Friday, 13 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 13: Eucerin Atocare Moisturiser Review

Probably my favourite product of november and continues to be loved through december I promised an in-depth review on this and here it is. Posing gracefully on my christmas tree. Where do I start? You get 50ml for £12.00 and you can buy it from most larger Boots stores. AtoControl Face Care Cream also comes in a thicker formulation for acute care (during Atopic Dermatitis flare ups. Which they say you should use together). My skin was going through the mill and I needed help. This product said all the right things. Fragrance - free, gentle enough to use on baby skin and promising to smooth rough and irritated skin and most importantly relieve itching, which can drive you mad. This oil-in-water cream contains 12% omega and licorice extract to calm and nourish Atopic skin (a type of eczema, an inflammatory, relapsing, non-contagious and pruritic (itchy) skin disorder.)

In regards to usability claims. AtoControl cream ticks all the boxes. It is easily absorbed, it hydrates my skin, soothes it and has definitely reduced roughness, and itch and relieves tightness. My skin feels lovely and I give this lots of credit for that. Whats interesting though is that the box says to store below 25 degrees Celsius. I haven't done that but I'm guessing this would add to its soothing qualities. What's funny is that the makers also add that this is an excellent makeup base and is suitable for contact lens wearers. No doubt trying to broaden its appeal to the everyday woman. I can concur that is is a good base for makeup and doesn't irritate my eyes when wearing contact lenses. Also I may just add that it doesn't smell of anything at all. There is nothing offensive about this moisturiser at all. It is lovely.

This moisturiser is running out fast. I just Love it so much. If your face hates you and you need some extra soothing attention or have developed atopic dermatitis and don't know where to turn to treat it, give Eucerin AtoCare Face care cream a trial. xoxo

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