Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I like my hair to be white! As platinum and as brassiness free as possible. Therefore a violet or silverising shampoo is essential. At present PRO:VOKE has the monopoly on silverising shampoos, in Boots at least, as it is the only one available. I have only used one other and it was some nobody brand from Sally's hair supply store, and the name of which escapes me. So the PRO:VOKE touch of silver twice a week brightening shampoo, with violet pigment, aims to actively neutralises brassiness (yellow tones) in your hair. My impressions are that it is probably identical to the other silversing shampoo I have used. The shampoo is very liquidy, so be careful as it will drip everywhere. It doesn't foam up or is particularly nourishing to the hair at all. It has a potent medication shampoo kind of smell. But that isn't too offensive. I do find that it dries your hair out quite a bit, so the use of a moisturising conditioner, to follow, is a must.

The most important thing to mention is that it works. It acts as a toner and truly does what it says on the tin - it neutralises brassiness. Therefore it is very important to follow the instructions and use it twice a week for 5 minutes at a time IF you don't want your hair to go grey. It can happen. I personally love that and will happily leave it on my hair for half an hour, an hour (eek). I repeat though that this is not good for your hair! My hair hasn't fallen out or anything, but again using a good moisturising conditioner and something like Moroccan Oil to soften out your hair is a good idea. Its a steal at £3.09 on the Boots Website . Very cheap and you won't be disappointed. I Highly recommend. xoxo


  1. I use this on my ombre ends, but I buy it from Home Bargains for a pound :D
    It really does work and I always notice a difference!

    Great review :)

    1. A pound you say? then 3 isn't bargainous it's daylight robbery! thanks for stopping by xoxo