Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Nivea 'In Shower' Body Moisturiser

The Nivea, In Shower Body Moisturiser was just too intriguing to miss out on. There's two varieties out for dry and normal skin. I decided on getting the most moisturising Almond oil skin conditioner to get the best out of the product. I think it retailed for £2.99, so is bargainous. Ok so I convinced myself I needed this product because I never remember to moisturise my body. I find it too much of a chore to do on an everyday basis and I suffer with psoriasis on my legs which needed a little bit more TLC. So cue a quick and easy body moisturiser that I can do in the shower, no fuss, no mess. First impressions of this are very nice. I don't particularly like the smell. It's slightly chemical and uninviting but it's not over powering so unless you have your nose in the cap, I'm guessing you won't notice. I'm noticing that although I don't use this every day I am going through it very quickly. I am also finding that on a rushed morning I don't have enough time to wash my body, then condition it. I guess its just not grained into my shower routine yet. Truth is, although it moisturises great, I don't think I'll be rushing out to repurchase this when it's finished. I guess I'm just stuck in my routine and it's going to be hard to change my habit now. I think I'll get a new lease of love for it when my psoriasis flares up again! How do you find the Nivea 'in shower' body moisturiser? Do you remember to use it every shower? xoxo

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