Sunday, 5 May 2013

Product Review: The Body Shop Lightening Touch Highlighter pen

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, one of few products that I have finished and have literally had to run out and repurchase the same day because my life felt so empty without it! It is The Body Shop's version of the YSL touche eclat and I really like it I do! It's a light coverage concealer with light diffusing particles, adding that little bit of radiance to your under eye area. When applied on the high points of your face it adds a subtle luminescence to the skin, which is quite marvellous quite frankly.

The 3ml highlighting concealer retails for £14 HERE and comes in 3 shades. It comes in a smart little package - a chic mirrored metallic twist up pen and integrated brush. I have bought this twice I have never found it to leak or the brush head to malt or experienced any malfunctions or mishaps with this at all! I think it's a great product which is quick and easy to use. I am very happy with this.

My only problem is that I have never tried another one and as such I can't compare it to anything else on the market. It is actually running out now and I have the tough decision of which highlighting concealer to buy next (because obviously it is an essential item in my life)! Do I go uber cheap and trial the Collection offering, do I buy this one again; with the mantra "if it ain't broke don't fix it" or... or... do I buy the beauty girls HG the YSL Touche Eclat itself??? Decisions, Decisions!!

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