Monday, 9 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 9: Christmas beauty detox

You might be noticing the effects of Christmas stress, parties, alcohol, bad food and long days and nights taking their toll on your skin. It's getting ever colder too so all together your skin is going through the mill. You might be finding your feeling under the weather too? But you want to keep going. How do you do it?

Try and keep your liquids up through out the day. I mean WATER / Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you and will eventually take their toll on you too. A far as the bad foods are concerned. Try and integrate food supplements into your regime. Multivitamins are a quick and easy way to intake the good stuff your body needs. The best thing of course is to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

TAKE OFF ALL YOUR MAKEUP AT NIGHT!! Before you go out put a bottle of miscellar water and cotton pads next to your bed and literally do it in bed if your a little worse for wear when you come home. DO IT!!! Your skin will thank you for it in the morning.

Pamper your skin by using quick and easy face masks the morning after the night before. Once you have thoroughly cleansed your skin to remove ALL makeup and grime from the night before use a moisture surged face mask to inject moisture back into your skin. Chances are you are really dehydrated and need to inject as much moisture back into your skin as possible. 

On nights off take at least an hour out to have a long bath, unwind and do a thorough skin pampering regime. Also try and get early nights when you can to refresh and revitalise

I hope this was helpful in giving you some tips on how to look after your skin during the holiday season. This very same thing applies to surviving freshers week too or just a stressful busy lifestyle. See you tomorrow xoxo

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