Thursday, 24 October 2013

Special Effects Makeup: Cuts and Bruises

If your stuck on Halloween costume ideas check out how to create a simple Zombie or a Wednesday Addams Makeup look. However if you want to go with something more macabre, with cuts and bruises, read on. The techniques I will describe can be applied to a number of different looks: such as the cut mouth when creating the Joker, to create gory fang wounds on a vampire look, a long slash across the neck for a beheaded victim such as a gory Mary Antoinette or Anne Boleyn, or a bare knuckle boxer... Apply it to what you like. Enjoy xox
  • Mehron SynWax (doesn't need spirit gum to stick) If you do not have any moulding wax use eyelash adhesive.
  • Palette Knife, bread knife would do.
  • Vaseline
  • Fake blood (Kryolan does light and dark blood. I have dark but light would be great for superficial wounds) You can also use a classic shade of red lipstick, mixed with a cream black eyeliner, to create a dark blood affect.
  • Black cream product. I use a black cream eyeliner
  • Blue, yellow, red, black and white powder or cream (you can create any colour with these colours, so don't get bogged down with trying to find the perfect shades as you can create them yourself)
  • Old brushes (SFX makeup has the potential and ruin brushes. Don't use your good ones)
  1. With your palette knife, cut out a small amount of moulding wax. You need less than you think. You can see in my image that I have used too much. Because of which I could mould down the wax. The more seamless the edge is, the more realistic the wound will look.
  2. Apply the wax to the skin. Put Vaseline on the palette knife and your fingers at this point. As you manipulate the wax this will prevent it from sticking to your fingers. Remember to try and make your edge as seamless as possible.
  3. With the palette knife, create a cut and widen as you want it. Make it as jagged or as clean as your look requires it.
  4. fill the gap in with a black cream (eyeliner) to hide any skin and to make the cut more authentic later on.
  5. start the bruising. Around the wound you need your bruise to be strong and to look fresh. A fresh bruise is dark blue/purple so dust black around the wound. On top add red and on top of that a blue to create a deep purple. Play about. As your bruise goes further on, create a yellow/green bruise using a base of blue and top with yellow.
  6. Add fake blood in the wound and around it. Be sure to dribble the blood if your look requires it. Use as much as you need for your look.

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  1. This is looking real with a great effect! Thanks to artist. I will try myself for the awesome effect.
    I also gotten a many awesome tips and and tutorials from a informative sites.