Monday, 16 December 2013


DAY 9 - Week 2 has started on a high. The amazing 25ml tub of Trilogy Ramasede Night cream was just the ticket. Especially as I was so excited to open my door I opened it at 00:03. I am using this in conjunction with the ESPA PRO SERUM from week 1 and I'm in love. It's a luscious thick cream which is a real treat for my skin.

DAY 10 - As the festive season is hotting up its very apt that door 10 would bear a metallic gunmetal mineral eyeshadow by Inika. It's a 1.2g jar of loose pigment but a little goes a long way. All Inika products are Organic or Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. And uses Australian botanicals and pure minerals to produce makeup that, Inika allege, cares for your skin. In regards to the eyeshadow itself: We have been given a full sized shadow it seems, which retails at £14.50. Win. If I was to be fussy I would have to say I would have wished for a more bronze or golden hue, but gunmetal will do I guess.

DAY 11 - Wow it took two people and EFFORT to get this tin out of its hole. But isn't the tin pretty? Inside we have a moisturiser for your skin, face and hands by Steam Cream. In theory it is the travellers slash simple girls dream companion but in theory?... I'm not convinced. I really don't like the smell (really strong herbal scent akin to Lush's Love lettuce face mask), it feels greasy and takes forever to sink in. And I find it uncomfortable on the face. Granted in the morning my skin was supple, but it has felt nicer. (Also I'm sure my skin reacted badly to this, 2 spots appeared!!) We have a full tin here at 75ml which retails for £12.95. I'll use this as a hand cream and for my body but not my face unfortunately. The tin is pretty though and looking online they do hundreds of cool designs.

DAY 12 - A full Size Stila lip glaze was behind door 12. Which retails for around 12 pounds. I find that the lipgloss is very think and a little hard to apply. It's also rather sticky. After a few hours the gloss dissipates leaving pure glitter on your lips. Very festive! It's saving grace is that it gives a nice your lips but better puckered up look and it smells and tastes amazing. 

DAY 13 - I was convinced this HUGE door was eyelashes or a perfume or something - no, it was a sample pack of all the Dermalogica ultra calming products (eye serum, face serum, masque, cleanser and mist). All products are marvelous. Dermalogica is a fantastic brand and their products really deliver. In this set you also get a 10% off a £50 order on

DAY 14 - behind door 14 was a full size Green People organic Anti age pencil (in city grey), full of all the nice ingredients and lacking all the bad. Plus the company is organic, vegan and cruelty free. It looks like a cheapy looking pencil but the pencil is super smooth and pigmented and glides on and blends out really well. The dark grey shade is really wearable and gives subtle definition to the eye. One likes. However it doesn't last very long on the eye. 4 hours later and it had vanished. Spooky.

DAY 15 - well the tiny door produced a very expensive 3ml item: BIOEFFECT EFG SERUM. full size (15ml) retails for  £125 so: happy 15 dec to me! I've used this a few times and as yet I prefer the Espa pro serum. But time will tell. Watch this space.

DAY 16 - My final day of my second calendar review gave me a 15ml Dr.Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rescue Rollerball (RRP: £8.99). It is very cooling and would have made a perfect addition to my Bright Eyes  post. I've used these roller balls before and haven't been impressed. I never thought they did anything and left my under eyes tight and tacky. But I hve never used this one before so we'll see how it goes.

Fancy seeing what I got in week one CLICK HERE ... want to know what days 17 to 24 hold? come back on the 24th of December to find out.

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