Tuesday, 10 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 10: John Frieda Full Repair Review

I have long been a John Frieda fan. I have always loved their Brilliant Brunette and Sheer Blonde ranges and their hair serums. One of the first salon hair lines to come into shops such as Superdrug and Boots, John Frieda has been widely available for a while. I think I may have mentioned before that every other time I buy shampoo I buy John Frieda blonde. Shampoo and Conditioner retail for around £6 and in Boots you regularly get 3 for 2 offers on hair care so it's good value for money. Rather than get my regular Sheer Blonde moisturising shampoo and conditioner set I thought I would mix things up a bit.

My hair has been feeling very dry and damaged of late and I really wanted a highly moisturising, damage repair shampoo and conditioner which I could use in conjunction with my silverising shampoos and conditioners; which are great but very drying. With that in mind I felt the ordinary Sheer Blonde moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner wouldn't cut the mustard BUT... the new Inca Inchi Oil infused FULL REPAIR Hydrate and Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner seemed to be just the ticket. They promise to replenish moisture without weighing hair down and to reverse damage with every use... Here's the deets.

The packaging is a christmassy red 250ml tube. They smell ok. Nothing nasty but nothing exciting to report on either. The shampoo is an iridescent white cream whilst the conditioner is a thicker more dense solid white cream. I found that I didn't feel much of a difference when I just used the shampoo but together my hair does feel softer and the straw ends seem to be nourished somewhat. They don't lather at all and you have to really work both of them into the scalp and rinse out well. I guess this is because they are a little thicker than lots of other shampoo and conditioners. In regards to them reversing damage, well that's anyones guess. I feel that I can't quantifiably test that claim. So I wouldn't reccomend you buy this product on that claim alone. If anything ignore it. Considering everything, this duo gets a thumbs up from a girl with bleached damaged hair!! But I would still recommend you use a hair serum or oil to get maximum soft locks. These will not do it alone.

Bye from me and bye from Rubix Duck. See you tomorrow for more BLOGMAS! xoxo

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