Friday, 26 July 2013

NIVEA SUN: 'Protect and Refresh' Invisible Cooling Mist

I absolutely love this sunscreen. Purely because it is so quick and simple to use. It comes in a bright blue 200ml aerosol can and bright yellow lid. It has a 4 star UVA rating and a SPF50 UVB protection. What this quantifiably means is anyones guess as information off the Internet is confusing and leaves me with more questions than I did to start with. Basically you need UVA protection for ageing and skin cancers caused by skin damage and you need UVB protection from sunburn. some sites say: the higher the SPF the lighter the skin tone, others say: SPF doesn't account for the quality of protection at all, but  only the length of time protection is given; so you need a sunscreen with a broad spectrum?? It's a minefield. For me. I go for the highest protection and will try and reapply should I be out in the sun longer than a couple of hours.

The Nivea sun cooling mist isn't broad spectrum but it does say it is water resistant. Although the sites say you should reapply regardless it's comforting to think that this product has that little bit more protection should I forget to reapply after swimming. Again I find this sunscreen a joy to use. I can spray it upside down and it can reach hard to reach areas - it's great. It also smells like sunscreen. A sweet citrusy smell which evokes memories of childhood summers. It is cooling too and leaves a satin sheen to the skin. And it dries super quick and it feels like there's nothing there.  I just spray and go (as it gives 'immediate protection'). No need to rub in or anything. Et voila. The perfect sunscreen for people on the go. Downside is that it is a bit more expensive than other sunscreen on the shelves in Boots and retails at something stupid like £16.99 but is currently on offer and I got this for £8.49. What's your favourite sunscreen? xoxo

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