Sunday, 21 July 2013

Charles Worthington: Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm

I bought this on the back of a high recommendation from FleurdeForce in an old USA / UK drugstore swap with Miss Glam Life Guru. It's been on my wish list ever since and despite being on a beauty ban I convinced myself it was a necessity as I don't own any other hair mask, treatment, intensive leave in conditioner etc. Sure it's a high street product but it is probably one of the most expensive hair care items in there, retailing for £16.99, for 100ml of product.

First impressions are good. the reflectant rose gold and orange box looks quite lux. the box is also very informative, giving stats on how much better your hair will look and how hair breakage will decrease by 71% etc etc. Apparently its blend of 7 exotic oils and butters is packed with lipids and proteins, similar to those naturally found in healthy hair. All you need is a teaspoon amount and apply it to dry hair 20 minutes before you wash it, twice a week. But you can wear it all night if you wish to.

The tub is plastic, light and sturdy and the twist on lid holds the product in tight. The ivory balm, when rubbed in the centre of your palms it easily melts into an oil. In regards to smell, well, it smells like shampoo. That's it. It reminds me of the smell of the shampoo I used when I was a little girl. I guess it has a tropical coconut oil smell if I had to put my finger on it.

In regards to intensely rescuing my hair I gave it the ultimate test. I bleached my hair recently (Jerome Russell Medium Lift Blonding Kit post) and it was a dry as straw. I dolloped the melting balm all over my bleach damaged locks and left it on for as long as possible to let it do its work. Results were very impressive. My previous straw dry locks were nourished and super smooth! I'm converted. I am very happy with this product and dare I say that it will be a hair care staple for me for now on. I highly recommend this melting balm.

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  1. This sounds like it is worth the money. I like the packaging and I love how it melts. I think I need to try this product.