Monday, 23 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 23: a festive beauty tale

 For the majority of BLOGMAS I have been keeping it low key with my makeup. Choosing instead to indulge in nourishing skin care regimes, using beauty oils, detoxing my skin and keeping my eyes bright.
My highlight of the month has to be my You beauty calendar and have reviews it every 8 days (1st Review / 2nd Review) Come back tomorrow for the final day of BLOGMAS and my final review. 

I have also been reviewing Eucerin AtoCare moisturiser and John Frieda Full repair shampoo and conditioner and have given a rave review shout out to the "lush" Snow Fairy. And, oh yeah buying makeup - always buying makeup. 

In keeping with the festivities I have been buying my Friends Body shop goodies and checking out the gifts in Boots. Wearing all the Festive clothes and talking about all my festive beauty loves and dressing up. 

I have been prepping my white smile and partying throughout this Christmas season. I also celebrated my birthday and wrote my thoughts on blogging

I also looked back on my beauty Instagram highlights over the year and wrote about my November Favourites. So there you have it. My BLOGMAS! Please read and subscribe on BLOGLOVIN. Two more sleeps till Christmas EEEKKK... xoxox

Saturday, 21 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 21: The Body Shop Christmas Presents

I was literally about to wrap this for my friend when the idea struck me to photograph it and put it up on BLOGMAS! I absolutely love the Body Shop as a company. I think that the charities it works with and the fact that all their products are vegan, cruelty free and fare trade is amazing. And of course the products smell amazing too, packaging is lovely and the quality is high. What's not to love? I was telling my friend recently how amazing the Christmas Limited Edition "Vanilla Bliss" smells (Like Crème Brule FYI) and thought I would buy her a shower gel so she could see for herself. On a smelling spree I sort of fell in love with both the other Christmas Limited Edition scents: Cranberry Joy and Gingerbread Sparkle scent too. As luck would have it I found a lovely gift set of all three for a very reasonable £8 (RRP £4 each), which I thought I would get for her instead. And the cutest wash sponge I have ever seen -  A little gingerbread man!!! I couldn't leave the shop without him. xoxo

Friday, 20 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 20: Crest 3D White Whitestrips (VIVID)

Part of my ritual this festive season is whitening my teeth. I run a hot bath, light some candles, dab my teeth with tissue to blot excess moisture and apply crest 3D white Whitestrips (VIVID). You peel off the long one and apply to your top set of teeth, remember to indent in the gaps and around and behind your teeth. and the smaller strip on your bottom set. I find that the strip for your bottom set of teeth creases quite badly, so half way through the designated time I get so fed up with it I pull them off. However the top strip sticks really well. I am really aware of them there and it feels like I have a teeth guard in my mouth. It's not painful though, by any means. It makes your teeth and gums that little bit more sensitive but isn't bad at all. I suffer with painful sensitive teeth at time but I haven't had any issues with sensitivity thus far. The gel on the strips feel like toothpaste. The box directs you leave the strips on for 30 minutes and recommend that you DO NOT brush your teeth before hand, due to heightening teeth sensitivity.

I only use these before nights out so i can't tell you if they make a greater difference over time, however they make me feel so much more confident on nights out when people are taking photographs. I definitely feel like they polish my teeth at least. Leaving them feeling clean and in photographs I feel like my teeth look whiter. So I'm happy. The Crest 3D white whitestrips come in three intensities: The lowest being VIVID, then ADVANCED VIVID and then the highest: PROFESSIONAL EFFECTS. I think I'll go for the advanced vivid next time, just to see if it helps me achieve a "dramatically" whitened smile. Unfortunately you can't buy these kits in the UK. I bought mine on EBay for around £10/12.

So there you have it, a quick review on Crest whitening strips. IKt's important to look after your basics and the rest will fall into place... See you tomorrow for more BLOGMAS. So Close to christmas now.... Excited... xoxo

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 18: a thought on blogging

It is my birthday today and as such I thought it would be a good time to step away from the norm and reflect on my beauty blog as a whole. Enjoy xoxo

Throughout the years I have been intermittently writing Roxanne Oak and made the decision a while ago to just blog about beauty. I deleted all posts which were not beauty (or fashion/style) related and have gone from there. I do not do this for a living nor do I receive PR samples or get invited to Blogger Events. I do not have a YouTube account. I just enjoy beauty products and like to talk about them.

Through writing this blog I have developed an interest in understanding the science behind products and understanding what ingredients mean and what they do for your skin. Through reading blogs from Caroline Hyrons and the British Beauty Blogger I have a greater insight into products themselves and the industry. Through reading blogs from The Sunday Girl, Musings of a Muse and of course Temptalia I have all the information (and fantastic pictures) of all the new releases. I never buy a beauty product (insert expensive beauty product) without checking out beauty blogs to see what the internet are saying about them. They're a fabulous resource and give you so much more insight into what the product actually do for you than the brands blurb on a shopping website.

I have also developed a great love for photography and try and create the best photographs that I can. In my everyday life I am never without a camera and particularly enjoy editing and uploading random snaps of my day on Instagram. I'm continually learning and hopefully improving.

I think everybody has their niche and I think mine is that I have short bleached blonde hair. I find that my top read posts are hair posts (especially blonde dye kits) and as such I have endeavoured to review them more often. As time goes on I see this blog more of a beauty diary. If you look back on this year I have written a few overviews (or "beauty stories") accumulating lots of beauty news and reviews because I was too busy to blog at the time.

I'll keep blogging for as long as I want to talk about my beauty stuff. I know I don't have a big following (or any following at all - I have a serious lack of followers haha). My forte was never promotion or PR and I got bored of doing that side of blogging. I remember I used to obsess about stats and follow count but now I don't think about it. If you have found this blog and enjoy it then welcome, but if I'm talking to myself then hey ho it's my (beauty) diary after all.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 17: discovering oils

You can't say I am a leader in beauty innovation.  4 years after 'getting into" all things beauty I have just gotten into beauty oils. After trying a Clarins oil offering a few years ago and not liking it, I sort of refused to partake in the oil thing but just recently I have acquired a few oil products and thought I would, well, talk about them. The first thing to say is that you can use oils for most things. In your hair, face, body, in your bath, to cleanse... the list continues. I have heard recently of the greatness of good quality coconut oil and its multi functioning properties, but all my products that I have contain slightly different oils and blends to cater for specific things. The second thing I want to say about oils, is how luxe and moisturising they are. I keep my oil products for when I want to take time out to pamper or need a shot of deep down nourishment and treatment. This month I have been lapping them up.

Morrocan Oil Treatment was the first oil that I used and that I fell in love with. This is my Holy Grail hair product. It nourishes my bleach blonde hair. It makes it more management, eliminates frizz and makes it silky soft. Hair oil is the way forward for sure.

The skin Renew cleansing oil by Una Brennan smells so strongly of orange. But its ok. I don't find it offensive fortunately. This product is perfect for those of you out there who suffers with dry skin as this feels likes its moisturisers whilst cleansing. Its not the best cleanser out there though and the bottle directs you to use this as part of a 2 step cleansing routine, so this is definitely not a slap on and go product. It'd more of a " I have half an hour to spend on my face" kind of product. I've used it on my eye area and haven't felt any discomfort at all, so its great for all over. This is definitely a pampering product which, I think, actually makes my skin appear that little bit more brighter. I recommend.

Here are two products which I have been trialling this month as they came in my You Beauty Advent Calendar. First up is actually a SERUM not an oil for say (but it feels oily???) but I'm going with it. Esta pro serum is what it is called and I love it. I have never used a nicer product on my skin (for real!!!) Holy Grail over here.

The Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength bath oil is very lux and tiny but a little goes a long way. I remember writing on here once "that a bath is not a bath without bubbles". But what can I say I'm becoming more sophisticated in my old age because I really enjoy this bath oil and feel so revived and "strong" (haha) afterwards. Again its fabulous at giving a deep moisturisation to my body and is a fabulous treat during this cold and hectic time of year. I really want to try some more and have my eyes on a few bath oil gift sets...

 Now before we get ahead of ourselves, I'm not done yet. I have also a Boots nail and cuticle oil, which I had forgotten about (so alas it is not pictured) which I use every time I do my nails. Again it is very good at giving the nails a lovely shine and nourish the nasty dry skin we get from time to time. I wouldn't be without it.

There we have my initial oil review. The point you should take home with you is that they are very nice and I like them a lot. Lots of creams and things that you use contain lots of essential oils which make them work, so it seems only the common sense thing to do, to eliminate the unnecessary ingredients and go straight to the oil. For intensive treatment and fabulous results, I chose oils every time. I can't wait to sample more... xoxo

Monday, 16 December 2013


DAY 9 - Week 2 has started on a high. The amazing 25ml tub of Trilogy Ramasede Night cream was just the ticket. Especially as I was so excited to open my door I opened it at 00:03. I am using this in conjunction with the ESPA PRO SERUM from week 1 and I'm in love. It's a luscious thick cream which is a real treat for my skin.

DAY 10 - As the festive season is hotting up its very apt that door 10 would bear a metallic gunmetal mineral eyeshadow by Inika. It's a 1.2g jar of loose pigment but a little goes a long way. All Inika products are Organic or Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. And uses Australian botanicals and pure minerals to produce makeup that, Inika allege, cares for your skin. In regards to the eyeshadow itself: We have been given a full sized shadow it seems, which retails at £14.50. Win. If I was to be fussy I would have to say I would have wished for a more bronze or golden hue, but gunmetal will do I guess.

DAY 11 - Wow it took two people and EFFORT to get this tin out of its hole. But isn't the tin pretty? Inside we have a moisturiser for your skin, face and hands by Steam Cream. In theory it is the travellers slash simple girls dream companion but in theory?... I'm not convinced. I really don't like the smell (really strong herbal scent akin to Lush's Love lettuce face mask), it feels greasy and takes forever to sink in. And I find it uncomfortable on the face. Granted in the morning my skin was supple, but it has felt nicer. (Also I'm sure my skin reacted badly to this, 2 spots appeared!!) We have a full tin here at 75ml which retails for £12.95. I'll use this as a hand cream and for my body but not my face unfortunately. The tin is pretty though and looking online they do hundreds of cool designs.

DAY 12 - A full Size Stila lip glaze was behind door 12. Which retails for around 12 pounds. I find that the lipgloss is very think and a little hard to apply. It's also rather sticky. After a few hours the gloss dissipates leaving pure glitter on your lips. Very festive! It's saving grace is that it gives a nice your lips but better puckered up look and it smells and tastes amazing. 

DAY 13 - I was convinced this HUGE door was eyelashes or a perfume or something - no, it was a sample pack of all the Dermalogica ultra calming products (eye serum, face serum, masque, cleanser and mist). All products are marvelous. Dermalogica is a fantastic brand and their products really deliver. In this set you also get a 10% off a £50 order on

DAY 14 - behind door 14 was a full size Green People organic Anti age pencil (in city grey), full of all the nice ingredients and lacking all the bad. Plus the company is organic, vegan and cruelty free. It looks like a cheapy looking pencil but the pencil is super smooth and pigmented and glides on and blends out really well. The dark grey shade is really wearable and gives subtle definition to the eye. One likes. However it doesn't last very long on the eye. 4 hours later and it had vanished. Spooky.

DAY 15 - well the tiny door produced a very expensive 3ml item: BIOEFFECT EFG SERUM. full size (15ml) retails for  £125 so: happy 15 dec to me! I've used this a few times and as yet I prefer the Espa pro serum. But time will tell. Watch this space.

DAY 16 - My final day of my second calendar review gave me a 15ml Dr.Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rescue Rollerball (RRP: £8.99). It is very cooling and would have made a perfect addition to my Bright Eyes  post. I've used these roller balls before and haven't been impressed. I never thought they did anything and left my under eyes tight and tacky. But I hve never used this one before so we'll see how it goes.

Fancy seeing what I got in week one CLICK HERE ... want to know what days 17 to 24 hold? come back on the 24th of December to find out.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 15: Bright Eyes

We've spoken about detoxing and taking time out to pamper yourself in order to improve the overall look and condition of your skin. But what about the next morning. Your eyes are puffy, red, drooping and you have under eye bags. Here's a few tips on faking up on waking up.


With a cold flannel. Either put it in the fridge or run it under the cold tap (then ring out) and place it on your eyes for a couple of minutes. When washing your face. I like to apply the REN Miscellaire water on cotton pads. 

If your eyes are dry or itchy invest in eye drops. I use Boots Dry Eyes Intensive eye drops.

Apply a cooling eye gel on top. I love the REN cooling eye gel. It feels really fresh and vitalising. People talk of using caffeine roller ball pens but I never used mine and got rid. If you suffer with puffy eyes regularly you might want to invest in one.


Now hopefully your eyes will feel refreshed and be less puffy and red. However your eyes definitely need an extra "something, something" and those bags won't disappear on their own: Cue Bobby Brown peach colour corrector. This peach pink tone will help to counteract the blue tones under your eyes. Highlighting concealing pens are also great as they are light weight and light reflecting giving the illusion of a lighter and brighter under eye.
Open up your eyes that little bit more with a creamy beiges white pencil in the water line. I really like the Look Eyebritener pencil. Use a eyelash curler and thicken your lashed up using a volumising mascara and a pop of shimmering highlight in the tearduct area.

Hooray. Now your bright eyed and bushy tailed! xoxo

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Quite possible the best smelling product of all time!!! Lush Snow Fairy is probably the top reason to get excited about christmas and I couldn't do BLOGMAS without mentioning my christmas limited edition love. Every year Lush bring out Snow Fairy in new and exciting forms (perfume anyone?). But I like to stick to the shower gel in the largest possible bottle (500g). This keeps me going until May I'd say and then I have 6 months to wait until next time. If you haven't had the pleasure of smelling snow fairy. It smells of Bubblegum. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. Bubblegum. I Heart Snow Fairy 4 EVA xoxo

Friday, 13 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 13: Eucerin Atocare Moisturiser Review

Probably my favourite product of november and continues to be loved through december I promised an in-depth review on this and here it is. Posing gracefully on my christmas tree. Where do I start? You get 50ml for £12.00 and you can buy it from most larger Boots stores. AtoControl Face Care Cream also comes in a thicker formulation for acute care (during Atopic Dermatitis flare ups. Which they say you should use together). My skin was going through the mill and I needed help. This product said all the right things. Fragrance - free, gentle enough to use on baby skin and promising to smooth rough and irritated skin and most importantly relieve itching, which can drive you mad. This oil-in-water cream contains 12% omega and licorice extract to calm and nourish Atopic skin (a type of eczema, an inflammatory, relapsing, non-contagious and pruritic (itchy) skin disorder.)

In regards to usability claims. AtoControl cream ticks all the boxes. It is easily absorbed, it hydrates my skin, soothes it and has definitely reduced roughness, and itch and relieves tightness. My skin feels lovely and I give this lots of credit for that. Whats interesting though is that the box says to store below 25 degrees Celsius. I haven't done that but I'm guessing this would add to its soothing qualities. What's funny is that the makers also add that this is an excellent makeup base and is suitable for contact lens wearers. No doubt trying to broaden its appeal to the everyday woman. I can concur that is is a good base for makeup and doesn't irritate my eyes when wearing contact lenses. Also I may just add that it doesn't smell of anything at all. There is nothing offensive about this moisturiser at all. It is lovely.

This moisturiser is running out fast. I just Love it so much. If your face hates you and you need some extra soothing attention or have developed atopic dermatitis and don't know where to turn to treat it, give Eucerin AtoCare Face care cream a trial. xoxo

Thursday, 12 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 12: Skin Pampering Sessions

On BLOGMAS DAY 9 I gave some tips on detoxing the skin during the festive season. Late nights, early mornings, stress and bad food and alcohol = BAD SKIN! This is my step by step Skin pampering routine. Depending on the day I miss some steps out, but if I have a full face of makeup and I have the time and the energy I do the whole hog. I guess I do the lot at least once a week throughout the year and definitely twice or three times a week during the festive season.


    To remove eye makeup and the top layer of base makeup.

    To give the skin a deep clean.

    To remove any remaining cleanser and dirt. And to revitalize the skin.

    To inject moisture into the skin and calm it after the first 3 steps.


    To give the skin a deep down moisture or revitalizing surge.

    To nourish your skin with all the good things.

    To give your skin the final shot of moisture.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 10: John Frieda Full Repair Review

I have long been a John Frieda fan. I have always loved their Brilliant Brunette and Sheer Blonde ranges and their hair serums. One of the first salon hair lines to come into shops such as Superdrug and Boots, John Frieda has been widely available for a while. I think I may have mentioned before that every other time I buy shampoo I buy John Frieda blonde. Shampoo and Conditioner retail for around £6 and in Boots you regularly get 3 for 2 offers on hair care so it's good value for money. Rather than get my regular Sheer Blonde moisturising shampoo and conditioner set I thought I would mix things up a bit.

My hair has been feeling very dry and damaged of late and I really wanted a highly moisturising, damage repair shampoo and conditioner which I could use in conjunction with my silverising shampoos and conditioners; which are great but very drying. With that in mind I felt the ordinary Sheer Blonde moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner wouldn't cut the mustard BUT... the new Inca Inchi Oil infused FULL REPAIR Hydrate and Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner seemed to be just the ticket. They promise to replenish moisture without weighing hair down and to reverse damage with every use... Here's the deets.

The packaging is a christmassy red 250ml tube. They smell ok. Nothing nasty but nothing exciting to report on either. The shampoo is an iridescent white cream whilst the conditioner is a thicker more dense solid white cream. I found that I didn't feel much of a difference when I just used the shampoo but together my hair does feel softer and the straw ends seem to be nourished somewhat. They don't lather at all and you have to really work both of them into the scalp and rinse out well. I guess this is because they are a little thicker than lots of other shampoo and conditioners. In regards to them reversing damage, well that's anyones guess. I feel that I can't quantifiably test that claim. So I wouldn't reccomend you buy this product on that claim alone. If anything ignore it. Considering everything, this duo gets a thumbs up from a girl with bleached damaged hair!! But I would still recommend you use a hair serum or oil to get maximum soft locks. These will not do it alone.

Bye from me and bye from Rubix Duck. See you tomorrow for more BLOGMAS! xoxo

Monday, 9 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 9: Christmas beauty detox

You might be noticing the effects of Christmas stress, parties, alcohol, bad food and long days and nights taking their toll on your skin. It's getting ever colder too so all together your skin is going through the mill. You might be finding your feeling under the weather too? But you want to keep going. How do you do it?

Try and keep your liquids up through out the day. I mean WATER / Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you and will eventually take their toll on you too. A far as the bad foods are concerned. Try and integrate food supplements into your regime. Multivitamins are a quick and easy way to intake the good stuff your body needs. The best thing of course is to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

TAKE OFF ALL YOUR MAKEUP AT NIGHT!! Before you go out put a bottle of miscellar water and cotton pads next to your bed and literally do it in bed if your a little worse for wear when you come home. DO IT!!! Your skin will thank you for it in the morning.

Pamper your skin by using quick and easy face masks the morning after the night before. Once you have thoroughly cleansed your skin to remove ALL makeup and grime from the night before use a moisture surged face mask to inject moisture back into your skin. Chances are you are really dehydrated and need to inject as much moisture back into your skin as possible. 

On nights off take at least an hour out to have a long bath, unwind and do a thorough skin pampering regime. Also try and get early nights when you can to refresh and revitalise

I hope this was helpful in giving you some tips on how to look after your skin during the holiday season. This very same thing applies to surviving freshers week too or just a stressful busy lifestyle. See you tomorrow xoxo

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Spoiler Alert: This Beautiful Beauty Advent Calendar is in my December Favourites post. For the past 8 days I have been so excited to open each of my doors. It has literally felt like Christmas morning every day. I don't see a future without a beauty Advent Calendar in it from now on. First of all, I must say, I liked the berry colour theme going on until day 6. Now on to the reviews. Enjoy xoxo

DAY 1 - You Beauty kicked off their Advent Calendar with a 10ml Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask (full size 60ml retails for £93.00) so already we have £15.50 worth of product and I'm impressed and very happy thus far! The mask promises to instantly smoothing, plump and brighten the skin. I find that it applies like a light paste and feels sticky to the touch but is very comfortable and almost undetectable to wear, once dried. This mask made my skin feel tighter and my complexion definitely looks brighter and feels smoother. I think this would be a fabulous product for people looking into investing in some nice youth boosting products.

DAY 2 - The next day I was so excited to open my 2nd door. On opening I discovered a full size 30ml Caudelie Feuille de Cassis (or blackcurrant leaf) hand and nail cream (RRP £6). It's a very light cream that melts into the skin well. I don't think it would 'cut the mustard' with very dry and chapped hands but for an every day hand treat, it does the job. It has a very subtle tangy-sweet scent (perhaps blackcurrant?) too. This has gone straight into my handbag.

DAY 3 - wow! Day 3 bought an Espa Set, which I have worked out to cost approximately £27. In this fabulous box of joy we have a £15 voucher on all Espa products, a skin polish and serum. Wowsers these products feel so luxe and pampering on the skin and the day after my skin was smoother than I can ever remember it to be. Although the skin Polish will probably run out soon I think The serum will last a while. Very impressed with this one and my favourite so far!

DAY 4 - There was no way I was going to guess that the little bullet shaped 4 window was going to be a mini nail polish. And not just any nail polish but a Deborah Lipman Black-red shade. Bang on trend and is a shade I was actually after! Win. A normal sized bottle (12ml) retails for £11. So this sample costs about £5.

DAY 5 - As this was one of the largest doors I was excited about this one. Out came a 100ml Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash. They say it is 99% natural in origin and is packed with natural oils. It smells very herbally and nice and lathers up nicely on the skin. The website spiel says this super toning range was developed to target areas prone to cellulite and dimples. I like the idea of using a natural product which will be lush on my skin, however  I don't expect to see any noticable results with this. Time will tell. (100ml bottle retails for £9.00)

DAY 6 - The Perricone MD No Foundation, Foundation reminds me of Estee Lauders sheer tint active release. It's developed to deliver antioxidant benefits, smooth fine lines and boost natural moisture throughout the day whilst providing a natural translucent coverage and corrects skin tone. It also boasts a broad spectrum SPF of 30 and retails for £47 for 30ml So this 7.5ml sample actually works out at £11.75. Win. The only problem is that it is too dark for me. But come summer time or when I feel ready to pile on the fake tan I'll be there. This product also comes in fair too. Looking at the website I'm intrigued in the Perricone MD line and want to sample lots of their products. In depth review to come of this (when I'm tanned).

DAY 7 - Day 7 bought a set of The Vintage Cosmetic Company tweezers. They're a chic (Limited Christmas Edition) blue grey tweezer with a matt, anti-slip, texture. They are very nice and are quite sharp but alas Tweezerman Tweezers are better. This pair retail for £8.00, But I think you can get a set of 2 for £2. They're nice but if I had to recommend tweezers to you then buy Tweezermans all the way!

DAY 8 - And finally the day has come to open day 8 and finish this 1st review of the first 8 days of my You Beauty Advent Calendar. Today the door opened to reveal Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil. Now I have never tried a bath oil before, I don't think, so as soon as I hit upload i'm having a bath. This oil retails for £39 for 55ml online so we have about £5 of product here. It smells amazing and I can't wait to relax in my bath and find my "inner strength".

Happy Sunday guys and see you tomorrow for more BLOGMAS frolics. I can't wait to see what day 9 brings. xoxo

Saturday, 7 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 7: Instagram Beauty Highlights of 2013

My number one favourite social media site slash app is INSTAGRAM - An hour doesn't go by that I don't go on it, be it to check out other peoples pictures or take and edit my own, I love it! Oh and my favourite filter is "early bird" FYI. I mostly take pictures of beauty stuff and food, so if you like that kind of thing Check me out at @roxanneoak - without further ado here are my Instagram beauty highlights of 2013. I've chosen my favourite beauty image of each month. If you want to see more, and believe me there is MORE, click on HERE and have a gander. And in the spirit of Christmas why not just follow me whilst your at it!! ;-) Enjoy xoxo

JANUARY - All the love for Illamasqua skinbase foundation. After devouring the sampler I bought the full size from Selfridges, London. Please try it if you haven't yet had the pleasure.

FEBRUARY - Ah!! the lure of the Boots Advantage card. showing casing my newly acquired awesomely bright Shocking coral Maybelline lipstick.

MARCH - Come march I was getting into my glowing skin stride and I found that these beauties (No 7 Instant Radiance Beauty Balm and Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm) were an amazing combo for creating beautiful radiant skin.

APRIL - I fell in love with these lace plant pots from Ikea. My makeup brushes call them home.

MAY - Probably my favourite beauty products of all time. I cannot stop raving about Becca Shimmering skin Perfector and Tan de Chanel.

JUNE - Ok, Ok we had to get a nail shot in here somewhere and how awesome is this China Glaze neon orange called sun worshipper. The perfect summer nail!

JULY - Oh and another nail shot - This time I was showcasing China Glaze For Audrey. I love wearing pastel shades and especially pastel greens on my nails. It really pops.

AUGUST - Here I am just admiring the beauty of the YSL rouge veloupte lipstick. This is one of my favourite lipsticks.

SEPTEMBER - The Soap and Glory Sugar Crush range smells amazing and this shower gel is super moisturising on the skin too.

NOVEMBER - Two of my faves from my Boots haul. The archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil is spot on and the No7 Instant radiance highlighter is really good too.

DECEMBER - As we are only at the end of the first week of December one cannot really determine the beauty Instagram highlight Yet! But the overall highlight has to be my Amazing You Beauty Advent Calendar and all its contents.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

BLOGMAS DAY 5: Boots Gift Picks

I had a plan to go into Boots and pick a few gift bits which I liked the look of. When I got there I realised that I liked basically everything, so I had to restrain myself. There were lots of cool toiletry bags and I particularly liked the RCH strawberry canvas bag, the beautiful Umberto Gianni Beauty Secrets canvas bag (with a pink face and blue face either side: Which is actually a bargain at 18.00. I think the full sized bottles retail for 5.00 each normally.) The Cute or What fox bag is just that and I really like Emily the strange stereo bag. Aside from the Umberto Gianni hair products the rest of the products inside said bags, don't particularly interest me, but the bags are CUTE!!

In regards to packaging the Baylis and Hardy Beauticology christmas sets are the cutest and to be honest I have no idea what is in the stack of boxes I have photographed for you, only that it makes me happy. they're also really cheap and great presents for pre/ younger teens.

The Soap and Glory Sugar Crush set is awesome because it smells awesome. In my opinion it is the best smell they do. A Seriously Yummy Gift. The No7 gift of eye shadow, lipstick , nail polish and mascara is great value for money and covers all the basis using a natural colour scheme. I love their nail polish set too. In it you get a bargainous 5 polishes for ten pounds (retail for £7 EACH ordinarily) You get two on trend shades (a murky nude and deep blackened red) and three christmassy glitters in silver, gold and rose gold. Love.

And finally the Clinique gift sets. I think the Clinique Gift packaging is awesome. Its bright and vibrant and sleek with a ribbon handle and the goods inside do not disappoint. The black honey beauty set is a deep berry shade kit with nail varnish, lipstick, gloss and mascara which is bang on trend this Christmas and is just a lovely gift to have I think. I am also very taken with the Clinique mascara set. You get a full sized bottom lashed mascara and 3 generous sample sizes of 3 more from their mascara range. Oh Oh Oh and one more... I think the Lancome Hypnose Doll eyes set is great value for money. This set retails for £22 for a full size mascara and small eye makeup remover and eye pencil. Its pretty too!

So there you go, a few Beauty gifts in Boots which have caught my eye. If I had to chose one, it would have to be the Umberto Gianni Beauty Secrets bag of hair goodies because I am obsessed with the bag and then the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush gift set. I hope that these ideas give you some food for thought when Christmas shopping or writing your wish list to Santa. Take care. See you tomorrow xoxo