Saturday, 27 July 2013

Garnier Body: Summer Body Moisturising lotion Sun kissed look

I have always been a tanning nube. I have never not streaked a tanning product. Way back when, when Johnson's released the first moisturiser with gradual tan, holiday sun - I thought my tan streaking ways were over. They weren't. Every year I have tried and failed to look sun-kissed. My friend gave me this last year. I used it, failed and moved on. This year I attempted with a tanning mitt and hallelujah I nailed it. No more streaks (well maybe one the last time I applied it but more on that later).

The golden yellow bottle is ok, shaped in such a way to be held easily so kudos for that but there is rubbish sticker which has started to peel and looks, well, rubbish. it smells nice but on second application I smelt like a biscuit the next morning. This has never happened again so I'm happy with that! On the bottle Garnier have put twice that it contains apricot extract. Apparently that's good. I don't know why that's good and it doesn't say so either so I don't see how that's a selling point really and probably doesn't need to clutter the label. 

I guess it does what it says on the tin. My skin feels moisturised and it's giving me a tan. Although no one said anything to the contrary I think it's too orangey in tone to be natural looking like Garnier claim, as a real tan has more of a red undertone to it. But I think that's the same with all fake tans really. Despite being the DEEP shade It looks good on my pale skin and I don't look tangoed by any means. It smells really nice and this lingers on the skin too.

This is a good product that is giving me a tan. I'm not wowed by any means though and probably won't repurchase this particular gradual tanner. If you use one, got any recommendations? xoxo

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