Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What's in a smell??

The smell of a beauty item can make or break a purchase. I'm so sensitive to smells and if I don't like it I'm not buying it or it's not in my beauty stash very long. The Chanel and YSL foundations are examples of products that are great but the smell prevents me from buying them.

First of all I am hyper sensitive to perfumes - 90% on the shelf I hate the smell of and 9.9% of perfumes which I like settle into a nasty stink on my skin. Because of this I have never been a perfume person and can go months without even wearing any! Because of this I own only one - eau de parfum Dior Jadore. My boyfriends cologne Amarni attitude is my favourite smell of all time and I have actually worn this on myself before!

The smell of a product is very important when we're talking about body care! of course how well it melts into the skin and how comfortable it is is a factor but the smell is definitely the clincher. My current shower cream is Nivea happy time with "invigorating orange blossom scent." It was only 98p but 'oh my god' it smells like orange starburst! lussshhhh. The Body Shop is the king of body butters and body scrubs My all time favourite scent is the coconut but at present I only have the strawberry body butter and the Sweet lemon whip body lotion. They smell sweet and fruity and AMAZING.

Now onto to skincare and makeup. I think overall I like my beauty face products to be fragrance free but every now and then a nice smelling product doesn't hurt. Beginning with No7 Instant Radiance beauty balm. I bought this, initially, purely because it smelt of fruit salad sweets. That's it. Sure I wanted the radiant aspect (GLOW I NEED MORE GLOW) but mainly because of the smell. I also love the smell of my Olay multi-radiance fluid. Yum. The smell of the Soleil Tan de Chanel smells amazing too, as does the Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation. Oh and finally, I couldn't not mention, my beloved Clarin's instant light lip perfectors. They smell like caramel - yum!!

Well there you have it - my favourite smelling products! I think in such a cluttered market place, where the is an abundance of choice, everything counts and smell can be a deal breaker. I hope you guys enjoyed this post Please follow me on TWITTER and this blog on BLOGLOVIN for more. Much love Natalie xoxo

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