Monday, 15 July 2013

July Beauty Update: I'm smelling like a biscuit!!

This morning I awoke to the very distinguishable smell of the biscuit - the fake tan. Or to be precise: Garner moisturiser  build up tan. With the help of a tanning mitt I have finally mastered the no streak look. Hooray! I have been darkening my foundations and giving my face and my body a tan touch up with Rimmels sun shimmer instant tan too.

In this 20 degress centigrade plus weather I do not leave the house without wearing factor 30 (minimum) I'm currently using Caudelie Soleil Divin anti-ageing face suncare (SPF 50). I have finally finished the Clinique super city block and although I found it greasy and the smell upset me more than words can say. It is still my favourite facial SPF that I have used thus far. For one reason: it is a perfect pinky brown colour that covers the skin amazingly and so does not give the white cast look, which, unfortunately Caudelie gives :-( Caudelie smells great, I like the teeny tube but the whiteness is not ideal. I think as such I won't be repurchasing. On my body I am still using my Garnier golden protect spf in 30. It smells aweful but as its a pink colour it blends into the skin very well and it makes me sparkle. SPARKLE!!! so I'm loving that!!

Makeup wise I have been back on with my Dr Jarts water fuse Beauty Balm and as its a tad dark for me anyway it's perfection. Cooling on the skin and is lush. For nights out I have been loving wearing my Ardell Demi whispies lashes. They look so natural and I think my favourite eye lashes I have ever worn. Plus they are shorter (bandwise) than any other I have tried and as such I haven't had to cut them down! Result! Plus I have had lots of compliments. I have been loving wearing my MAC creme blend blush in so sweet so easy: The perfect pop of colour. Simples. My heart has also gone out to my Bobby Brown Light peach colour correcter. Bang and your bags are gone! It's lightweight and magic! Loving this.

Hair wise I have recently bleached my hair and along with the sun and the sea water and the theme park water rides my hair is going through the motions. I have been looking after it by using Charles Worthington Moisture seal conditioner, intense rescue melting balm and Morrocan oil treatment.

After such a harsh winter the UK is finally enjoying a well deserved hot summer. Fingers crossed it continues. If you have enjoyed my July SUMMER beauty update please check out my JUNE BEAUTY UPDATE and my MAY BEAUTY STORY

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