Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A May beauty story

Better late than never: My May beauty story 2013:

It started on a cold day. Officially in the last month of spring we UK dwellers waited with baited breath for sunshine. We beauty bloggers gathered April favourites and identified what products we wanted to buy in May and we, too, hoped for sunshine. We hoped to review SPF and fake tan and tan developing moisturisers and tell tales of pedicures and finally getting the razor out in the bid to wear shorts. And most importantly we want to wear neon nail varnish again and get away with it because its sunny. I got a few looks back in January when I decided to while away the grey days with highlighter yellow nails. I bought a new facial SPF in the last weeks of April, and am still waiting to review it. I shaved my legs ready for shorts, but alas, haven’t worn them.

At the end of April and the beginning of May I was all about the GLOW. Literally I couldn’t get enough. I was going AU NATUREL. Literally no coverage: just pure shine. But then MAC STUDIO MOISTURE TINT happened and the SPOTS happened and I said goodbye to MAC’s STUDIO MOISTURE TINT once and for all. Oh my god. My skin still bears the scars of spots gone by. Miserable! By mid May my skin was feeling super oily, in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. Thanks MAC: my skin had regressed 10 years.
Another big beauty problem in May was that I put myself on a beauty buying ban!! Well non-essential item ban for the foreseeable future. As a result I have a beauty wish list which is ever expanding and a newly formed obsession for the entire Clarins spring summer 2013 line! Oh and the Dior birds of paradise Bronzer blush. But firmly at the top of the list is a NARS eye shadow primer. Mid May I wore eye shadow for the first time in a while and the shadow had dissipated from my oily lids in a matter of hours.

I really got into my baths too in May and  my usual daily showers were cast aside for long daily soaks in the tub. I had dallied with the idea of blogging about my bath time joy for a while, but was prevented by the fact that my bath time doesn’t resemble the Spa-esque relaxation haven or promote the use of bath salts and oils and, you know, Diptyque candles, like other bloggers. Instead my baths consist of: Pro:voke touch of silver twice weekly brightening shampoo, mere Dove conditioner, which I use as a hair mask, medicated balm for psoriasis, shaving my armpits and Matey bubble bath. My attempt at a luxe bath experience materialised by using a half price Yankee Candle in Mango Salsa and slathering on Sanctuary Detox pore refiner mask. Check out my little Sanctuary: Spa Perfect skin Haul HERE.

But as much as I enjoyed relaxing in my baths, May was all about my obsession with The Great Gatsby and this eclipsed everything else! I updated my twitter feed on the soundtrack, book and impending film release ALOT on this subject and even did a FOTD and OOTD in its honour!

On consideration there are 3 standout products which I have been particularly loving this month. We're talking Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector and my all time fave Soleil Tan de Chanel. PROVOKE: touch of Silver twice a week brightening shampoo has been invaluable too, as it is every month to be fair, in keeping nasty brassy tones at bay. I've also enjoyed spot cleaning my brushes as I dipped my toes into the world of makeup brush cleaners with No7's offering!

May turned out to be mostly grey, cold and rainy, with a few injections of warmth and sunshine on the bank holiday weekends. Our English weather is unpredictable, but as the old saying goes: the futures bright, the futures orange. I’m excited about the summer, rain or shine there’s a lot going on. I’ll continue to blog regularly, reviewing everything in sight until my beauty ban is lifted. Please follow my Blog on BLOGLOVIN and follow my daily dalliances on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. Farewell May – Hello June!

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