Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Soltan Once Facial Sunscreen with Gradual Tan

I don't want to be a beauty snob! I don't want to pan most the cheaper beauty products I try but that's just the way the cookie crumbles (and it's hard on my bank balance). I have been fake tanning recently and bored of the Rimmel sun shimmer instant tan (which I have been suspecting of clogging my pores) I looked to Boots for a facial gradual tanner and the Soltan Once Gadual tanner Facial sunscreen for £5.35 seemed just the ticket. Now my skin doesn't seem to like the sun or sunscreens as a week into the hot weather my shoulder!!! broke out with white heads!! Yum.

Also I have never come across a tinted moisturiser slash bb cream that hasn't given me spots and this Soltan facial sunscreen is no different! It gave me pimples on my nose (yum) and lumpy bumpy, under the skin spots on my forehead!! It all came to ahead when I couldn't take it any longer!

I cleansed it off using my trusty bioderma miscelle water followed by my new love the infamous Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm and a random serum sample and ceased to use it for 1 day and my spots on my nose ha vanished and the lumps on my head are on their way out! hip hip! suffice to say I won't use this again as my skin says NO! But what of the product itself? How does it apply, feel and perform? I'll tell you! Just because it reacted badly on me doesn't mean you will suffer the same fate.

It is a thick off white beige cream which smells of fruit salad sweets! I find it doesn't blend in very well, instead it sort of leaves a film over your face! I find that it gives a super glowy or oily appearance to the face and is uncomfortable on the skin! and as I have already explained it gives me spots. it has a great level of protection in it however; ultra UVA protection and SPF30 UVB protection! I recommend this facial sunscreen for those of you with dry skin! I however am giving this away and vow never to go cheap on facial skin products again! 

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