Monday, 29 April 2013

I got spots

One day I awoke to a sore red spot under my skin. days later my face was swarming with lumpy pimples, white heads and large, very black, open pores, giving new meaning to crater face. My first instinct was to scour the Internet to find a miracle cure. Then I came to my senses and remembered that after many years of falling into the spot treatment lure trap with no results I resisted. Because in truth I don't think much of spot treatments. I think they have more of a placebo affect than anything else as I'm sure spots dissipate in the same time without them. Saying that I think the way forward is to use a cleanser slash solution that targets oils and almost strips your skin of the excess oils and sebum that blemishes thrive in. As part of my skin care I had been using Vichy Normaderm unclogging purifying lotion. I apply this after my ordinary hot cloth cleanser session, concentrating on my blemishes and blackheads. This actually really dries out your skin so doesn't need to be applied anywhere else. I have also bought out my Alpha-H liquid gold and it's amazing micro exfoliation during the night has helped my skin get back to its normal (blemish free) self. Et voila. This duo helped my skin become clear in under a week. I'm very happy with this and will know next time to scrap the miracle cures and stick with what I have! xoxo



  1. This stuff seems so good I might have to try it! Spots are literally the most annoying thing, waking up in the morning to find a new one has arrived is a horrible feeling! xxx

    1. I know and it really knocks your confidence aswell!! x