Friday, 14 June 2013


The battle of the dry shampoo commences. In the red corner weighing 200mg and costing £3.99 Batiste Tropical dry shampoo and in the blue corner, also weighing 200mg and costing £3.50, Tresemme Instant Fresh volumising dry shampoo!

Off the bat I like the Tresemme bottle better. I think the fatter, sleek black, bottle is much more chic than the candy coloured, preteen perfume spray-esque bottle of Batiste. The smell of Batiste however is amazing. It's coconut smell is reminiscent of the Body Shop coconut body range and I love it. The tresemme isn't distasteful by any means but smells like hairspray on application and settles to nothing. I think this is a great thing, scentless beauty products work very well and I like that however Batiste has the yum factor.

In regards to application Tresemme wins hands down. The dry shampoo is invisible and in comparison to Batiste I don't need that much product. The batiste comes out white and I feel like I have sprayed talcum powder on my scalp. I also need loads of this stuff to make a difference. Now public safety announcement time: spray the Batiste in a well ventilated room and have an inhaler nearby if you suffer with asthma. It creates a cloud of white smoke whenever you apply it so just be warned. I'm also worried that, with the amount that I have to use with the Batiste, it won't last very long!

In regards to wear. I find that they both create a powdery texture to my hair and although both diffuse the greasy look, my hair still feels heavy and nasty and I can't wait to run home and wash my hair with, like, real shampoo and water! I think the Tresemme gives a better finish. It is aimed at fine and oily hair, which is essentially my hair and it does actually give my hair that much more volume. The batiste gives my hair a lift too but not as much as the Tresemme.

I think, after testing these guys out I'm not a fan of dry shampoo. I don't like how it makes my hair feel and the affects are no where near the results of actually washing your hair! But it's merely used as a last resort when I have missed my shower that morning for example. I guess it would work well if your camping over a weekend or going to a festival. I know people use dry shampoo merely to give volume to their hair. The victor of this dry shampoo fight is obviously tresemme and I will happily buy this again. Batiste, despite smelling amazing, your out! What's your dry shampoo of choice? Thankyou for reading, all the best, Natalie xoxo

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