Tuesday, 14 May 2013

the tinted moisturiser saga continues: MAC - your out!!

I have been logging my experience with the MAC studio moisture tint, starting from how it saved the day as the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser was out of stock in my colour, read this tale HERE!! through my review. (Read my product review HERE) To conclude my evaluation of this product: it wasn't a wow product and it was really thick. Together I needed to use a moisturiser underneath to get the luminosity and moisture surge I needed! the real problem and the deal breaker is that this tinted moisture breaks me out! Everytime I use this my face explodes in pimples. First time it was my chin and left cheek and cheek bone. Second time it was my forehead and my chin. The third time it's my right and left cheek and my forehead and the last time? Oh my god. The third time was the worst. What started as two unsqueezable deep whiteheads, became painful lumps and then nasty explosive white heads. As I type this I have scabs after a unavoidable squeezing session. Enoughs, enough and I'm not having it anymore! I think the lesson of the day is don't impulse buy. The studio moisture tint is being passed on and I'm back to square one. It seems MAC saved the battle but the war rages on. The saga continues!

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