not in the nail varnish zone will scratch off my chipped nail varnish with my nails.

5. If I am feeling unwell or are having a rough night or morning I will completely forgo my skin care regime. But don't panic at these times I'm not wearing makeup so that makes it ok right?? Despite these rough days, which to be honest are few and far between I'm on it when It comes to skincare.

6. I can't pluck my eyebrows or suffer for my beauty. I deal with the over grown look until I have an event coming up and then I'll get them threaded. But I will cry in the chair.

7. I leave my hair much longer than I should to get cut and I take forever to get round to dying my roots. It takes me probably 3 weeks to decide what I'm going to do and to find and enlist a friend to cut and dye it.

8. I don't do perfume. I have one Dior J'adore which I have had for 4 years! OMG 4 years..??? Maby I need a new one? lol. I'm really sensitive to smells and don't like most perfumes I try and if I do find a perfume (top notes) I like it'll sink into my skin and smells foul 9.99/10.

9. I wash my hair every day. Trust me I've tried the whole "train your hair" thing. My hair refuses to change. With bleached hair it lasts 2 days at a push. Without, it gets greasy within hours.

10. I'm rubbish with hair and can't style it to safe my life, hence why I wear it pixi short.

11. I find eyeliner really difficult so I can never be bothered to do it.

12. I like the idea of a bold lip but in reality I don't think it suits me. So I never wear it.

13. I don't wear makeup on a day to day basis, preferring, instead, my extra half an hour in bed. If I'm having a rough day I'll slap a little bit on, but this mainly consists of a bit of concealer, my YSL touché eclat and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. On the odd occasion I'll make the effort and do the whole hog, but these days are few and far between.

OK I think this is it. Wow that's a lot of stuff to work on. If your reading this and think it looks fun please do a beauty confessional too and leave your beauty blog link in the comments. Thanks for reading xoxoxox

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV defence SPF 50 PA+++ UVA

Presenting the first Product Review from the Bulked up Holiday Beauty Haul and also featured in my March Favourites because it saved my life on on holiday. All hail the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50+++ UVA. Read up HOLIDAY HATES FACE and get the run down of one beauty disaster after another.

Ok now on to the review. And Price wise it is on the cusp of what I would happily spend on a beauty item (around £30). I bought a 60ml tube for £31 off after reading lots of reviews online and this came out on top with flying colours. I bought this as it was easier to get hold of than the ample Shiseido offerings, in the UK. I bought it based on the rave reviews but the write up sounds very extra special too:

What They Say on  

Our daily, ultra light formula intensely moisturizes the skin and utilizes a high level of sun filters Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl Xl to provide the skin with effective UVA and UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen protection. This moisturizing, oil-free lotion helps protect against the appearance of dark sports and wrinkles. Safe for sensitive skin.

Apply in the morning at the end of your daily skincare routine. Avoid eye area. in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly.

Key Ingredients

Mexoryl SX™
A new, patented technology, Mexoryl SX™ is a highly effective, photostable sun filter that protects skin from short UVA rays. Combined with traditional SPF filters, these formulas shield against UVA/UVB rays – which contribute to skin damage and premature aging.

Octocrylene is a premium UVB sunscreen that is water resistant and has a broad-band absorbent range.
Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone)
Parsol® 1789, the trademark name for Avobenzone, is a commonly used chemical sunscreen. On the FDA's Category I sunscreen list, it offers broad-range UVA protection and helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of sun exposure which can cause premature skin aging.

Every time I apply this I am always taken aback how much of a white cast in gives to my skin. It gives a glow to the skin and can look a little oily. I'm so sorry oily skinned guys and girls this isn't mattifying at all. It does melt into the skin very well however, doesn't feel heavy or clogs the pores. And it's scentless.

I did royally break out though. This was an amalgamation of the heat and being "that time of the month" but this could have added to it. I'll get back to you if I find that this makes me break out again.

I found on my very sensitive skin that it was a little uncomfortable on the skin, but didn't out right burn like other products so, although not perfect on sensitive skin, it is much better than other products. 

This product kept my face from darkening (as much as my body anyway) and protected it from potential sun burn. I was overjoyed and fell in love with it. It's my favourite facial sunscreen to date. If your looking for one I would definitely recommend this.

Thankyou for reading. If your interested in facial sunscreens read up on others that I have trialled in the past. Click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for the other reviews.