Monday, 10 June 2013

Sanctuary: Spa Perfect Skin

Ah my Sanctuary: Spa perfect Skin haul was my very last before I put the breaks on all beauty purchases, way back when, at the end of April. I had heard tonnes of great stuff about the Borghese mud masks and the Caudalie facial spray and the come back of the toner in our skin care regimes and I was eager to try them out, but alas they were (are) out of my price range so I had to find cheaper alternative. Also at the time I was loving my baths and in an attempt to luxe them up on a budget I invested some "spa" products. The deep cleanse Facial: 5 minute thermal detox mask was supposed to be my only purchase but I guess I got carried away and I popped in the Deep Cleanse Facial  Pore Refining Toner in my basket too. Both are under ten pounds and so I figured bargainous compared to the afore mentioned products and the higher priced skin care bubble I had been living in!

Ok so the thermal detox mask. A warming charcoal treatment sounded ever so exciting and I was sold. I tried with a brush ( ala Vivianna Does makeup) but this didn't work out for me. I find the best way to use this is with clean fingers. I smear a good amount around my face, concentrating on my T zone and in the crevices either side of my nose. I never get bored of the warming sensation that occurs 5 seconds after it has been applied, however it doesn't last long and by the time I have applied it  all over my face and sat back to relax in the bath the heat has dissipated and I am left with sticky grey goop on my face. It doesn't harden like a clay mask or feel particularly invigorating or deep cleansing. My skin does feel soft afterwards though and this hasn't broken me out which is a big plus. This is very inoffensive face mask, which although does no harm, I don't feel like it does much good. I just don't feel refreshed or invigorated when I use this, just a tad softer skin. It's an ok product, I just won't repurchase.

Now we come to my "buy high" purchase: the pore refining toner. This acts as a refreshing toner when sprayed onto cotton wool and swiped on my face or as a refreshing pick me up during the day. I find that this does add an extra glow to my face and when I apply my Dr Jarts water fuse Beauty Balm with this my skin is so glowy it is verging on the greasy... too much of a good thing I suppose. I really like the smell of this and although I can't put my finger on it, it smells similar to Charlotte's Magic Cream. The thing that really caught my eye with this product is its PORE REFINING claims. I have to say though I have found no difference in the size or any refining of my pore size. Well if I have it hasn't been ground breaking or enough to wow me or actually buy this product again. I'm sure by the time I have finished this product I will be back on my higher end skin care and Sanctuary and its ten pounds or less spa products will be a memory. It's fine and its nice, but again , I won't repurchase.

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