Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Makeup is so much fun to buy. There's nothing I like more than to part my cash on a beautiful lipstick, the next new "it" foundation or the perfect highlight; however makeup is merely the finishing touch. In my opinion if you get the basics right then the need, or want, for a full face of makeup will diminish. Let me explain. Aside from wanting to look the part, or having fun applying amazing products, wearing makeup is linked to self esteem isn't it? I wear more makeup if I feel a bit ropey or want to glam up on a night out. The happier I am with the starting point the less likely I am to slap it on! The starting point is great skin, but is also great hair and the big thing: good teeth!!

Lets talk about skin first... I love glowing skin. My skin can never look glowing enough so I base my entire skincare regime to cater for this. If there's any skin care item which reads on the label: RADIANCE ENHANCING then I'm all over it! The key to an affective skin care regime is trial and error and not to compromise. If the better product for your skin is 3 times the amount of the alternative then buy it! Also be ready to adapt. Stress, hormones and the weather can all drastically change the performance of your skin! Don't stick yourself in a dry/combo box, for example, as it might get oily quick. Keep an eye on your skin and be ready to alter your skin care regime to cater for its symptoms!

Next up: lets talk Hair! Beautiful, healthy, amazing hair can make all the difference to a look. What's the point on spending hours on your face if your hair looks like rubbish? It's important to look after your hair and your confidence will flow from it. I like to cut my hair pixi short and bleach my hair platinum blonde. I find that in order to maintain it I need to have it cut regularly to keep the shape, by a GOOD hair dresser. I can't skimp on hair dressing as a bad cut means disaster! I keep the colour lush by using a silverising shampoo and moisturising conditioners and treatments. Like your skin, you must keep a close eye on your hair and care for it accordingly. Judge your hair by how confident it makes you feel. and remember if you hate the style, it will grow out!!

And finally the not so easy Teeth!! Good teeth is the final thing! If you like your teeth you smile more and are more relaxed and at ease, especially when cameras are around and talking from the perspective of a keen photographer if you smile it really lifts your face! Good teeth benefit from a good daily hygiene routine and good lifestyle (don't smoke. This will benefit everything though, FYI), go to the dentist regularly and if you can afford it I'd get them whitened or straightened. I'm actually hoping to get my teeth whitened soon...

So there you have it. Look after your hair, skin and teeth and you will have bags more confidence and feel so much better about yourself. Have the basics perfected and you can have fun wearing makeup, not have it wear you! I hope this was interesting reading! Please follow me on TWITTER and BLOGLOVIN for more beauty updates! xoxo


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