Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Chisel those Cheekbones

Sculpting your face transforms your look from ok to pro. It's my favourite part of putting on my makeup. Whereas bronzers should be applied to the top points of your face to add warmth to your face, sculpting/contouring powders should be applied to the low points of your face and areas which you wish to look smaller. When you highlight an area of your face, your bringing it forward and it stands out. By shading in a feature, your making it appear more shrunken in. Therefore you normally shade under your cheekbones to give them definition, either side of your nose to make it appear thinner, across the forehead to make it look smaller too and so on and so forth, Where you contour varies on what feathers you wish to detract attention from.

My only cream contour shade is my Illamasqua cream pigment in hollow. It gives a super natural shading to the skin and once you warm the product up it blends beautifully. I would only recommend this for fair to medium skin tones as it is rather light and would perhaps be too light if your skin tone was darker.

My most frequent contour product of choice is the Sleek contour kit in Light. This is really cheap and is a great product to shade and illuminate the skin (note the highlighter). This gives a great neutral contour to the skin. It's a warm brown and gives an effortless natural contour. If I'm after a very strong contour look , i look no further than my MAC pans Coquette and (for an even stronger contour) Brun. These cool toned shadows are the perfect shading tools for a more editorial look and is great for hollowing out your features for halloween. I use these with a light hand at the corners of my cheekbones for an extra lift.

if your not one for shaping and shading your face when doing makeup then I highly suggest you pop down to Superdrug, buy a sleek contouring kit and get busy. You'll never turn back! Thanks for stopping by xoxox


  1. Hmm...interesting! I am thinking of trying it out. It seems like a great product to try out. I am curious on how it works and if it blends well with my skin.

    1. the sleek contour kit? it's really cheap so you might as well.. good luck xoxo