Wednesday, 5 June 2013

No7 makeup brush cleanser

Armed with a £3 off voucher I decided to dip my toe into brush cleanser waters. Until this point I have only deep cleaned my brushes with Baby Shampoo, but I have found myself, once too often, caught short with dirty brushes when I am in a rush to leave the house. Hands up if you too have used your 224 to apply concealer only to smear brown/black eye shadow across your face? So suffice to say investment in a brush cleanser, to spot clean my brushes, was long over due. No7's makeup brush cleanser retails for £8, I got it for £5 and if you wait for the No7 £5 off vouchers you could get it for £3. So it's very reasonably priced then for 185ml of Hypo-allergenic makeup brush cleanser, which acts to "thoroughly cleanse and remove makeup residue build up." It clearly states on the back that you still need to deep clean your brushes regularly and this works only as a quick fix. The good side to this product is that my brushes have never felt so soft, and although it doesn't remove staining on the bristles it does remove the excess build up. The bad side to this product is that I feel it would work better with a spray dispenser rather than a lotion one. As I feel like this is very wasteful of product. But what's more, in order to clean a brush I have to use a lot of this cleanser, in order to remove most of the product in the brush - ergo I don't think It is going to last very long. Also it isn't very travel friendly. I see myself having to dispense this next time I travel! I hope this helpful - what's your favourite brush cleanser? I think I'll buy the MAC one next!! xoxox

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