Tuesday, 3 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 3: Christmas Beauty Tag

1. Favourite Christmas song? 

Let it snow, I think, is my all time favourite Christmas song but, honestly, I love them all. I love hymns and Carols too. They take me back to school assemblies and I remember how exciting Christmas was when I was a little girl.

2. Any Beauty Present memories? 

I think I have received every hair tool known to man through out the years. I always got curling tongs or a hair dryer growing up. I remember  one year getting a glittery makeup set and dropping a pot of loose pigment all over the floor! A few years ago I received a box of every Lush bath bubble bar in the shop - That was pretty epic.

3. Do you dress up on Christmas Day? 

I've always tried to look nice but as the years go on I'm looking a little bit more glam. Last year I wore a vintage 60's dress and 50's winged liner and red lips. 

4. Do you wear festive clothes? 

ummmm YES! And every year my love for Christmas jumpers and socks and the like GROWS.

5. What is your Favourite Christmas Movie? 

The Muppets Christmas Carol! Got to love them singing cabbages and ice skating penguins. "We're Marley and Marley.. WOOOOO!" 

6. Favourite Christmas Foods? 

Mince pies all the way. I don't eat them all year round but when I have my first one I know Christmas is here. Sprouts, pigs in blankets and chestnuts are a must for Christmas Dinner too.

7. What are your beauty essentials for the Christmas season?

Nourishing and hydrating face masks and thick face creams!! The festive season brings with it tired, dehydrated and stressed skin. This needs to be combatted quick! I have a few BBLOGMAS posts planned on detoxing and pampering stressed skin so stay tuned... Also highlighter! Highlighter is good for all year round! and More highlighter. I love highlighter.

8. Favourite Christmas Perfume?

I literally only own one perfume, as most either smell foul or I don't like them enough to spend top dollar on them. So by default I would have to say my one and Only Dior J'adore. The bottle is pretty Christmassy though isn't it?

9. Favourite Christmas Nail Polish?

You can't beat a Red Glitter polish for Christmas so if I had to chose it would be China Glaze Ring in the Red, but luckily most brands do a glittery primary red shade.

10. What's on your beauty wish list? 

Honestly nothing. But I think I might get Boots vouchers, I normally do; as I like to buy my own beauty products. Last Year I wanted Shu Eumora eyelash curlers.

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