Sunday, 14 July 2013

Jerome Russell Medium Lift Blonding Kit

Two years ago I had disastrous results bleaching my head at home. In truth I was underprepared and my expectations of bright white locks were well and truly stumped by the yellow, patchy mess I was left with! Please check out my top ten tips on bleaching your hair (with disastrous yellow mop photo)!

My roots were out of control and I didn't want to pay top dollar for a hairdresser so I had no option but to buy a DIY hair bleach. My bleach of choice (because it was the only hair bleach brand available in Boots) was the Jerome Russell Blonding kit and as my natural hair is fair anyway I opted for the medium lift kit. Maximum is also available for brunets and dark, black hair. 

In the at home kit includes, bleaching powder, ointment, a "conditioning" shampoo, gloves, a plastic hat, a hair dye brush, mixing bowl and an instruction booklet. The only element this doesn't provide is the friend to do it for you! after years of patchy hair DIY I have finally enlisted the help of a hair dying competent friend! This element, in my opinion, is crucial for an even application.

My experience over all was very good with this product. With help from my friend it managed to do what it said on the tin. It bleached my roots. And, the best part is that the results were quite white, not the nasty bright yellow I'm ordinarily accustomed to. Sure, for my silver white tastes it is far too yellow still but it is quite good so cudos for that. It also only took 60 minutes to develop. The box says it should take 15 to 60 minutes for it to develop on blonde locks. I hadn't washed my hair for 3 days before bleaching and as such the bleach didn't particularly irritate me. Sure it's a little irritable as it's bleach but it wasn't bad at all! 

The powder and solution mixed together to create a light blue liquid paste mixture. My friend disliked the gloves that came with the pack, instead opting to use her own disposable latex gloves. My friend also complained that the brush is far too small and again opted to use her own, better quality, bigger brush.  I found that the conditioning shampoo really isn't conditioning at all and a word to the wise: don't bleach your head at midnight just before you go to bed!! That's what I did and I woke up with a highly sensitive and irritated scalp that hurt when I brushed my head across the pillow. 'ouch'.   

Like I said I'm impressed with this product as it did the job however I do recommend you invest in your own application brush and have a highly moisturising conditioner at hand because as I type this my hair is as dry as a bone. Rookie mistake - I'm away from home and as it was so late when I bleached my head I was too tired to scout about trying to find a conditioner. Doh! 

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