Sunday, 15 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 15: Bright Eyes

We've spoken about detoxing and taking time out to pamper yourself in order to improve the overall look and condition of your skin. But what about the next morning. Your eyes are puffy, red, drooping and you have under eye bags. Here's a few tips on faking up on waking up.


With a cold flannel. Either put it in the fridge or run it under the cold tap (then ring out) and place it on your eyes for a couple of minutes. When washing your face. I like to apply the REN Miscellaire water on cotton pads. 

If your eyes are dry or itchy invest in eye drops. I use Boots Dry Eyes Intensive eye drops.

Apply a cooling eye gel on top. I love the REN cooling eye gel. It feels really fresh and vitalising. People talk of using caffeine roller ball pens but I never used mine and got rid. If you suffer with puffy eyes regularly you might want to invest in one.


Now hopefully your eyes will feel refreshed and be less puffy and red. However your eyes definitely need an extra "something, something" and those bags won't disappear on their own: Cue Bobby Brown peach colour corrector. This peach pink tone will help to counteract the blue tones under your eyes. Highlighting concealing pens are also great as they are light weight and light reflecting giving the illusion of a lighter and brighter under eye.
Open up your eyes that little bit more with a creamy beiges white pencil in the water line. I really like the Look Eyebritener pencil. Use a eyelash curler and thicken your lashed up using a volumising mascara and a pop of shimmering highlight in the tearduct area.

Hooray. Now your bright eyed and bushy tailed! xoxo

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