Sunday, 24 November 2013

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Trio

Ah my perfect travel companion and spruce up kit all in a tiny chic package. As time goes on I'm finding I love this product more and more and more. My standout though is the pink cheek veil. It's lush and doubles up as a lip colour perfectly. The bronze veil is actually really blendable and build able and gives a glowing finish to the skin. The light veil, although ok, is the weak link. It's just not as stand out as I would like. Also it's a tad dark for my liking. I usually use it as a blush on its own really.  The awesomely easy blendability of these products ensures that I can apply with my fingers, thus adding to its appeal when I'm in a rush or travelling about...

In regards to comparing it with other cream products I have, the cheek veil lacks in pigmentation, however it is super blendable and looks just like a sheeny flush. Yes it gives off the highest sheen of my cream blushes. In contrast MACs so Sweet so Easy is harder to work with but "brings it" with the pigment, however it's finish isn't as luminous. 

The bronze veil works very well into the skin and gives a subtle bronze glow. My beloved Tan de Chanel packs a bigger punch and although isn't as easy to blend with (I can't blend it very well with my fingers so I have to apply with a buffing brush) It gives a Matt effect therefore giving that much more of a natural effect. I like the bronze veil but it doesn't beat Chanel unfortunately.

And finally the light veil. It's a bit unfair to compare it with the God that is the discontinued Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow all over radiance cream in iced gold. But alas it is my only other cream highlight at present. In terms of texture, application and performance Jemma Kidd kicks its butt But the light veil does give a subtle sheen, so isn't too awful and I think this would work better on deeper skin tones.

There you have it. A three in one cheek palette, that despite not beating its creamy counter parts individually, as a unit works really well and I enjoy using it immensely. But if your pale and you love the glow, then I suggest you take with you extra highlighting products to get the job done properly. Thank you for reading. All the best. 

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