Monday, 6 May 2013

Product Review: Benefit Instant Brow Pencil

Benefit is great. I enjoy perusing their counter and like their fun names and funky packaging, I especially like their holiday gift sets, but I don't often drop any money on them; but after checking out every. single. eyebrow pencil in Boots I finally decided on the Benefit Instant brow pencil. At the time I found that it was the lightest, ashiest pencil. Most eyebrow pencils are too red or far too dark.

The best bit about this brow pencil is that it has a spooly attachment. This saves time and space (in your beauty bag - when travelling) when doing your brows. It's a soft pencil, which you need to sharpen quickly. But despite my fears this has lasted much longer than I expected it too. Bad bits - I have found better in Cliniques superfine liner for brows in soft blonde, I think it is called. I also prefere the Clinique pencil because it is thinner and a wind up mechanism, rather than sharpen, which, sorry Benefit and every other brow pencil manufacturer, is a pain! I actually find that it is just that little bit too dark, so is left to night time makeup looks. I did really like it but as I have found better I would recomend the clinique eyebrow pencils over this one unfortunately. In its defence though, It is prettier than the Clinique pencil. But as we all know, when it comes to the crunch, substance wins over style. The Benefit Instant Brow Pencil comes in 3 shades and retails for £15. See for yourself HERE - Thankyou for stopping by Check me out on Twitter and be fore to follow this blog on BlogLovin :D xoxo

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