Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June Beauty Update

Here in the UK we finally have the hot weather that we have been hoping for; from the moment we put away our Christmas decs. And I'm sick of pale. Right now I'm not feeling my English Rose complexion and have decided to bring out my Rimmel Sun Shimmer instant tan (fair matte). I think I used it twice last year but this year I'm slapping it on like there's no tomorrow. It's not water proof unfortunately, so it washes off quite easily so my aim is to use this up and invest in a St Tropez instant tan, or similar. Cue research! I do love the smell of the Rimmel sun shimmer though. It smells like talcum powder and reminds me of my mum!

To give dimension to my bronze complexion I have been using my most beloved, and continuously mentioned, Soleil Tan de Chanel cream bronzer. I am also obsessed with my Accessorize merged baked blusher in 5 - Sensation. I tell you it is the prettiest pink and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. A "lit within glow" if you will. Then we have my go to summery nail polish: Essie's 5th Avenue. It's a lush fire engine red and a perfect chic summer nail colour. I think it has been my most applied nail polish this year. I am shocked that it hasn't had a post of its very own... Yet!

Yesterday I fell off the "beauty buying ban wagon" and bought Charles Worthington's intense rescue melting balm. I have been lusting after this since I watched a UK / US high street / drugstore swap on Fleur De force's channel and when I saw it in my local Boots I convinced myself that I needed it!! This shopping trip also saw me come away with Nivea's In-Shower Body Moisturiser that has been doing the rounds on the blogs. I've used it twice thus far and I'm impressed.

I'm also enjoying using my Sanctuary pore refining toner as a refreshing spritz throughout the hot days and I have been slathering on the Elizabeth Arden: 8hr cream because my lips are so chapped and sore right now. Sad face.

So there you have it: My June beauty update! I hope it was an enjoyable read. Fingers crossed the good weather continues. Please read my May Beauty Story for an insight into last months big things as well. Thank you for reading - Take Care, Garnier :-) xoxox

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