Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Body Shop: Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

After checking out my friends makeup bag she gave me two products which she found far too pale for her. One was The body Shop moisture foundation. Despite it being the perfect colour. FYI much paler than most on the hughstreet, I found the foundation very watery and tended to separate during the day and stayed on for 4.36 minutes only and the plastic pump bottle and its easily rubbed away silver lettering lacking in any real quality and I didn't like it. The foundation was quickly given a new home but the other product: the bronzing powder in shade 02 Fair Matte a real find. I love it and I will tell you why.

First. The packaging. Despite the hinge being very loose and the mirror being redundant. I don't use the mirror. It is the perfect size for travelling. It's oober slim and takes up no room. As sexy as the bulky luxe compacts are. They're just too big honestly speaking. I also like the honey comb embossing on the powder too. Its simple yet effective.

Second. The powder. It's not the most pigmented powder in the world. You have to build up some product but that's no problem. In comparison to luxe brands it does lack that premium quality which brands like Dior and Nars boast but like I said, on its own merit it's fine and isn't a detriment to the product, it just isn't a plus.

Third. The Colour. This is the PERFECT PALE SHADE of bronze. It has a pinky undertone which blends into pale skin a treat and as it doesn't go on orangey at all, it looks super natural. In comparison to Dior's matte bronzer, it is so much lighter and more natural and if push came to shove I would chose the Body Shop Bronzer over the Dior one any day of the week and is actually used ten times more frequently. The swatch above is The body sho phoney bronze bronzing powder on the left and Dior bronze in 002 on the right.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzers come in 4 shades and in one shade lighter than the one I have, if that is possible. Even though I need a pale bronzer I find the 01 light matte shade too yellow toned and so could come up too orangey on the skin. Even for the palest girl I would recommend 02. It retails for £13 and despite being really great I don't know I just feel like it is over priced. I think £9.99 would be a better price for the bronzer as the packaging is flimsy and the powder lacking in quality. If your pale though then the shading of this is too good not to miss. Despite the price tag I really enjoy this product and recommend it. Time will tell if I repurchase. I'm yet to own Nars Laguna and I feel it's high time that I rectified that. 

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