Sunday, 24 November 2013

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Trio

Ah my perfect travel companion and spruce up kit all in a tiny chic package. As time goes on I'm finding I love this product more and more and more. My standout though is the pink cheek veil. It's lush and doubles up as a lip colour perfectly. The bronze veil is actually really blendable and build able and gives a glowing finish to the skin. The light veil, although ok, is the weak link. It's just not as stand out as I would like. Also it's a tad dark for my liking. I usually use it as a blush on its own really.  The awesomely easy blendability of these products ensures that I can apply with my fingers, thus adding to its appeal when I'm in a rush or travelling about...

In regards to comparing it with other cream products I have, the cheek veil lacks in pigmentation, however it is super blendable and looks just like a sheeny flush. Yes it gives off the highest sheen of my cream blushes. In contrast MACs so Sweet so Easy is harder to work with but "brings it" with the pigment, however it's finish isn't as luminous. 

The bronze veil works very well into the skin and gives a subtle bronze glow. My beloved Tan de Chanel packs a bigger punch and although isn't as easy to blend with (I can't blend it very well with my fingers so I have to apply with a buffing brush) It gives a Matt effect therefore giving that much more of a natural effect. I like the bronze veil but it doesn't beat Chanel unfortunately.

And finally the light veil. It's a bit unfair to compare it with the God that is the discontinued Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow all over radiance cream in iced gold. But alas it is my only other cream highlight at present. In terms of texture, application and performance Jemma Kidd kicks its butt But the light veil does give a subtle sheen, so isn't too awful and I think this would work better on deeper skin tones.

There you have it. A three in one cheek palette, that despite not beating its creamy counter parts individually, as a unit works really well and I enjoy using it immensely. But if your pale and you love the glow, then I suggest you take with you extra highlighting products to get the job done properly. Thank you for reading. All the best. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

keep glowing

On the days I want to give Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector and Jemma Kidd a rest, here are a few of my Glowing go tos...

1. No7 Radiance Beauty Balm: Not as obnoxious as Becca but also gives a lush glow to the skin. Smells of Bassets Fruit Salad sweets. Enough said. Read my rave review HERE.

2. YSL touche Eclat: Ooh back in the day when I loved The Body Shop and hated the Collection highlighter pens, there was always one highlighting slash concealer hybrid which was always on my mind. The one and only Touche Eclat. I read somewhere that one is sold every 5 minutes around the world, or something stupid, and rightly so. Where this shines is that it is flawless on the skin. FLAWLESS. I.E. it doesn't highlight pores, rest on the skin or stand out at all. It melds with the skin, giving a subtle luminosity which is stunning. I think we have a HG situation going on. I'm hooked.

3.  Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight: This subtle pale gold highlighting powder joy packs a big punch. I find myself applying this everywhere, including under the eyes and across my forehead. I like how I can pile this on without it caking up or looking crazily shiny. This product is hyped up around the beauty blogging community and it definitely deserves its good name. Hash Tag: Hooked!

Not enough GLOW GOODNESS for your liking. Read more about how to achieve glowing skin HERE HERE HERE and HERE - Happy Perusing. Next on my highlighter hit list is the Becca Shimmering skin Perfecter powder AND a few High street offerings. Watch this space for more glowing goings on. xoxo

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Soap and Glory Effect

Soap and Glory probably has the most fun packaging on the shelves of Boots. It has fun retro images, tongue in cheek names; all encased in girly pink, substantial, bottles. I especially love the Sugar Crush line. It smells citrusy sweet and "mmmm-mmmm"!! The shower gel is so lush on the skin and leaves my limbs silky smooth! The body scrub is lush too, but scent-wise kicks a stronger limey punch. Now the bath cream has a funky bottle too but it just doesn't smell very exciting. It's not bad, it's just a little boring. I don't think I'll be repurchasing this one. And finally my second body scrub in a matter of days and that is the breakfast scrub. It smells of maple syrup!! Enough said really. It comes in a fun bowl-shape tub too. Both scrubs are exactly the same consistency and give the same experience and results. It's not my favourite scrub I've ever used, to be honest. I might repurchase the Breakfast scrub again if I needed too but I wouldn't go out of my way to rebuy. I prefer this over the Sugar Crush because it's "snotty" green colour, although is mojito fun in the tub, is a little bit "eugh" on the skin. My stand out product is the Sugar Crush shower gel, which I will definitely repurchase. So there you have it, scrubs ok, bath cream ok, shower gel: WOWSERS!! Stock up on this ASAP!! xoxo

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

NARS ADULT CONTENT BLUSH PALETTE: Rated 18. contains strong COLOUR,violentLY GREAT TEXTURES and NAMES of a sexual nature.

Presenting The NARS ADULT CONTENT PALETTE. A Dominatrix MISS LIBERTY (2g) highlight that shines 'super glittery' pale pink. A tantric, neutral brown that gives out an aura of peace and ZEN (2g). A lusty. Bright. Passionate. pop of blue toned pink DESIRE (2g) and the main event: the world renowned, holy grail, peachy pink, 'slightly shimmering' powder of joy, enjoyed by approximately 3.5 billion people... DEEP THROAT (4g).

After lusting after this palette for just over a month and refusing to pay the £30 plus £7 P&P price tag I luckily acquired this at a bargain B.I.N price on EBay. 3 days later... it came. It is the same size packaging as a NARS bronzer (8g) but contains 2g more product. The 2g blushes are rather small but all you need is a quick dab in each shade to get enough colour because they are so pigmented and soft. If you attempt to swirl you will get powder everywhere. FYI.

I had hoped that this would be my "all in one" face travel companion, but alas it is not. My only issue with this palette is that MISS LIBERTY is obnoxiously glittery!!! Please don't get me wrong. We like this for nights out and its exceptionally pretty, but for during the day? for a subtle... natural...lit within glow look? it doesn't cut it and as such when I travel I'll be having to take a separate highlight with me. Which isn't too much of a bad thing because I start to feel nauseous if I'm away from my Becca Shimmering skin perfector, for too long, anyway. But it would have been nice to have a powder highlighter that could "do it all." This highlighter doesn't give too much of a colour pay off, instead leaving a dusting of glitter on the cheek.

On to my stand out product and that, surprisingly enough, is ZEN. It's a really lush contour, slash bronzer, as it stands somewhere between an overtly warm toned bronzer and ashy cool toned brown sculpting shade. Phew! Contour shade desire neutralised. *Steps away from the Kevyn Acoin sculpting powder...

DESIRE is the colour of joy. I love it and really spruces up a tired complexion. My number one choice for a night out. Loving this!! DEEP THROAT is the perfect flush of colour for my pale skin (insert the actual colour of my natural flush). Its subtle shimmers give a luminescence to the cheek and is such an easy colour to slap on and go. And I mean it. I can pile this on and it never looks too much.

That's it, I guess. If your interested then buy it, if not don't. It's a good weekender palette, but don't forget to bring your extra highlighting products if you want to be naturally glowing!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Lotions and Potions

The months of October and November has seen the purchase and trial of one or two new skin care items... It all started when my skin decided to play silly buggers. It was tender and sore and when I moisturised my face felt like it was burning!! Cue a trip to Boots to buy a few moisturisers and face masks that would hopefully soothe and nourish my skin back to normality. Talk about Winter hating my face.

The first product to say all the right things, at the right price, was the Eucerin AtoControl Face Care Cream. For daily care, this cream promises to smooth rough and irritated skin and help to relieve itching. To be honest this is my favourite product of everything I have bought in the past month or so. It is fabulous. Soothing, hydrating... does everything it says on the tin and is nearly finished. Because I love this so much i'll definitely do a more in-depth review of this on this own.

Next up is the Avene antirougeurs Calm. A soothing repair mask and was everything I needed: Indications being: redness, discomfort, pulling, heat sensations, irritation flare ups.. tick, tick, tick , tick ... TICK!! This is a lush product which I haven't really needed to use that often as the Eucerin seems to be keeping all those skin nasties at bay. I recommend this.

On that shopping trip I also finally caved into the Hydraluron moisture Booster by Indeed Laboratories. I have to say that I am obsessed with this. I use it religiousy, every morning and every night and I think is helping my skin keep hydrated and plumped. We can't know these things for sure as I started using the Eucerin and other things at the same time, but I think I really like it. It is a watery gel that feels quite sticky on the skin. But once I apply my moisturiser my skin feels soft and looks lush.

I got a few REN freebies with Style magazine last month and glad i did. Included was Evercalm Global Protection Day cream. This promises to Hydrate and replenish skin to make it feel calmed and soothed and protects against free radicals and environmental aggression HAHA. Now thats a blurb that gets a moisturiser sold. It is a lightweight white cream that melts into the skin and is less intense than the Eucerin so is perfect for the day.My sample is now empty. Must go to Marks and Spencers soon to replenish.

I ran out of my Sanctuary spray toner and decided to pick up the Evene Eau Thermale. I have to say the spray aspect to my skin care regime is my favourite and this does the job grandly at imparting that little bit more hydration. The mists is super fine so i just go crazy with it. My boyfriend is disgusted that I bought canned spring water but he just doesn't understand... boys!!

And last on the list the ever intriguing Super Facialist By Una Brennan. Vitamin C+ skin renew cleansing oil. I've passed it many times in Boots and have finally been succumbed into purchasing. It smells of artificial oranges and the bottle directs that you use this first in a 2-step cleansing routine. So get another cleanser handy. It feels very moisturising on the skin and leaves it super clean and fresh. So I'm happy.

All in all a very successful bunch of skin care goodies. A few loves have been found and I am very happy. What is your favourite skin care find this year? xoxo