Wednesday, 9 October 2013

YSL touch éclat et al.

My concealer purchasing has been building up to a crescendo. After one too many complaints from friends that my concealer was too flaky I decided to go down the liquid concealer route. I went the low road through Superdrug, stopped off in Wilko, and ended up in Debenhams!!! Cray Cray...

My first point of call was to get a liquid concealer which matched my faux tanned face! Please refer to Another Beauty Story. Part 2 for more on the whys and where-fore's? I picked up the Rimmel Wake me Up concealer. I like this concealer. I think it glides on the skin great and actually gives a healthy luminosity to the skin, the same way as its foundation counterpart does; except it is a thicker consistency. The coverage isn't the best but it's ok.

My second high street concealer wasn't so much fun. And that's the Collection illuminating touch concealer pen. Firstly the print on the pen came off on my hands, staining them most grossly. I therefore took pains to wipe the whole lot off. As a product itself? Well its not the best. It cakes on the skin. It doesn't blend out very well. It dulls the complexion rather than lift it. It doesn't conceal anything and is quite frankly a waste of time. It is the nude pen in the above picture. Look at it well and remember that it is no good. Do not buy!

As the summer dwindled and I got bored of faux tan I found myself in the same predicament: Flaky spots! So on a trip for toilet roll or Dettol or something in Wilko and I happened to pass a Maybelline stand (and the Fit me liquid in 105 fell in my basket and kept me company on the way home). Again I like the packaging. It's probably my favourite out of the three high street concealer offerings and I think has the best coverage too. However this doesn't blend into the skin very well either. You can see it on the skin and in harsh light isn't very flattering. My biggest qualm with this is that the colour is off. The Maybelline fit me line is split into three groups of dark, medium and light. And within these groups are cool toned and warm toned products. Despite being cool toned myslef I bought the warm toned offering as the cool toned concealer (110) was too dark.What's a girl to do?

A Days later; Loaded with cash on my way to the bank one day I happened upon my local Debenhams. Now it doesn't sell that many brands but it does stock YSL!! Probably my favourite beauty packaging out there. One does like a perusal every now and then. Feeling flash I dropped top dollar on the beauty lover fave and another product which has been on my "to buy" list longer than I can remember (ehem... Laura Mercier TM) The ultimate Touch eclat illuminating concealer pen! I think this comes in 7 shades and I have made the school boy error of picking up 1.5 (which is a tad too dark and too yellow toned for me) rather than 2, which is much lighter and better suited to my skin tone!!! However, despite the shade faux pas, It gives a beautiful subtle luminosity to the skin and it goes without saying that the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. Nothing is ever wrong with YSL packaging FYI. Where this pen shines, though, is that it blends in flawlessly on the skin. It's stunning and undetectable and for me this is where this stands out high above all the other concealers mentioned in this post. Now how do I get round the "no makeup returns" policy of Debenhams and change my shade??? ideas welcome.

Thanks for reading all about my concealer splurge. If you still can't get enough of concealers, though, please check out my other concealer reviews:

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