Wednesday, 18 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 18: a thought on blogging

It is my birthday today and as such I thought it would be a good time to step away from the norm and reflect on my beauty blog as a whole. Enjoy xoxo

Throughout the years I have been intermittently writing Roxanne Oak and made the decision a while ago to just blog about beauty. I deleted all posts which were not beauty (or fashion/style) related and have gone from there. I do not do this for a living nor do I receive PR samples or get invited to Blogger Events. I do not have a YouTube account. I just enjoy beauty products and like to talk about them.

Through writing this blog I have developed an interest in understanding the science behind products and understanding what ingredients mean and what they do for your skin. Through reading blogs from Caroline Hyrons and the British Beauty Blogger I have a greater insight into products themselves and the industry. Through reading blogs from The Sunday Girl, Musings of a Muse and of course Temptalia I have all the information (and fantastic pictures) of all the new releases. I never buy a beauty product (insert expensive beauty product) without checking out beauty blogs to see what the internet are saying about them. They're a fabulous resource and give you so much more insight into what the product actually do for you than the brands blurb on a shopping website.

I have also developed a great love for photography and try and create the best photographs that I can. In my everyday life I am never without a camera and particularly enjoy editing and uploading random snaps of my day on Instagram. I'm continually learning and hopefully improving.

I think everybody has their niche and I think mine is that I have short bleached blonde hair. I find that my top read posts are hair posts (especially blonde dye kits) and as such I have endeavoured to review them more often. As time goes on I see this blog more of a beauty diary. If you look back on this year I have written a few overviews (or "beauty stories") accumulating lots of beauty news and reviews because I was too busy to blog at the time.

I'll keep blogging for as long as I want to talk about my beauty stuff. I know I don't have a big following (or any following at all - I have a serious lack of followers haha). My forte was never promotion or PR and I got bored of doing that side of blogging. I remember I used to obsess about stats and follow count but now I don't think about it. If you have found this blog and enjoy it then welcome, but if I'm talking to myself then hey ho it's my (beauty) diary after all.

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