Tuesday, 17 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 17: discovering oils

You can't say I am a leader in beauty innovation.  4 years after 'getting into" all things beauty I have just gotten into beauty oils. After trying a Clarins oil offering a few years ago and not liking it, I sort of refused to partake in the oil thing but just recently I have acquired a few oil products and thought I would, well, talk about them. The first thing to say is that you can use oils for most things. In your hair, face, body, in your bath, to cleanse... the list continues. I have heard recently of the greatness of good quality coconut oil and its multi functioning properties, but all my products that I have contain slightly different oils and blends to cater for specific things. The second thing I want to say about oils, is how luxe and moisturising they are. I keep my oil products for when I want to take time out to pamper or need a shot of deep down nourishment and treatment. This month I have been lapping them up.

Morrocan Oil Treatment was the first oil that I used and that I fell in love with. This is my Holy Grail hair product. It nourishes my bleach blonde hair. It makes it more management, eliminates frizz and makes it silky soft. Hair oil is the way forward for sure.

The skin Renew cleansing oil by Una Brennan smells so strongly of orange. But its ok. I don't find it offensive fortunately. This product is perfect for those of you out there who suffers with dry skin as this feels likes its moisturisers whilst cleansing. Its not the best cleanser out there though and the bottle directs you to use this as part of a 2 step cleansing routine, so this is definitely not a slap on and go product. It'd more of a " I have half an hour to spend on my face" kind of product. I've used it on my eye area and haven't felt any discomfort at all, so its great for all over. This is definitely a pampering product which, I think, actually makes my skin appear that little bit more brighter. I recommend.

Here are two products which I have been trialling this month as they came in my You Beauty Advent Calendar. First up is actually a SERUM not an oil for say (but it feels oily???) but I'm going with it. Esta pro serum is what it is called and I love it. I have never used a nicer product on my skin (for real!!!) Holy Grail over here.

The Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength bath oil is very lux and tiny but a little goes a long way. I remember writing on here once "that a bath is not a bath without bubbles". But what can I say I'm becoming more sophisticated in my old age because I really enjoy this bath oil and feel so revived and "strong" (haha) afterwards. Again its fabulous at giving a deep moisturisation to my body and is a fabulous treat during this cold and hectic time of year. I really want to try some more and have my eyes on a few bath oil gift sets...

 Now before we get ahead of ourselves, I'm not done yet. I have also a Boots nail and cuticle oil, which I had forgotten about (so alas it is not pictured) which I use every time I do my nails. Again it is very good at giving the nails a lovely shine and nourish the nasty dry skin we get from time to time. I wouldn't be without it.

There we have my initial oil review. The point you should take home with you is that they are very nice and I like them a lot. Lots of creams and things that you use contain lots of essential oils which make them work, so it seems only the common sense thing to do, to eliminate the unnecessary ingredients and go straight to the oil. For intensive treatment and fabulous results, I chose oils every time. I can't wait to sample more... xoxo

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