Wednesday, 20 November 2013

NARS ADULT CONTENT BLUSH PALETTE: Rated 18. contains strong COLOUR,violentLY GREAT TEXTURES and NAMES of a sexual nature.

Presenting The NARS ADULT CONTENT PALETTE. A Dominatrix MISS LIBERTY (2g) highlight that shines 'super glittery' pale pink. A tantric, neutral brown that gives out an aura of peace and ZEN (2g). A lusty. Bright. Passionate. pop of blue toned pink DESIRE (2g) and the main event: the world renowned, holy grail, peachy pink, 'slightly shimmering' powder of joy, enjoyed by approximately 3.5 billion people... DEEP THROAT (4g).

After lusting after this palette for just over a month and refusing to pay the £30 plus £7 P&P price tag I luckily acquired this at a bargain B.I.N price on EBay. 3 days later... it came. It is the same size packaging as a NARS bronzer (8g) but contains 2g more product. The 2g blushes are rather small but all you need is a quick dab in each shade to get enough colour because they are so pigmented and soft. If you attempt to swirl you will get powder everywhere. FYI.

I had hoped that this would be my "all in one" face travel companion, but alas it is not. My only issue with this palette is that MISS LIBERTY is obnoxiously glittery!!! Please don't get me wrong. We like this for nights out and its exceptionally pretty, but for during the day? for a subtle... natural...lit within glow look? it doesn't cut it and as such when I travel I'll be having to take a separate highlight with me. Which isn't too much of a bad thing because I start to feel nauseous if I'm away from my Becca Shimmering skin perfector, for too long, anyway. But it would have been nice to have a powder highlighter that could "do it all." This highlighter doesn't give too much of a colour pay off, instead leaving a dusting of glitter on the cheek.

On to my stand out product and that, surprisingly enough, is ZEN. It's a really lush contour, slash bronzer, as it stands somewhere between an overtly warm toned bronzer and ashy cool toned brown sculpting shade. Phew! Contour shade desire neutralised. *Steps away from the Kevyn Acoin sculpting powder...

DESIRE is the colour of joy. I love it and really spruces up a tired complexion. My number one choice for a night out. Loving this!! DEEP THROAT is the perfect flush of colour for my pale skin (insert the actual colour of my natural flush). Its subtle shimmers give a luminescence to the cheek and is such an easy colour to slap on and go. And I mean it. I can pile this on and it never looks too much.

That's it, I guess. If your interested then buy it, if not don't. It's a good weekender palette, but don't forget to bring your extra highlighting products if you want to be naturally glowing!

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