Saturday, 4 May 2013

Glow, I need more Glow

My time of wearing high coverage, matt foundations is a distant memory as I get into my glow stride! My love for the glow, radiant, dewy, luminous youthful and beautiful skin has reached critical levels. I start with a radiance enhancing serum before bed, namely the No7 overnight radiance boost serum and Alpha H liquid gold overnight treatment. They give your skin a luminescence when you wake up. Then onto the moisturiser. I like to use Olay multi radiance fluid or Charlotte Tilbury's Magic cream which both give your skin a radiance. oh it doesn't stop there. Next on the agenda is a radiance enhancing primer. My fav is no7 radiance beauty Balm!! This is niiccee! if I feel the need I have actually used my Becca Shimmering Skin perfector in pearl as a base too! I either skip a foundation all together or use a radiance enhancing Beauty Balm like Dr Jarts+ waterfuse beauty balm or Bourjois health mix serum foundation for a bit more coverage. It's a cheaper nicer smelling alternative to the YSL touché éclat foundation! A highlighting concealer pen is a must to sweep under the eye and on the high points of the face to give a subtle luminous. Cue The body shop's highlighter in 02. I have been using this for years and might actually bite the bullet and buy the king of highlighter pens - the YSL touché Éclat - when this runs out! what is great about all the products I use thus far are all glowing without the shimmer and most have skin benefits.

Now the final ingredient to getting the perfect glow is the final highlight. This could be a post in itself but I'm going to break it down. I have 5 highlighter-esque products which I use depending on the occasion and how I feel. Becca Shimmering Skin perfector in pearl. Back to Becca. This is lush to use without foundation but is key to my no makeup makeup look! It's a liquid highlighter which, although subtle and natural, packs a punch. Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow. This is a lush cream highlighter which is just amazing! It lasts all day and when the day comes and tgi runs out, I'm wearing black for a month. Dior Amber diamonds - Another HG product. This highlighting powder gives a subtle golden highlight which I love to use web it's mid summer and I'm tannin myself up. Sleek contour kit highlighter - This pink powder highlight packs a punch. It's not subtle by any means but sometimes an obnoxious highlight is what the doctor ordered. And finally the beautiful Accessorise Merged Baked blush in 05 sensation. This is SHIMMERY and I love it. I use it as a blush/highlight combo on days when I just need to shine like a disco ball! And that is that I think. My highlighting stash to help me get the glow!! Please follow me on TWITTER and this blog on BLOGLOVIN. All the best Natalie xoxo


  1. I absolutely love Alpha H Liquid Gold - I ran out a couple of weeks ago and am having serious withdrawal haha! I've been on the hunt for a decent primer recently so might try the no. 7 one! xx

    1. omg I hope you get some more soon and finally get some peaceful sleep. The no7 instant radiance bb smells AMAZING!! just incase I didn't get that across in my post haha - thanks for stopping by xoxo